Strike Gold This St. Patrick’s Day With These 3 Digital Marketing Strategies!

Everyone’s at least a little Irish on March 17th!

Although St. Patrick’s Day is only a public holiday in a handful of places, it’s an occasion celebrated with green articles of clothing, a pint (or two) of beer from a local pub, and corned beef and cabbage by people all around the world. This year, this Irish celebration falls on a Saturday and is sure to be a craic*!

*A term used to describe “having a good time” by the Irish

We’ve prepared a few digital marketing strategies for your business to strike gold this St. Patrick’s Day:

“Luck of the Irish” Contest!

Take a moment to consider what your customers would consider to be a “lucky” win.

A gift certificate or a discount on a product/service?

A “pot of gold” filled with goodies?

A trip to Ireland?

Think outside of the box, and take advantage of the holiday spirit to generate excitement among your customers and exposure for your business. If your business is looking for an increase in engagement or following on your social media profiles, share the prize of one lucky lad among your pages to increase awareness and involvement!

Green Sale!

Increase traffic to your store by offering a discount on anything green in-store or online. Or, offer a discount to anyone who wears green into your store!

Whether it’s for the whole month of March, St. Paddy’s Day weekend, or just the day of, incorporating a fun and festive sale into your online marketing strategy shows consumers that it’s not always about the point of sale!

Buy Two, Get A Third Free!

Contrary to popular belief, the symbol of St. Patrick’s Day is a shamrock (which has three leaves), not a four-leaf clover. The shamrock has been a prominent symbol in Ireland for centuries, so it makes sense to trumpet it on this Irish celebration! The four-leaf clover? Not so much. Four-leaf clovers are associated with good luck simply because they are difficult to find, not because they are associated with this particular holiday.

Educate consumers with this fun fact by offering a discount on items in groups of 3, or by running a buy-two-get-a-third-free promotion!

Like the shamrock, these three St. Paddy’s Day inspired marketing strategies are bound to be a hit with your consumers!

The tough part? Implementation.

That’s where we come in!

At iFocus Marketing, we are able to create and spread the buzz for holiday promotions that you are incorporating into your marketing strategy.


The world is a big place, and the World Wide Web can feel even bigger, comprising an estimated 4.6 billion different web pages all vying for the attention of your target audience. What that means is that any web-based advertising campaign needs to be designed with great precision and not just a scattershot approach that will get lost in the noise.

At iFocus, we are able to cut through the clutter with Targeted Display Advertising. It’s what we consider to be our bread and butter, or in this case, our “corned beef and cabbage!”

By leveraging the power and reach of the Web, we are able to deliver your branded messages directly to your precisely targeted audiences. Whomever your audience is and wherever they are on the Web, targeted display advertising can find them exactly what they’re looking for, when they’re looking for it.

Check out some of the tools we utilize:

☘   Audience Targeting Planning

☘   Geofencing Strategies

☘   Consumer Demographics

☘   Eye-Catching Designs

☘   Optimized Landing Pages

☘   Valuable Consumer Insights

☘   Compelling Call to Actions

☘   Conversion Tracking

These targeting tools that we have at our disposal help to deliver increased conversion rates and a higher ROI by matching the right ads with the right audience, every time.


 It seems like EVERYONE is on Facebook, doesn’t it? Appearances aren’t deceiving in this case! Nearly 70% of all adults in the United States are on at least one social media site, with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter being the most popular.

Many businesses are on social media, as well, and these days, most businesses can’t afford not to have a social media presence!

In the strategy examples above, you will notice “Sponsored” underneath the name of the name of the iFocus Marketing Facebook page. These are examples of paid social advertisements on Facebook, and you can find similar advertisements on Instagram, Twitter, and other popular social platforms.

While targeted display advertising is very important in the digital marketing toolkit as mentioned above, social media advertising has become a power tool, giving you the opportunity to put your brand, product, and/or service in front of many eager eyes!

Here are some of the advantages of one of the most targeted and cost-effective forms of advertising:

☘   Target and connect to millions of users all over the world

☘   Increase visibility and credibility

☘   Build brand awareness

☘   Drive traffic

☘   Improve search results

☘   Test and compare promotions and campaigns

Don’t Let Your Sales Get “Pinched”

If you don’t have a specific promotion already in mind, don’t worry! Our team is full of creative, digital leprechauns (except much taller, less bearded, and most of us don’t have bright, orange hair…) that are ready to start brainstorming the perfect campaign for you, your audience, and your market. Each campaign is completely customizable from the copy, to the creative, all the way down to where your customers’ favorite local pubs are!

It’s time for you to stop searching for that pot of gold. We already know the rainbow leads you directly to iFocus, and we can’t wait to make this the luckiest St. Patrick’s Day yet for your business!

Contact us today to get started at (913) 708-8567, or here!

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