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industry focus week 4

Industry Focus for Friday, February 11, 2022

Welcome back to Industry Focus, a weekly blog series in which we share the latest digital marketing trends our team members are talking about this week.

As lifelong learners, we’re always thinking about marketing data and how we can leverage new information and media features to our clients’ campaigns as we help to drive success in their business.

This week, our conversations were Google-heavy. But can you blame us? With more than 3.5 billion searches conducted every day on the engine, it’s a pretty big marketing powerhouse. (Also, our entire team is Google certified, and we’re a Google Partner, so you could say we’re big fans.)

And because we want you, too, to keep up to date on marketing strategy, we share our favorite insights here.

“Top 7 SEO Benefits of Responsive Web Design” by Alex Valencia in Search Engine Journal

Google recommends responsive design to improve SEO rankings – but what does that mean? Responsive design, creating web pages that work across various devices and screen sizes, is absolutely essential. Your business website should be visually appealing and user friendly to get traffic, leads, and conversions.

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– Submitted by Jaron Thompson, Account Manager

“Shutterstock Provides Insights into Key Color Trends for 2022” by Andrew Hutchinson in Social Media Today

An alluring infographic details an analysis of color usage trends based on downloads of stock imagery from Shutterstock. Serene colors like coral, violet, pink, and a dazzling array of shades of green are taking center stage. In the US, the most common color in images on social media is #FFE4E1.

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– Submitted by Katie Severino, Social Media Strategist

“Google: CTAs Above the Fold is Not Bad for Google Search or SEO” by Barry Schwartz in Search Engine Roundtable

Don’t buy into the myth of call-to-action buttons on the top half section of a webpage! As long as it doesn’t read as an ad, you’re good to go. In fact, Google’s own John Mueller shared on Reddit, “Google search doesn’t say anything about CTA buttons.”

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– Submitted by Shauna Shoemake, Digital Copywriter

“Google Ads Introduces New Recommendations for Discovery Campaigns” by Brooke Osmundson in Search Engine Journal

Google Ads’ new recommendations for Discovery and Video campaigns will affect your account’s Optimization Score in a couple ways. The changes allow marketers to focus less on manual optimization and dedicate more time to strategic analysis of reports and accounts.

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– Submitted by Brandon Davis, Paid Media & Analytics Manager

“How Does Location of Internal Links on a Page Matter for SEO & Google Search” by Barry Schwartz in Search Engine Roundtable

Google uses internal links to understand context as it crawls. Location of internal links – like footer, headers, or menu – isn’t important for Google to focus on primary content. However, it can help to place your links centrally on your page in anchor text.

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– Submitted by Zach Kinser, Senior SEO Manager

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