Kansas City’s Best Marketing Agency Took Home Precious Metals at the 2022 AMBIT Awards

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We Offer Award-Winning PPC, SEO, Social Media, and Lead Generation Services

Our digital marketing strategists and service-line experts work hard to deliver the best possible marketing results for all our clients, and those efforts pay off with impressive data that proves what we’re doing is working.

And sometimes our efforts return such big results that the industry takes notice.

That was certainly the case at the 2022 AMBIT Awards Gala, hosted by Kansas City’s Data-Driven Marketers, an alliance of marketers dedicated to promoting successful data-driven marketing.

The team took home three Silver Awards and two Gold Awards for stellar achievements for some of our signature services. Join us as we raise our nitro cold brew coffees to toast our accomplishments!

Check us out:

Gold Award – Paid Search Marketing

Efforts led by Dillon Lewis, PPC Manager and Team Lead; Brandon Davis, Paid Media and Analytics Manager; and Josh Selig-Votaw, COO and Acting Account Manager

iFocus Marketing’s machine learning technology identified campaign and keyword CPA optimizations and measured policy attrition and profitability for our pet health insurance client.

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Our goal was to increase the overall efficacy of the client’s paid search efforts by identifying and implementing optimizations surrounding geographic, time-of-week, week-of-month, keyword, match-type, and campaign-level data, based on policy quote rates and close rates.

Using our own hybrid bidding model outside of Google’s recommended optimizations, we considered the way the client’s system attributes a policy quote or purchase back to the original search term, campaign and/or ad creative to make more informed bidding decisions across the account of more than 45,000 keywords.

Throughout our campaign, we:

  • Identified and removed unrelated and underperforming keywords.
  • Increased conversion rates from 1.4 percent to more than 4 percent for e-commerce purchases directly from PPC efforts.
  • Consistently maintained the client’s policy purchase goal for the channel.
  • Established campaign-level CPAs in alignment with profitability, and maintained an average CPA of $200 or less.
  • Identified campaign segments with high profitability and low competition, which accounted for 5 percent of the total monthly budgets from our machine-learning outputs.
  • Created new campaigns from keyword groupings where competitors were not actively bidding, but policy purchases were profitable; applied 5 percent of the monthly budget to gain market share for these keywords.
  • Gold Award – Organic Search Engine Marketing

    Efforts led by Zach Kinser, Senior SEO Manager and Team Lead; Shirin Felfeli, SEO Specialist; Jenifer Calandra, Senior Digital Copywriter and Team Lead; and Tyler Shiney, Account Manager

    iFocus Marketing achieved sky-high organic rankings for an exclusive pre-owned aircraft dealer conglomerate. Our SEO strategy was three-fold:

    1. Optimize site health through regular auditing and monitoring.
    2. Broker high-quality backlinking opportunities from sites with high domain authority scores.
    3. Increase organic rankings for target keywords, with three pieces of relevant, keyword-rich, engaging content as page rewrites or blogs.

    Our team’s creative writing abilities have largely contributed to the tremendous increase in site traffic the client has experienced, as well as the quality and level of engagement of that traffic.

    S-E-O styled in Google colors

    Since launching search engine optimization services in February 2020, organic website traffic increased 600 percent, from an average of 1,121 users per month to 7,866 users. Organic search users spent an average of 01:32 on the site and visited an average of nearly three pages per session.

    When we first began our SEO work, organic search traffic only accounted for 10 percent of all website traffic. Organic search accounted for 27 percent of all website traffic in December. In February 2020, organic traffic contributed to 1,178 unique aircraft pageviews; in December 2021, that number increased 405 percent to 5,425 page views.

    The client also experienced a massive improvement in their organic keyword rankings. At the start of service, the client ranked for 61 keywords on page one of Google search engine results pages (SERPs). As of December 2021, the client ranked for 404 keywords on page one of Google SERPs, with 14 of those falling in one of the top three positions.

    Silver Award – Business-to-Consumer Integrated Marketing

    Efforts led by Kristina Spooner, Vice President of Business Development; Dillon Lewis, PPC Manager and Team Lead; Corrie Guthmiller, Associate Director of Paid Media and Strategy; Jessie Smith, Creative Director; and Caesar Smith, Director of Account Management

    iFocus Marketing helped a private real estate investment fund produce more than $6 million in earnings for their investors and make the Inc. 5,000 list.

    Using an omni-channel digital marketing approach, we created an integrated campaign that targeted potential investors at multiple points in the acquisition funnel through Google Search Ads, Gmail Ads, Google Discovery Ads, Bing Search Ads, Bing Ads on the Audience Network, Facebook Ads and display ads.

