Ready, Set, Shop(ify Buy Button) For Your Website

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Easily Turn Your Website into an E-Commerce Platform

What if we told you that we could turn your website into an e-commerce platform in a matter of minutes? 

You might say, “No iFocus, this can’t be done. I will have to spend thousands!” Well, we have good news for you! Shopify has introduced the perfect solution, called the Shopify Buy Button, that can help you bring your business into the world of e-commerce. 

Meet the Shopify Buy Button

The Shopify Buy Button is an affordable platform that allows you to quickly monetize products on any page on your website and is compatible with WordPress, Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace websites. 

The Buy Button allows you to sell a single product that you are highlighting in a blog post, or an entire product collection on your website. Did we mention that gift card purchases are available through this tool, too? Because they are. 

E-Commerce Case Study

During the pandemic, many service industries and small businesses had to temporarily close their doors, leaving them without incoming cash. Many service industries like salons and spas sell products in-store for clients to buy during their appointments, but don’t always sell the products online. The Shopify Buy Button can turn businesses like these into highly-profitable online stores with little effort and cost.

For example, we helped our client, David’s Beautiful People, a hair salon based in the Washington D.C metro area, turn their once brick-and-mortar sales model into a high-functioning, fruitful online store. To prepare, all our client had to do was provide us with information about each of the products they sell.

Before we turned their site into an eCommerce success story, it was a thoughtfully-designed salon website that convinced D.C. area patrons to visit David’s Beautiful People for all their salon service needs.

After implementing the Shopify Buy Now button, their website still helped them bring in clients, but now, they could carry out the retail side of their business despite coronavirus lockdown orders for “non-essential” businesses. 


screenshot of a beauty salon website


screenshot of a beauty salon website with shopify shop tab


screenshot of a hair products on a beauty salons's website


screenshot of the shopify purchase feature on a beauty salon website

Listing Your Products and Managing your Margins

iFocus Marketing took care of entering information for each Shopify Buy Now button per product that David’s Beautiful People sell in their salons. When products are uploaded into the storefront, the platform asks for the following: 

  • Product Title 
  • Description (hello, valuable SEO content!)
  • Selling Price
  • Image of product
  • Cost (your customer’s won’t see this, but this will help you manage your margins)
  • SKU or UPC
  • In Stock Quantity 
  • Weight of product
  • Variants 
    • Do you have the same product in multiple sizes? No problem. You are able to manage by product, size, price, color, etc. 

You can apply your brand colors and fonts to your buttons, to make your new shop page fit perfectly with the existing aesthetic of your website. With just a few clicks, you now have embedded products, collections, and a fully functional shopping cart, all customized to your brand standards. 

Digital Marketing Integration

Thanks to the dynamic personality of Billy Mays, everyone knows the power of OxiClean. And we all felt the same suspense when he would yell, “But wait! There’s more!” As you were hanging on the edge of your seat, you were curious to see what else Mays could possibly be offering you for the low, low price of $19.95. 

So, here is our moment to replicate that emotion. Think that’s all the Shopify Buy Now button can do for you? WAIT! There’s more!

Once your Shopify Buy Button is implemented onto your website, you’re now open to a world of possibilities on how you can market your new online store, including ad campaigns via Google search or social media through Facebook and Instagram. You can implement Smart Shopping campaigns within Shopify by pairing your Google Ads account. With the flip of a switch, Shopify will automatically sync all your products and collections to Google Merchant Center to ease the activation of a Google Shopping campaign.

Ever seen an eye-catching retail ad on Facebook or Instagram? Yours can take up that same space! By auto-uploading your products to a Facebook Shop, you can advertise your products directly on the social media platform. And because Facebook owns Instagram, you can serve dynamic shopping ads on both platforms without the hassle of multiple setups on both platforms. Who doesn’t love a good BOGO?

E-Commerce Solutions at the Click of a Button – Literally

Are you interested in learning more about how iFocus Marketing can help you turn your business’s site into a shoppable website? We’ll put together a plan to outline what the Shopify Buy Button can do for you! Contact us today to learn more.

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