2022 Branding Trends: Will You Stand Out or Blend In?

2022 branding trends

Your Rebranding Strategy Should Improve Your Brand Awareness and Bring Your Biz into Modern Times

Facebook rebranded to Meta. Dunkin’ Donuts is just Dunkin’ now. And Papa Johns dropped the apostrophe.

These changes signaled alignment between their brand and their new business strategies. But a rebranding is as much about image as it is about strategy. An updated look or message can herald a company into a new era and better represent their purpose and mission in the eyes of their target audiences.

Let’s take a look at a few hot branding trends for 2022 – but remember that these won’t work for every business. Rebranding consulting is vital to ensure your new marketing strategy and its related campaigns come across as genuine and work for you.

Incorporate Branded Memes in Your Social Content

creating a meme

Memes are often a response to current events and have become part of our common communication on the Internet. Using the right meme at the right time can garner attention from your audience, including likes and shares that can become leads and conversions, if you run the marketing relay right!

Of course, memes aren’t appropriate for every topic. A great social media ad agency can help guide your content strategy to determine what’s fitting to share, and what isn’t.

Retro Art, Logos, and Designs

With the early 2000s fashion making a return, anticipate seeing more brands harnessing the power of nostalgia in their visual elements. Familiar designs create a sense of comfort in the consumer and can help to quickly build trust.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you can neglect user experience in lieu of flashy, bold colors. If your website looks like – and functions like – something from Geocities, you’ll have site visitors jumping ship quickly to visit a business that makes it easy to buy.


Handwritten typography, doodles, and even gently-jumbled layouts are increasing in popularity as brands ditch straight-laced looks. Look to the eco-friendly product industry to see what we mean! These brands are moving away from muted color palettes and simple labels, and are instead using eye-catching packaging and branding to draw attention to their products on the shelf.

For the right business, this avant-garde approach to visual branding can be a powerful tool. Maximalism is back, my friends – but sloppy or hastily thrown together isn’t. An expert graphic designer is key in creating the right imagery for the rebranding.

Charming, Anthropomorphic Brand Mascots

Who doesn’t love an ornery onion or a burly beaver as a spokesperson for a brand? In 2022, expect to see companies play up their iconic mascots to tell their brand story with a dash of humor and wit.

These brand mascots are also a bit of a throwback; think the Michelin Man, the Pillsbury Doughboy, and even the Kool-Aid Man. We bet your brain immediately pictured these memorable mascots when we said their names. It works the same for your business or product, when you build brand awareness.

Meaningful Campaigns with a Real Message

In 2022, if you can’t explain what your product offers the market or how it solves a problem, your campaigns will struggle. People want to know how your business is making an impact in the local community, nation, or world, or improving the lives of real people.

Consider building a comprehensive digital marketing campaign that addresses this, so your audience can see why they should not only buy your product, but support your brand’s mission.

A comprehensive campaign can include PPC ads, social media content, search engine optimization, display, connected TV, and more, with your message tailored to the audiences most likely to be receptive to these tactics. A business development strategist can help you guide your digital marketing efforts.

Need to Rebrand in 2022? iFocus Marketing Has Ideas

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Rebranding isn’t a task to take lightly. It requires in-depth thought, experience, and an understanding of your audience, backed by data.

At iFocus Marketing, we happen to be knee-deep in data all day long, and we can use it – along with our strategy experts – to formulate an effective rebranding strategy for your business, utilizing the right brand trends from 2022 to create an identity and message to drive conversions.

And we’re creatives, too! Your rebranding deserves top-notch, eye-catching graphic design that reflects what you’re all about, and our team can create this for you.

Now’s a great time to rebrand! Contact iFocus Marketing to learn more about our consulting services that can help you reach your business goals in 2022.

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