The Life of an iFocus Intern (in GIFs)

If you’ve been following us at all on Facebook, you may have seen that we welcomed a summer intern into our office a few weeks ago. While interns are traditionally considered the coffee-getters, we at iFocus like to think we bring value to our interns by giving them ample opportunities to gain real-world experience and invaluable insight into the world of digital marketing. (But don’t put it past us to ask them to get us coffee – everything that happens in this office is fueled by caffeine.)

To give you more insight into how we treat our interns, we present 12 gifs that describe the first few weeks of an iFocus internship, as told by this year’s intern herself, Abby Meyer.

12 Gifs That Sum Up The First Few Weeks Of Being An Intern, Written By The Intern

Walking into your first day like…

When you hear your name called from unknown places in the office.

When your new co-workers want you to feel included and become your summer besties on day one.

When you realize that you’ve learned more about marketing in one week than you have in the past three years of college.

When you get assigned your first task and you don’t know what any of the abbreviations they referenced mean.

When you finish something without asking questions and it’s all correct.

When you think you can carry on your college lifestyle and stay up ’til 1am watching Netflix and wake up feeling refreshed at 6am.

When you get to work and realize you can’t carry on that college lifestyle, and you need ALL the caffeine in the world.

When you realize you’re not a kid anymore and that adulting is hard.

When you hand-draw 100+ geo-fences a day just for one client.

Writing social content for the first time like…

When you wake up every day feeling this excited for work.

Awwww, thanks Abby! We’re so happy to have you in the office this summer – you’ve already done loads of awesome work for us, and you feel like part of the iFocus fam! Now go get us coffee. Just kidding. Not really.

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