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Why iFocus Marketing Has the Best Website Design Services Near You

Web design trends are constantly changing to keep users engaged and help websites stand out in search results. It’s all about creating the future, while focusing on what’s happening right now. So what are the biggest trends that are breaking with tradition and revolutionizing web design and development in 2022?

Check out these top 5 trends our digital marketing agency has spotted this year, and find out how we use the latest web development and design techniques to increase your digital presence and bring more users to your website.

Enhance Your Accessibility to Engage More Users

If there’s one thing our digital marketing agency in Kansas City believes, it’s that the Internet belongs to everyone. However, not everyone gets to enjoy equal access to everything the web offers. In fact, most websites, even the top-ranking ones, have accessibility issues on their homepages.

Web accessibility is the practice of making the digital content on your website usable for people with disabilities. Not only does this practice make your website inclusive for all users, it also expands your audience, which attracts more potential customers and clients to your business.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires your website to have digital accessibility for users with disabilities, or you could face legal and financial consequences. There are even some states that have implemented their own accessibility requirements for websites.

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Above all else, making your website accessible is the right thing to do. Our senior web developer, Stephen Rau, agrees: “Paying closer attention to ADA guidelines makes our sites inclusive, accessible to a wider audience, and improves the user experience for everyone.”

Check with our digital marketing and custom website design company to know more about the laws and regulations on accessibility for websites in your state. We’d love to enhance your business by making your digital content accessible for every kind of user interested in your products or services.

Go With Neo-Brutalist Web Design to Give Your Website an Edge

It’s not a secret that Y2K trends have been stealing hearts and breaking the Internet. That couldn’t be more true with neo-brutalism – the hottest trend in web design.

So what exactly is neo-brutalism? It refers to the brutalist architecture movement that emerged in the 1950s, which is characterized by mammoth buildings with a monolithic appearance. It combines edginess and playfulness with rigid geometric styles and large-scale use of poured concrete.

According to our senior graphic designer, Jessie Smith, neo-brutalism is “a great trend for updating sites, while also keeping in mind timeless elements for when it inevitably goes out of style. It’s definitely more interesting than standard block design!”

Neo-brutalist web design gives users the impression that your business has nothing to hide, because it feels bold, honest, and carefree. It breaks with the tradition of clean, safe, and basic websites that have little aesthetic appeal.

You don’t need to be an expert in WordPress web design or have a degree in architecture to get this trend on your website. Our digital marketing agency knows all the latest and greatest trends in web design to make your business stand out from the crowd and increase user experience.

Websites With Just a Few Pages Are Taking Over the Internet

Sometimes, the most effective website is the least complex. Here at our digital marketing agency and custom website design company, we’ve seen the increasing popularity of simple, yet elegant web design. Not only does it make your website easy to use, it gives your customers and clients a fast way to access your products and services.

Many people are ditching clunky navigation bars, chunky paragraphs, and bulky images for something much more streamlined – but there’s one big caveat – you might lose SEO value when you switch to a simpler format.

That’s because your website needs to hold a certain amount of content to remain an authority in your industry. The less Google bots have to crawl, the less likely your website will rank in search results.

While there is an ideal word count for a web page, it’s actually more about quality than quantity. That’s where the SEO, web development, and content teams at our digital marketing agency are unmatched.

Even if your custom-built website is just a few pages, they can write, design, and optimize content that establishes your authority on the Internet and increases your rank in search results.

Consider Adding Clickable Phone Numbers to Drive Conversions

Yes, people still use their phones to call people. In fact, it’s one of the best ways to improve your conversions. A conversion is when a user completes a desired action on your website, like making a purchase, filling out a contact form, or signing up for an event.

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It also dramatically improves your user experience. That’s because no one wants to dig through your website for a telephone number, and then manually type it into their phone. Take it from our SEO specialist, Shirin Felfeli: “It’s perfect to increase user experience. Ain’t nobody gonna type in a phone number! If it doesn’t click, they’ll leave!”

In fact, we’ve known for the last several years that mobile-first design has been a big ranking factor for Google. However, you can’t just make your number a bright and bold image at the top of your website pages. It needs to be SEO optimized by experts who know how to help your website appear in search results.

It all has to do with how Google “crawls” your page. If your number is just an image, Google’s bots won’t read it correctly – or at all.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to learn small business website design to include clickable numbers in your webpages. The experts at our digital marketing agency in Kansas City have the knowledge, skills, and dedication to optimize your website, help it appear in search results, and get your business on the map!

Schedule an appointment with us today to find out how we can customize your website the right way.

Ask Our Digital Marketing Agency About Motion Design That Works

These days, you can add animation to anything on a website. From your background to your contact button, if it can be coded, you can make it move. However, that doesn’t mean it should.

Did you know there are many people who get motion sickness from animation on websites? It’s called “cyber sickness.” When your website goes overboard with features like mouse-triggered scaling, parallax effects, or plane-shifted scrolling, it can make some people a little nauseous.

Too much motion on your website is also very distracting and decreases user experience. That’s because they’re too busy looking at all the bells and whistles of your website, instead of shopping for your products or exploring your services.

The key is to use subtle animation as a tool to draw attention to specific parts of your website. This not only enhances your design, but brings better branding to your business.

Our team at iFocus Marketing can create custom animations that will delight your users, create a memorable experience, and make your website easier to navigate with motion that matters. Contact us today to get moving on a custom-built website for your business!

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