Our Digital Marketing Relay Race, Leg Four: Retention

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Our Digital Marketing Agency Stands Out Because of Our Unique Take on the Traditional Marketing Funnel

The fourth and final leg of our digital marketing relay race is retention. You’ll want to read about leg one, leg two, and leg three before moving forward with this one.

Our Kansas City digital marketing agency has proven time and again that our relay metaphor is far more accurate than the traditional marketing funnel – and that’s because a funnel implies all your efforts will trickle down into conversions and client retention.

Our relay concept sets the funnel on its side, and each part is just as important as the rest. Your omnichannel campaigns pass a baton back and forth amongst themselves, and your brand awareness baton can lead directly to your retention baton. And even clients who reach your retention leg can always move back into the research phase before their next purchase.

What Do We Mean By Retention?

When you retain clients, you’re re-engaging them throughout relevant moments in their life when they may need your products or services again. These are existing clients who you’ve sold a product or service to in the past.

Strategic Digital Marketing Retention Tactics

Just as you nurture a lead to convert, you nurture a lead to retain them. Your digital marketing strategy continues into the retention leg of the relay, reusing tactics from the other four legs.

  • Social media management: This is a great way to develop your brand’s personality, share client testimonials, tell stories, and engage your audience. Keeping your clients’ attention on social media helps to retain them.

  • Social media retargeting: Provide your returning clients with unique messaging, like promotional discounts that align with the season.

  • Segmented email nurture campaigns: Using a CRM to capture website lead information and store it for remarketing, you can use email marketing to retain your customer base. Best of all, you have an already-engaged audience who is more likely to open and read your messages. By segmenting your database into groups by service, product type, or frequency of purchase, you can develop custom email sequences specific to each segment.

Retention Metrics

The ultimate measure of whether your retention tactics worked is if past clients re-engage with you for your products or services. But for each of the above tactics, you’ll look for metrics around engagement (number of interactions on social media), retargeting (click-through rates and impressions), and open rates.

And remember that you could do everything right with the aforementioned tactics, but you have to keep your customer service mindset and quality products or services at the forefront of everything you do if you really want to retain your clients.

Why You Should Work with a Kansas City Ad Agency That Knows the Funnel Is Outdated

Forward thinking, smart choices, and immense knowledge of digital marketing channels takes your marketing dollar further. When it became clear to us that the traditional marketing funnel was a poor explanation for how digital marketing works, iFocus Marketing philosophized and created our own.

customer retention tactics

The relay race ensures our digital marketing strategy never stagnates. Our efforts are always fresh, fierce, and optimized to the latest moment. We’re able to do that by continually reviewing metrics from multiple platforms, and utilizing machine learning to predict what will happen next.

Consider this example from an award-winning paid search marketing strategy.

Using machine learning technology, our digital marketing agency identified campaign and keyword CPA optimizations and measured policy attrition and profitability for a pet health insurance client. Our team identified and implemented optimizations related to keywords, match-type, campaign-level data, geographic location, time-of-week, and week-of-month data, based on policy quote rates and close rates. You can read the full description in our blog.

Our own hybrid bidding model – not Google’s recommended optimizations – helped us make informed decisions about more than 45,000 keywords while considering the client’s system for producing policy quotes and making purchases.

During the campaign, our digital marketing agency removed unrelated or underperforming keywords, increased conversion rates from 1.4 percent to more than 4 percent for ecommerce purchases, and established campaign-level CPAs with an average of $200 or less. Our team also created new campaigns from keyword groupings where competitors were not actively bidding to target our client’s audience.

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