A Back-to-Basics Search Engine Optimization Refresh Drives Traffic and Conversions

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Our Digital Marketing Agency Is Ridiculously Good at Local SEO

Web traffic is a major building block of your digital marketing strategy. Your social media profiles and PPC ads all link to your site.

But attracting visitors organically is more nuanced and, frankly, difficult – unless you’ve established strong and ongoing search engine optimization efforts.

Search engine optimization consultants at iFocus Marketing can develop a plan for your website to make it irresistible to the search engine algorithm and beckon clicks from potential customers. The foundation of any good local SEO plan involves going back to basics.

Cognitive Fluency and Your Website

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Websites that attract the most traffic are those that present an experience similar to what visitors are expecting of the site. This concept is called “cognitive fluency,” and it pairs nicely with user experience (UX).

For example, if you’re selling high-tech home security equipment, but your website looks like you coded it on GeoCities back in the early 2000s, your site isn’t cognitively fluent.

Site visitors are more likely to spend longer on your website if it reflects their perception of what your business should be like, if its navigation isn’t overly complex, and if the information they need is presented where they can find it. To improve cognitive fluency, a website redesign – with great care to preserve your other search engine optimization efforts – may be necessary.

Meta Tags

Meta tags give information about the webpage in the HTML coding. You can’t read the metadata on the page itself, but search engines’ web crawlers look for it. They use metadata from these meta tags to learn about your website’s content.

In turn, they use this information to display snippets in search results and to help determine keyword rankings. Spend time crafting metadata for:

  • Meta content type, which should be present on every page.
  • Title, or the unique header on every page.
  • Meta description, which describes the page to searchers when it appears on the SERPs. It’s essentially ad copy that gets a user to click on your result.
  • Viewport, to improve mobile experience.

An SEO agency can help you take full advantage of metadata on your website. An expert hand at this complex craft makes a big difference in your SEO efforts.

Post Keyword-Rich Content Regularly

How do searchers find your website? They type in their inquiry on the search engine, and relevant websites appear on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

To know which keywords to include in your website content, including web page copy and blog copy, you’ll need to carry out extensive keyword research to see where you currently rank. Use the keywords with rankings you can improve upon, mixed with keywords already performing well.

Your goal is a large keyword footprint – meaning your website ranks for a variety of keywords – which will increase the likelihood of your audience finding you. Don’t forget to use keywords for local SEO, like location keywords: your city and surrounding cities and your neighborhood.

Blog Regularly and Meaningfully

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Every blog post you add to your website essentially adds an entire webpage to it, which can increase the Google algorithm’s perception of your authority, especially if your blogs are full of keywords.

But the number of web pages isn’t the magic ingredient to drive traffic to your site. Optimize your blog with keywords that your customers are searching for, and write engaging content that they’ll actually want to read.

Your blogs should address problems or questions each of your audience personas has. H1 headers that start out with “How Do I,” “Why Should I,” or “Where Can I Find” are helpful for search engine optimization – and for your customers.

Blogging regularly will benefit your SEO efforts; inbound marketers who hire SEO agencies or digital marketing agencies to blog several times per month see a greater return on investment than their counterparts who blog only once per month. The more blog posts you write, the more pages on your site get indexed by the search engines, who serve them up on SERPs.

Use Social Media to Drive Traffic to Your Site

Your business website URL should be listed on all your social media profiles. But more than that, you should be taking every opportunity to answer your potential customers’ questions on social media using your blog content and other website links.

Build rapport and trust with your social media followers by answering their questions on your posts or in your direct messages, but be sure to include relevant blog articles or pages from your website into your responses. This will get new traffic to your website, and help your prospect find what they’re looking for.

Leverage Google Business Profile for Local SEO

Get views on your content, even if you don’t yet rank in the top ten search engine results for your keywords. Your Google Business Profile listing should be complete with your address, phone number, hours, and links to your website and social accounts.

Any good local SEO company also will tell you to get creative with your listing, respond to customer reviews, add photos of your products or business, and answer questions from your potential customers.

Your Google Business Profile listing tells your potential customers that you have the product or service they need and helps to prove that you’re a legitimate business. Your customers also will learn where you are and how to buy from you – meaning it helps with conversions.

Our Ad Agency in Kansas City Knows SEO

Since iFocus Marketing was founded six years ago, we’ve offered SEO services. We see it as the foundation of your business’s success with digital marketing because it’s so tightly linked to your website’s visibility and your ability to gain leads and conversions.

Not every digital marketing agency is an SEO agency, and not every SEO agency can muster the performance you’re looking for. Our search engine optimization team and stable of professional copywriters have proven time and time again the difference iFocus Marketing is capable of making for your business in the SERPs.

We take your SEO efforts from basic to booming with strong website content, effective metadata, and native content services that build your domain authority.

Give us a call to request an SEO analysis of your website and learn how playing the long-game of local SEO can help drive traffic to your website. (Ask us about our SEO case studies.)

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