“Why fit in when you were born to stand out!”
-Dr. Suess

Over the past year, you may have seen an increase in popularity of certain design trends. Gradients, duotones, minimalism, bold typography, and vintage are among the popular design trends of 2018 that helped brands stand out against the rest.

While some of those trends are here to stay, others are being replaced with up-and-coming design trends. If you are looking to stop blending in and start standing out, 2019 has bright, bold design trends that will help you do just that! Our creative team is excited to start experimenting with these new trends and help business owners incorporate them into their marketing efforts.



Vivid colors have been seen across time in various cultures – and they are making a comeback in 2019! Vivid colors can be defined as colors that are light in hue, but high in intensity. They’ll be sure to grab attention when you incorporate them into your display ads, social media graphics, and other marketing materials.

Leading brands such as Apple and Spotify have already started using this modern trend in 2018. It’s no surprise that these big names helped this trend take form. You’ve probably seen these ads and not even realized they were setting the stage for design in the future.

You can use solid colors, gradients, or even pair your vivid colors with overlays to achieve a variety of interesting effects. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

When used correctly, these images and color palettes are sure to evoke an emotional response from your consumers. As we all know, emotion is the most powerful tool in marketing.


Using bold fonts is no new concept, but it is something we will be seeing more and more of. Using big, eye-catching fonts draws people’s attention; it forces them to read something without even realizing it. Using bold font with patterns, minimalist backgrounds, or images are all great ways to make your message stand out. Try pairing these fonts with the previously mentioned color palettes for an added punch.

Don’t be afraid to choose fonts that have a little flair. Play with the layout and add various design elements to boost interest in a simple font.

You can also achieve some fun effects by playing with the style of your fonts. Add patterns, colors, gradients, and overlays to create a truly eye-catching design.

3. Colorful Minimalism

“Remove the clutter, not the color!”

Where did the idea come from that minimalist design was just black and white? Minimalism is defined as extreme simplicity. It’s about using only what is needed in a design. In marketing, it’s great because, in a sense, it removes the clutter. It doesn’t say anything about removing the color!

Minimalism focuses a lot on the use of whitespace. Does whitespace have to be white? No. Whitespace is simply negative space. You can use the previously mentioned vivid colors as your negative space color. Mix in some bold font and a simple graphic to get a beautiful result.

And remember – Keep. It. SIMPLE! If you start adding too many elements, you’ll end up with a cluttered design that makes it harder for consumers to find your true message. Take advantage of this popular and effective design trend. When done correctly, it will draw consumers’ attention to what’s really important. If you love this concept, but are having trouble figuring out how to nail it, just ask one of our designers! Our team will happy to assist you.

4. Hand-Drawn Elements

In a world full of stock photos, consumers appreciate some hand-drawn elements – and your designers will love the change of pace! This is a sure-fire way to make sure your designs are standing out.

Hand-drawn elements give consumers a sense of nostalgia in the rapidly growing digital world. These designs tend to leave a lasting impression on the viewer. Some experts believe that hand drawn elements connect to the viewer on an emotional level because it reminds them of illustrations the books they read when they were younger. As experts in marketing, we will never turn down an opportunity to connect with consumers on an emotional level.

If you want to be truly unique, have a designer create something just for you.

Have fun with this. Don’t be afraid to try something that might seem a little weird. When things are different, they capture attention.

5. Authentic Stock Photos

Last, but not least – stock photo. Stock photos definitely aren’t going anywhere. BUT – choosing the right stock photos is more crucial now than ever. Ditch the polished, professional, corporate looking stock photos and stick to more authentic photos. Or even better – take your own!

Choose photos that look like they were taken by a group of friends. Photos should speak to you emotionally, so select photos that make you stop scrolling! Chances are, it’ll make your customer’s stop too.

How do you pick photos that are worthy enough to command someone’s attention? The key is choosing a photo that is interesting enough to make the viewer want to stare at it for a bit longer. Depth, color, composition, and design elements will all play a valuable role.

You can trust our designers to help ensure your images are scroll-stoppingly stunning.


If you’re looking to spice up your marketing in 2019, keep these trends in mind! Our team of design experts is happy to help you come up with new and exciting ways to bring your advertisements to life, and to help them stand out against competitors.

To recap, vivid colors, bold fonts colorful minimalism, hand-drawn elements, and authentic stock photos are among the most popular predicted design trends in the coming year, and 2019 is sure to bring even more unique new designs along the way. We’re excited to experiment with these trends and use them to help your business launch a successful marketing campaign!

Creative Trends of 2019 Infographic

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