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Industry Focus for Friday, April 15, 2022

You’ve probably read company websites that talk a big game about what they stand for, but you never see anything from them to back that up.

We don’t do that.

For example, our website says we’re caffeine-fueled. As evidence, we’d like to submit our dedicated bin of used K-Cups in our breakroom. (The grounds turn to compost for employee gardens, while the plastic is recycled.) And don’t get us started on our nitro cold brew that is so caffeinated, we can hear colors.

Our website also says we’re curious, life-long learners. Our Industry Focus blog proves that, too. The whole team discusses the latest digital marketing trends and updates every week, so that we’re all empowered to apply new strategies to our client accounts to get them big returns on their marketing investments.

This week, we talked about Google analytics and data privacy, ad revenue, long-game SEO, and graphic design, and today, we’re sharing our favorite insights with you.

“Google is Ready to Test Topics, But Advertisers Remain Skeptical,” by Sara Karlovitch in Marketing Dive

Google is going ahead with small-scale trials of Topics, a system that tracks subjects a web user shows interest in. Topics replaces Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoCs), in response to new privacy regulations and consumer concerns. However, Topics is still in early testing phases, so it will be a while before our Kansas City digital marketing agency knows exactly how it may benefit the industry.

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-Submitted by Jaron Thompson, Account Manager

“U.S. Search Ad Revenue Grew 33% to $78 Billion Last Year,” by Danny Goodwin in Search Engine Land

Paid search is the leading format of digital ad revenue, capturing 41.4 percent in 2021. Mobile accounted for $54.7 billion, and desktop accounted for $23.5 billion. Social ad revenue hit $47.7 billion. The full report from Interactive Advertising Bureau also noted that digital video revenue was up 50 percent year-over-year. With all areas of digital marketing showing major growth, it’s clear that this is the next generation of advertising – and iFocus Marketing is already really, really good at it.

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-Submitted by Alex Mead, Paid Media Coordinator

“Fact vs. Fiction: 3 Measurement Myths Holding Back Your Marketing,” by Christophe Combette in Think with Google

With privacy regulations becoming more expansive, digital marketers may have some misconceptions about measurement and analytics relating to paid digital ads. Google debunks three major myths and explains how you can address issues while still putting privacy first. What are the myths, you ask? Cookie depreciation will disrupt website tags; accurate measurement relies on third-party data; and protecting privacy and driving business results are mutually exclusive.

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-Submitted by Brandon Davis, Paid Media and Analytics Manager

“50+ Business-Building Local SEO Tactics for SMBs,” by Bill Hartzer in Search Engine Journal

With an SEO agency on your side, search engine optimization is never shrouded in mystery. And with local SEO so important to small-to-medium businesses, it’s vital that you develop a strategy and follow best practices to get seen in the SERPs. We love this list of tactics as a starting-off point for SMBs – and always recommend working with a professional to master your SEO strategy.

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-Submitted by Shirin Felfeli, SEO Specialist

“Graphic Design Trends for 2022,” by Andrew Hutchinson in Social Media Today

This year’s graphic design trends run the gamut, including retro-meets-futurism, atypical fonts with lots of character (no pun intended!), and stunningly saturated color. These key trends were identified based on visual searches on the Depositphotos platform. Use them for inspiration for your next display ad or paid social ad.

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-Submitted by Brandon Tietz, Copywriter

At iFocus Marketing, Seeing is Believing

Another promise we make on our website and to each of our clients is for in-depth monthly reports that take data analysis to a new level. We go above and beyond because that data is the difference between so-so results and a majorly successful digital ad campaign.

See for yourself why iFocus Marketing is different. Request a discovery call today with one of our business development executives to learn how our digital marketing solutions can help you grow your business and meet your goals.

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