What You Should Know About Achieving Good Website UX

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Invest in Custom Web Development with a Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency for the Biggest Impact on Your Audience

It’s tempting to use a basic template in a website builder to create your small business’s site. But which is really better: a templated site, or one that is more customized and created with expert input and design?

If it’s time for you to give your website a refresh or build one from scratch, then there are some things you should know that are becoming more and more relevant this year with regard to good user experience, graphic design, and custom website development

Templated Websites Aren’t Search Engine Optimization-Ready (And Have Lots of Other Issues)

Templated sites are becoming more common by the day. This is because they are easy for the “builder” to navigate, and you don’t need any coding experience to design one.

Sometimes business owners who don’t have a web development team find themselves making a templated site because it’s convenient. Using a templated site creates a shorter development timeline. However, there are some big disadvantages to using those types of websites to create yours:

  • Templated sites are readily available to everyone, and most likely a consumer or competitor might use the same template. This makes it harder to be unique and stand out from other competitors.
  • Templates are not designed with search engine optimization in mind, and end up lower in ranks on the search engine results pages.
  • Templates without any modifications look cheap.
  • You may be spending too much money on hosting, because some template providers up-charge hosting by more than 200 percent.
  • Templates don’t consider load times, which can look unprofessional or drive away customers.

As you can see, while building a templated site on your own may be convenient, you’re risking a lot by doing it yourself.

Hiring a Professional to Build Your Website

When you hire a web developer or a team of individuals to help build your site, you are getting something that is completely custom to your brand. If looking unique is important to you, this is your opportunity to embrace that.

Custom sites can adapt as your business does, and are designed with search engine optimization in mind. It will load correctly for all different screen sizes (desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile), which is very important in today’s market. Professional web developers also know how to run speed tests on websites, so your business comes across as reputable.

Some small business owners may see some downsides from custom websites, particularly from a cost and time standpoint. Because custom websites are made from scratch, they can cost more than a DIY template. They also take more time to create and build. But the result? A high quality of work that accurately reflects your small business and draws in customers.

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Professional Websites Give You Peace of Mind

Think of purchasing a website like buying a car.

A templated website is a used car; it worked for someone else, so you should assume it will work for you. A custom website is a brand-new car you order straight from the manufacturer, with all the features you want included.

The used car is going to require more maintenance and repairs, before becoming an inconvenience. The brand new car, though, gives you peace of mind. You know it’s going to last you a long time and is high quality, because you chose it yourself, and relied on experts to assemble it for you.

A good website is like that: built for speed and longevity with quality of work backed up by an experienced design and development team.

The People Behind Website Design

An added benefit of working with a full-service digital marketing agency rather than a DIY online template is that you have experts you can talk to who are focused on helping you with your business, not selling you a product on the internet.

You’ll receive a dedicated front-end web developer, who is a master at their craft and stays up-to-date with current trends and design functions. This person makes your website look good and ensures it accurately reflects your business.

You will also have a backend developer, who builds the site and ensures everything is working correctly. This developer can assist you with any troubleshooting post-launch.

iFocus Marketing also gives you access to a search engine optimization team, who not only makes your site SEO-ready, but can offer ongoing optimization, creative copywriting, and more.

While you’re at it, why not incorporate online reputation management, paid search advertising, and social media management? A full spectrum of digital marketing services helps you build and project a cohesive brand. You’ll also see a better return on investment than you normally would with DIY efforts. 

The Latest Web Development Trends

Key features for web dev in 2021 include cybersecurity, motion UI, API-first, and remote features.

Cybersecurity protects user data from hackers and cybercriminals; it’s a worthy investment, particularly if you’re stowing valuable information online.

Motion UI is just as important to consider when developing your site as it is when creating something static. Customers are more likely to interact and connect with brands that offer movement on their sites. Smart visual cues can help guide users and will make your site feel more fluid.

API-first development is a concept that says everything about a project revolves around the idea that the product will be consumed by mobile devices, and that APIs will be consumed by client applications. In the past, customers have been on the back burner while the product is thought of as the priority. By shifting this mindset, you are increasing speed to market with informative data and make your website accessible to your target audience.

Finally, we have remote features. The year 2020 was pivotal for how businesses adapt to meet the needs of customers. This trend isn’t going away anytime soon, and should be a big consideration when creating your website. How can you make a storefront virtual? How can you make a more meaningful connection through screens? How can you gain a customer’s trust and make them confident in you and your brand? 

Contact the Experts at iFocus About Your Next Web Development Project

Web development is vital to any business, big or small. Most companies have websites, but having a website and getting in front of your target audience are two very different things. Consider all the variables when updating or creating a website to ensure you’re meeting your business goals. If the world of web development seems overwhelming, it never hurts to consult with a team of experts who have been down this road before.   

At iFocus Marketing, we are happy to sit down with you to discuss how to put your best foot forward out on the web and get your brand noticed. To get started, call (913) 708-856, or send us a message through our contact form.

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