Top 4 Resources Our Ad Agency in Kansas City Uses to Streamline Your Marketing Efforts

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Digital Marketing Becomes More Effective When You Utilize Important Analytics

Understanding the information your marketing campaigns gather is imperative to optimizing your efforts and ultimately getting your message in front of the right people.

When you know where to look and how to break down your marketing data, you can gather a more robust picture of how users are interacting with your Google Paid Search and other campaigns, and identify what is successful and what needs improvement.

There are numerous resources and software available that can make that process more accessible and efficient. These are our paid media team’s five favorites.

4. News & Platform Update Publications

One of the best ways to streamline your digital marketing strategy is by staying up to date with major changes happening within the industry and platforms you use to run your campaigns.

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Each platform releases update information via blogs or other outlets like social media posts. Going to each site individually can take quite a bit of time, so thankfully there are websites that do the leg work for you, provide details of the changes, and offer insights that may be useful in your existing marketing efforts.

Two sites in particular stand out among the rest as leaders in that space: Search Engine Journal and Search Engine Land. Both of these sites are hubs for all news and updates in the digital marketing space. To see more digital marketing news, check out our weekly Industry Focus blog posts on our blog page..

While understanding the industry is important, these resources don’t do much in terms of helping you to understand your own campaigns and data, which is why this landed in the fourth spot.

3. Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a very useful tool that helps you customize what you are tracking on your website and improve the data you are collecting.

Google Tag Manager offers an extensive list of pre-built tags you can utilize from major platforms, or you can add custom HTML as a tag. These tags allow you to determine what information you want to see, such as general traffic from specific sources or specific conversions.

While this tool can be very beneficial to your campaigns it can be difficult to learn and utilize, which is why it landed lower on this list.

2. Individual Ads Platforms

Every platform that you run ads on (Google Ads or Google Paid Search, Facebook, Reddit, etc.) has a dashboard or report that can help you see all of the data that your campaigns are producing.

To take it a step further, most platforms make recommendations sections or offer account strategists that can help you understand your data and improve your digital marketing campaigns.

The downside is that it can be fairly time consuming for someone to go to all of the individual platforms and take the time to analyze and interpret the data. While the information is all there, it is a lot of leg work to find everything you need.

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a particularly useful tool because it can help alleviate some of the leg work that individual ads platforms require. When configured and installed correctly, Google Analytics and Google Analytics 4 properties can pull all information from the platforms you use into one place.

Google Analytics provides an extensive breakdown of all of your traffic in many different ways that can help you see where users are coming from and how they are interacting with your site. When you see all of the information in one spot you can identify ways to improve your marketing efforts more efficiently.

The amount of information that Google Analytics provides is extremely useful to some but can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to look, which is why you need an SEO agency with a Google partnership to guide you.

The Best Choice: Professional Digital Marketing Services

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The most effective way to streamline your marketing efforts is to utilize the services of people who have already put in the time and effort to learn these platforms. Digital marketing experts know how to identify the information that is useful to your campaigns or business and use that to optimize your marketing efforts to the fullest extent.

Their strategies and reports accumulate the best parts of all available online resources and alleviate the downsides, because you have a professional doing the leg work for you.

Work with a Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency That’s Obsessed with Data

The iFocus Marketing website says, “We love data so much, we should marry it.” It’s a silly childhood saying, but for us, it’s not that far of a stretch.

When it comes to the best resources that can help you streamline your digital marketing efforts, we have them. We’re familiar with them. Every member of our team is certified in them.

Work with some of the industry’s best digital marketers who constantly analyze the ever-changing landscape and actively incorporate the latest into our best practices. It’s how we ensure our clients get the most up-to-date marketing services, plus the most advanced reporting of any ad agency in Kansas City.

No matter where you’re located, we can help you take your digital marketing efforts to the next level. Let’s chat today; you can’t afford to wait.

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