All the Facebook Updates You Don’t Want to Miss in Q1

Facebook has released some great new information and potential new ways for you to market your business on social media in 2018. Some of these changes and new items are industry specific, but some are for everyone and every product. Not only do these additions to the social media juggernaut allow you to target specific audiences in a more refined way, but they also add some of the best-known technology from display advertising in the form of dynamic ads. Let’s start with some industry specific items.

If you are a car dealer of any size in Kansas City or anywhere in the country, Facebook now allows you to dynamically target your audience by showing the vehicle or vehicles that a potential customer looked for on your website and serve ads to their Facebook timelines. They do this by having you upload your vehicle catalog with relevant details such as make, model and year. After you have created your catalog, you can dynamically generate a unique ad for every vehicle in your inventory without having to configure each ad individually.

For example, If Jess a 22-year-old college graduate is looking for her first new car and comes to your website searching for a Chevy Cruze with a budget of $20,000, you can show her the exact Chevy Cruze she looked at and other Cruzes in her price range after she leaves your site but does not fill out a form or leave any contact information. Then, while she is looking at her Facebook and scrolling through all her friend’s activities, BAM there it is, the Chevy Cruze she has been thinking about but didn’t pull the trigger on. With Facebooks new simplified lead form, your dynamic automotive ad now allows a quick and easy button click which takes all the nerves, friction, and time out of filling out a contact form. People are sent to a form that’s pre-populated with their relevant contact info, such as their email address. They simply confirm what information they want to share with you, and that’s it, you have a lead!

I know this sounds very complicated but it’s really easy for our Digital Marketing team at iFocus.

There are three more features that could really benefit your business, not only, from a branding and awareness prospective but also possible lead generation and sales growth. The first feature is the ability to implement Facebook links into WhatsApp. For everyone that is interested in advertising on the explosively popular app WhatsApp, Facebook has announced that they’ll roll out an ad unit that will link the two platforms. WhatsApp does not currently allow ads to be served on the platform and have no plans to do so anytime soon, but this new implementation by Facebook will help you target a younger audience via the messenger. The hope is that this will soon lead to the ability of a simple button click inside WhatsApp for user to chat with or directly call your business.

The second and a little more extravagant feature is the ability for developers to use Facebook’s Augmented Reality platform for custom augmented reality filters. This will allow you to build your very own custom filters that you can use to brand your business and draw some attention to a specific product. Facebook is constantly updating their AR features and you can find that by clicking here!

The third notable item is some drastic changes to the non-profit features on Facebook. Some of the biggest news is that ALL nonprofit fees have been eliminated, and you will no longer have to pay any percentage to Facebook if you want to create a donate campaign on Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg himself gave the news at the Social Goods forum on November 29th that from now on 100% of donations made through Facebook payments to nonprofits will go directly to the organization. Other changes come in the form of Facebook expanding the reach of their Nonprofit fundraising tools (including donate buttons and nonprofit fundraisers) to allow people to raise money for nonprofit organizations.

So, whether you are an auto dealer wanting to serve better ads to site visitors, a creator interested in AR for your company, or a non-profit that needs help getting more donations; iFocus Marketing is here to help you take control of your industry. We help you focus on your business while we focus on your digital marketing.

Vince Cunningham
Senior Account Manager

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