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Industry Focus for Friday, January 21, 2022

Twice each week, our digital marketing team discusses industry news and shares relevant articles we’ve read. Together, we explore how we can apply our new knowledge to improve our clients’ marketing strategies.

iFocus Marketing is founded on the philosophy of lifelong learning. That’s why, every Friday, we’ll share our favorite pieces of industry news with you, too. Welcome to Industry Focus!

“Six Blogging Trends to Capitalize on This Year,” by Neil Patel on

Blogging on your business website can result in a 434 percent increase in indexed pages and a 93 percent increase in indexed links. Blogging is an SEO powerhouse, for sure, but you must remain competitive to stay on top.

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– Submitted by Kandi Gerdes, Account Manager

Microlearning on Adweek

Got five minutes? Then you have time to learn something new about marketing and advertising! Browse lessons by category to get started.

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– Submitted by Josh Selig-Votaw, Chief Operating Officer

“YouTube Music grew over 50% in 12 months and ‘particularly resonates’ with Gen Z,” by Abner Li in 9to5Google

YouTube Music is rapidly growing in popularity, and the platform is considering making the service audio-only for free listeners. Gen Z, however, grew up listening to songs as videos. How will the change affect the service’s popularity with this demographic?

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– Submitted by Jessie Smith, Senior Graphic Designer

“The Anatomy of Content Marketing: 12 Types of Content to Add to Your Arsenal,” by Mark Walker-Ford in Social Media Today

This handy infographic explores 12 types of content you could be utilizing for your digital marketing strategy, plus explains the most relevant and current statistics on leads and conversions; social media as a content distribution strategy; and exposure and visibility.

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– Submitted by Marilee Rodgers, Social Media Strategist

“Google: SEO Site Migrations are Hard Because URL Signals Need to Be Forwarded,” by Barry Schwartz in Search Engine Roundtable

Migrating the URLs on your website is a seriously intimidating SEO task. Search engines like Google store their index on a per-page basis, so if you change your URLs, the data must be forwarded. Lucky for you, our SEO team is an expert in Google’s site move recommendations.

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– Submitted by Zach Kinser, Senior SEO Manager

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