Instagram Reels Expands Your Reach on Social Media. Here’s How.

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In the last few years, it’s become clear that all you need to captivate an audience is 60 seconds.

After the global sensation known as TikTok hit the scene, minute-to-win-it videos were declared the heavy-weight champion, taking on the shortest of attention spans while still packing a mighty punch with impactful content. It wasn’t long, of course, until other social media platforms decided to follow suit. But will Reels on Instagram and Facebook be the next big thing, or is it just something Meta is pushing as part of their rebranding strategy?

We think Reels could be a worthy social media marketing tool. Here’s why.

Reels is Attention-Grabbing

Attention sign

There is no vice more deadly for the casual social media user than The Neverending Scroll™.

But as users go further and further down an infinite timeline, it might only take a single sign of life to break the fog and stop them in their tracks.

Much like when you see something move in your peripheral and stop everything to pay attention, social media users tend to pause and pay attention to video. That might be why video makes 38 percent more impressions than static content.

Reels is Highly Visible

Posting Reels content may make it easier to get noticed than ever before. On Instagram, you can add up to 30 hashtags and potentially get featured on Instagram’s Explore page, which favors video content above all else.

On Facebook, Reels can be found on the Watch tab and at the top of the news feed. With Reels getting primo screen real estate everywhere users turn, why wouldn’t your business want a piece for itself?

And it only gets better. Unlike other video features like Stories, which disappear after 24 hours, Reels are forever – if you want them to be. This makes your content that much more shareable and engaging to users. So look forward to video content that is evergreen and sure to improve your quest for brand awareness.

Reels is the Future

The best social media marketing strategy is a proactive one. Reels is coming at us – and fast.

Sign pointing to the future

“We might not want to admit it, but the fate of Facebook and its strategies affect us all,” Shira Ovide from the New York Times says. “Facebook is going to make you love its short video format called Reels whether you want to or not.”

At the end of February, Meta announced plans to update Facebook to include Reels in more places. When you look at what the future holds in store for your digital marketing strategy, you might just find that Meta platforms won’t be utilized to their full potential without the inclusion of Reels content.

In the ever-advancing digital world, there is one universal truth: early adopters get to make the rules. Reels has yet to establish what type of content will be most successful, giving unique content creators like you a chance to become the architects of this newly emerging arena.

But How Do You Get Started Using Reels? We’re Glad You Asked.

There are so many ways to use Reels! We’ve gathered a few kinds of Reels content that your followers are sure to love.

Give a Product-Use Tutorial
Tutorials on your products or services can wear a lot of hats – boosting sales and retention, reducing communications between your business and confused customers, or preventing potential hazards due to user error just to start. What is our favorite benefit? It can give your customers exciting, new ways to use a product that start online conversations, and boost your account’s engagement!

Show Off Your Employees
Use Reels as a way to introduce the hardworking folks that keep your doors open. Getting to know the people that keep a business running is what changes a business account from being brand outreach to simply being an account for real people, by real people.

Keep Them Laughing
A brand’s best way to someone’s heart is through their funny bone. Use a popular audio clip or song lyrics to make a joke tying back to your business. Don’t be afraid to showcase a common problem your business runs into. Schadenfreude is very real, and people like to laugh at your struggles!

Expand Your Social Media Strategy to Include Reels

If you want to learn more about what Reels can do for you and find ways to utilize it in your marketing mix, iFocus Marketing is here to help.

Our social media marketing services are tailored to the needs of your business. Whether you’re just starting your social media journey, looking to refine your current marketing goals or switching gears with a dynamic rebranding strategy, iFocus has you covered.

Chat with us today and see how we can help you achieve your goals!

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