    Audience segments from website traffic and people who interacted with our ads formed retargeting audiences. We generated qualified leads using a combination of retargeting, look-alike, in-market, and custom audiences to target individuals most likely to invest in the fund. For each platform, we used a combination of video, animated, static, and responsive creative, tailored to each segment of the acquisition funnel.

    In 2021, this campaign:

    • Generated 304 total direct (last-click) lead actions.
    • Generated 51 total assisted lead actions.
    • Contributed to a 52 percent year-over-year increase in website traffic.
    • Increased website lead actions by 121 percent compared to 2020.
    • Helped our client make it on Inc.’s 5,000 Fastest-Growing Companies list.
    • Aided the client in filling their 2021 investor limits and generated overlay investors for a waiting list.

    Silver Award – Paid Search Marketing

    Efforts by Dillon Lewis, PPC Manager and Team Lead; Brandon Davis, Paid Media and Analytics Manager; and Jaron Thompson, Account Manager

    iFocus Marketing combined the powers of Amazon and Google to generate more than $300,000 in annual revenue for a custom bathtub retailer.

    Our campaign strategy used both Google Ads and Amazon Ads to increase overall sales by serving ads to the general consumer in the U.S. searching for luxury-based, bathtub-specific keywords. The Google Ads strategy relied on using four different campaign types, starting with one focusing on high-funnel general keywords, funneling down into custom bathtub keywords relevant to our client’s products’ unique selling points. The last campaign focused on branding to capture the low-funnel traffic searching for our client by name. For Amazon Ads, we used both the sponsored product and sponsored brand campaign to capture general sales.

    With a 7.25 percent click-through rate and more than 380,000 impressions on Google in 2021, our campaigns increased the client’s overall lead generation efforts by 175 percent year-over-year. The Google Ads campaign generated 27,623 clicks and nearly 700 phone calls. Our average cost per click consistently hovered near $2, while the industry average for this client ranges from $3 to $4. This cost-efficiency allowed us to identify and serve impressions to a larger number of consumers, increasing our opportunity to garner more conversions.

    The Amazon Ads campaign served more than 10 million impressions in 2021, generating more than 37,000 clicks on the client’s featured products. Their average overall cost of sale was close to 20 percent, and their return on ad spend averaged nearly 7:1. Our Amazon efforts alone directly generated $250,000 in revenue for the client in 2021.

    Silver Award – Social Media Management

    Efforts led by Corrie Guthmiller, Associate Director of Paid Media and Strategy; Marilee Rodgers, Social Media Manager; Katie Severino, Social Media Analyst; and Kristina Spooner, Vice President of Business Development

    iFocus Marketing’s robust social media listening and management strategy propelled a local mayoral candidate to the gold!

    Before partnering with iFocus, a mayoral candidate had very little presence on social media. We created business pages for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, and revitalized his current Twitter account. Our social media team wrote 20 posts per month per platform to speak to different audiences, hitting on key campaign topics, city history and facts, strong community focus, getting to know the candidate, relevant public concerns, endorsements, events, and general voting information.

    Content also included photos of the candidate and his family; the candidate engaging with the community; and videos of the candidate explaining his positions on city issues. By boosting highly engaging posts and scheduled events, we could build and grow awareness in the area. We focused on two sets of demographics when writing content and for targeting purposes: the young professional and the established family.

    Our social media team maintained a spreadsheet of recommended responses to negative comments or complaints and collaborated with the client before responding on each platform. This approach showed the public he was available for conversation and to answer questions. We also incorporated social listening into his services to keep a pulse on the buzz surrounding the campaign.

    Campaign creative was consistent throughout all social media posts to pose the candidate as trustworthy. Unique hashtags enabled the team to generate and monitor engagement.

    Ultimately, the candidate was elected as mayor! Between April and October 2021, the team also achieved:

    • 461 new page likes on Facebook with nearly 36,000 total engagements, including 784 shares and 1,973 comments.
    • 89 new followers on Instagram with more than 2,100 engagements, including 44 comments.
    • 29 new followers on LinkedIn with 736 engagements.
    • 128 new followers on Twitter with more than 7,600 engagements, 206 retweets, and 238 post link clicks.

    What’s Next for Our Digital Marketing Agency?

    We have a lot to look forward to in the coming year, but we’re especially excited about our two Gold Award winners to appear at the 2022 DMA International ECHO Awards. In the meantime, send us a message to get your free discovery call to learn how partnering with iFocus could help you reach your business goals.

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