Need to Know: Major Updates in Social Media and Google Ads

industry focus 2 25 2022

Industry Focus for Friday, February 25, 2022

We’re looking forward to the weekend, but we also treasure the time we spend together talking about the latest in digital marketing.

It sounds cheesy, but we really do enjoy continually learning, not only for our own benefit, but because it helps us drive our clients’ success through the creation of digital marketing strategy. And we love to see it.

Explore our favorite insights from this week.

“The Latest Marketing Trends and Predictions for 2022” by Neil Patel, on

In 2021, every marketing trend that Neil Patel predicted came true. So why wouldn’t we look to him to give us information about this year’s trends? In his blog post, he outlines eight things he anticipates being a big player in marketing, and iFocus Marketing can help you with all of them.

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– Submitted by Kandi Gerdes, Account Manager

“The Deets on the Facebook Reels Update” by Sophia Bain on Marketing Brew

Reels is a fast-growing social media platform, and now it’s working on paying its creators through ad revenue share and fan support. Sticker ads and banner ads on content give creators a portion of the ad revenue, while fans will soon be able to send their favorite creators some dough through a feature called Stars. It sounds like a great way to promote products in the ecommerce sector.

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– Submitted by Joyce Wong, Traffic Coordinator

“Google on the SEO Value of User Comments on Websites” by Matt G. Southern in Search Engine Journal

Google revealed that user comments could positively affect SEO value on your website. No, simply allowing comments won’t improve your rank in the SERPs, but what your visitors say could help with keywords. But you’d better have a plan in place to moderate them.

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– Submitted by Shauna Shoemake, Digital Copywriter

“Google Makes Offline Conversion Tracking Easier with Enhanced Conversions for Leads” by George Nguyen on Search Engine Land

Google Ads’ new Enhanced Conversions for Leads can help users track their offline conversions. With this data, Google’s systems could make better auction decisions for more efficient campaigns and better conversions. Google beta-tested this five-step process earlier this month, and now it’s available for PPC advertisers for more effective Google Ads.

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– Submitted by Brandon Davis, Paid Media and Analytics Manager

“Social Media Content Calendar: 24 Types of Posts to Share with Your Followers” by Mark Walker-Ford in Social Media Today

Certain social media posts perform better than others, and it can be time consuming and difficult to fill an editorial calendar with engaging content. This handy infographic gives you plenty of post ideas to help strengthen your social media strategy. Of course, professional-level knowledge and capable data analysis from iFocus Marketing will take your social profiles even further toward your business goals.

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– Submitted by Marilee Rodgers, Social Media Manager

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