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Industry Focus for Friday, May 27, 2022

We like to say that digital marketing works a lot like magic – to the untrained eye it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what happened to deliver the end results.

But when you’re constantly reading up on Google algorithm updates, new social media platform features, or expert recommendations (or discovering them yourself!), you come to find that it’s not sleight of hand, but brilliant marketers’ intentional choices that get you to the website traffic, leads, and conversions.

And we do all of that every day at iFocus Marketing so that we’re uniquely poised to help your business reach your objectives – and hopefully exceed them, too.

Here’s what we’ve been thinking about this week – and you can bet we’re implementing new practices based on it, too.

“Marketers Experimenting with Reels Are Figuring Out How to Drive Lower-Funnel Results,” by Phoebe Bain in Marketing Brew

With Reels being relatively new to the digital marketing game, it’s no wonder that folks are still trying to figure out how to drive conversions – although through lots of experimentation, some determined marketers are seeing success. But you can’t treat it as just another Instagram tool if you want to put it to work for your business. (Ask our social media team how they help you increase engagement and drive conversions on a variety of platforms.)


-Submitted by Meagan Sanchez, Account Coordinator

“Snapchat Launches New Option to Display eBay Listings in Snaps,” by Andrew Hutchinson in Social Media Today

In an unexpected integration, Snapchat is embracing retail elder eBay so that Snapchatters and eBay sellers can share hot items and promote merchandise through the social media app. Snapchat already displays Amazon product listings via the Snap Camera, so we suspect that this feature also will be integrated with eBay listings in the future. If you’re selling online, Snapchat could be the lynchpin you need to reach your audience.


-Submitted by Michaelah Larson, Account Coordinator

“The Future of PPC: 4 Clues From Google That Tell Us Everything,” by Jonathan Befort in Search Engine Journal

Like a digital marketing oracle, Search Engine Journal is predicting how PPC ads will evolve over time as Google introduces new features, like algorithm updates and Google Analytics 4. And frankly, most of these didn’t surprise our paid search team! Expect to see new Google Ads Scripts experiences, an expansion of broad match and responsive ads, more automation and machine learning, and more.


-Submitted by Brandon Davis, Paid Media & Analytics Manager

“12 Actions That Help Improve Your Google Keyword Rankings,” by Kristin M. Vaughn in Search Engine Journal

Because more than 75 percent of searchers never go beyond the first page of results, your website better be on it! If you’re looking for quick ways to rise in the rankings, you may be disappointed to know that search engine optimization is a long game. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take steps now to improve your keyword rankings. We love all 12 of these actions – and can help you with them, too.


-Submitted by Shirin Felfeli, SEO Specialist

“Google Launching May 2022 Broad Core Algorithm Update,” by Matt G. Southern in Search Engine Journal

This week, Google rolled out a broad core algorithm update. Core updates make search results more relevant for users, which is a win for marketers. However, expect it to take up to two weeks to reach full functionality. With the update, you can expect to see spikes or drops in your search rankings, but improving your SEO strategy can help you recover. The last core algorithm update was in November 2021.


-Submitted by Jonny Uhlenhake, Junior Web Developer

Meaningful Marketing Strategy and Analysis from Kansas City’s Powerhouse Agency

This week, we learned that a client found us by Googling the term, “best ad agency in Kansas City.” Frankly, we’re flattered. But are we surprised? Absolutely not.

iFocus Marketing is different. We help our partners achieve measurable outcomes because of our intentional choices in strategy and data analysis. You won’t find guesswork or copy/paste ideas here. Each of our clients deserves a fully customized digital marketing strategy, so that’s what we deliver.

Wanna see how? Request a discovery call and marketing analysis with us. It’s totally free, with no obligation or contractual requirements.

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