Get Your Customers Egg-cited for Easter!

We’ve been “egg-stra” busy this month at iFocus Marketing dying eggs, devouring bunny-shaped sugary treats, and preparing businesses for a successful Easter season!

Although, Easter is religiously recognized as more than an occasion to break out your Sunday best or to hop around the yard in hunt of eggs, roughly 80% of Americans celebrate the holiday by exchanging candy, flowers, and other various gifts. According to Statistic Brain, consumers spent $14.6B on Easter-related products in 2017!

If you want to increase your business’ sales this Easter season, you’ve got to hatch up a plan!

(Okay, okay. That’s enough with the egg puns. For now…)

Let’s talk strategy.

Any and all digital efforts go back to one of two places: your store-front and your website – both of which should be gussied up for the season. You don’t have to go to the egg-streme (there we go again…) and paint your walls in pastels with stripes and polka dots. Simply decorate enough so customers who walk by, or visit your site, are aware that you have seasonal products for purchase!

Once your store and/or website is prepared for traffic, start the buzz!

We know we probably don’t have to tell you, but social media is where it’s buzzing! It’s a place where consumers go to be inspired, engaged, and entertained. Nearly 70% of all adults in the United States are on at least one social media site, with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter being the most popular platforms.

During a particular season or holiday, social media users are collectively spending a majority of their time focusing in on celebratory content – articles, quizzes, DIY projects, etc. Social media is where your business has the opportunity to create awareness of your products/services!

But wait! Before you get out there spreading the word about what your business has to offer, remember these keys to social media marketing – organic style:

Don’t Make It All About The Sale!

Your customers know you’re in retail to sell…

We know you’re in retail to sell…

You know you’re in retail to sell…

There’s no reason to raise awareness of the ultimate goal of a sale!

Customers want each interaction with your business to make them feel valued.

Make it about them!

   ?   Ask what their plans are for Easter Sunday

   ?   Find out their most memorable Easter growing up

   ?   Show your appreciation for them during this, and every, season

Now, don’t get us wrong, you still need to promote here and there. The main idea is that someone should never go to your social media business page and feel like they are just a dollar sign.

Share Feel-Good Content During This Feel-Good Season

Easter is a season of betterment, hope, and healing. There is no better opportunity to connect with consumers than during a holiday season. We are all humans who can relate to each other through emotion! Although the communication line in business is B2C, we highly encourage engaging with your consumers human-to-human!

Take advantage of the Easter ambience and connect with your audience with some of these ideas:

   ?   Donate to a relevant cause, and encourage your consumers to do the same

   ?   Share a story or testimonial from a previous Easter sale

   ?   Post a graphic with an inspiring/meaningful quote

The options are endless!

The more you connect with consumers on a personal level, the more they will trust you as a company. Go ahead… guess what trust leads to…

That’s right – sales!

A customer is always going to choose the product of a company they trust over one they have no relationship with!

Engage! Engage! Oh, And Did We Say… Engage?

Easter isn’t the only time you should be engaging with your consumers, but it’s a great opportunity to engage with them in new ways!

   ?   Host an “Easter Egg Hunt” by hiding eggs in a photo and encouraging your followers to find them all (You can even make it a contest!)

   ?   Share holiday-inspired crafts (Create a board if you’re on Pinterest!)

   ?   Encourage customers to draw their best bunny and to tag you upon upload (A fun contest as well!)

Engagement is the key to successful organic social media marketing. Not only will higher engagement increase your brand’s awareness, but it also allows you to spark a conversation with a potential customer or client in a non-sales environment.

So, now that you’re prepared to increase your organic appearance on social media, let’s talk about your paid appearance.

There’s a difference? Yes!

What Is Social Media Advertising?

Social media advertising specifically describes paid online advertising efforts on social media sites. Chances are you’ve seen them yourself – “Sponsored” Facebook posts are an example. The difference between an organic post and a paid advertisement is that all of your organic efforts are collectively on your social media profile and shown only to the “followers” those pages have; while paid advertisements give your business the ability to put your brand, product, or service in front of the eyes of people who may have never even heard of your company!

These “eyes” we speak of, they belong to consumers that are directly interested in the product/service you’re offering!

Our team is highly skilled at targeting each social advertisement to your specific audience – all the way down to age, gender, location, and whether they like their eggs boiled or fried…

Creepy? A little. Effective? Absolutely!

Here are some of the ways we can leverage your brand through social ads:

   ?   Target and connect to millions of users all over the world

   ?   Increase visibility

   ?   Build brand awareness

   ?   Grow customer loyalty

   ?   Drive traffic

   ?   Develop relationships

   ?   Improve search results

   ?  Test and compare promotions and campaigns

Below, you will see a mock-up for an in-house Easter campaign:

Some of the key features in this Single Image Ad that are meant to grab customers’ attention and drive action are the Text, Headline, News Feed Link Description, and the Call To Action.

Text: “It’s okay to put all your eggs in one basket with iFocus Marketing!”

Headline: Make Your Easter Campaign Egg-cellent

News Feed Link Description: Contact us today to get started!

Call To Action: Learn More

Each of these key features are completely customizable. Our content team has experience writing copy for each of the above features that are original, clever, and spark readers’ interest.

Additionally, our creative team is able to create a graphic for a Single Image Ad, several graphics for a Carousel Ad, or a gif for a Single Video Ad tailored specifically to your business and the ideas in your head!

Are you ready to stop hopping around and get started?

Contact our social media team today at (913) 708-8567 or here!

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