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Industry Focus 4-29-2022

Industry Focus for Friday, May 6, 2022

Digital marketing strategy evolves constantly. Unlike traditional media, which uses stagnant – and expensive – ads, digital marketing makes your budget go farther and allows you to continually optimize your campaigns.

That continual optimization is what gives you the biggest return on ad spend. And if you want it to work well for you, then your campaign tweaks should be inspired by the latest in digital marketing.

If you expect your omnichannel ad campaigns to keep up and perform well, you need to work with a local ad agency that does the same. No matter where you operate your business, iFocus Marketing can help you with that because we stay attuned to the latest trends in our industry – and we share those insights with you. Keep reading to learn more about what’s happening in the marketing world this week.

“Hreflang for Beginners: Getting Started with Multilingual Website Tags,” by Matt Bertram in Search Engine Journal

Businesses with global reach require websites that can reach potential clients in a variety of languages. Hreflang tags allow you to create alternate pages that show up in the search engine results pages for a country’s language and privacy laws. A hreflang tag is a link tag attribute in HTML, and it can be complicated to add correctly. That’s why you’ll likely need an SEO agency to help you get it done the right way – and to perfect the rest of your search engine optimization, too.

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-Submitted by Joyce Wong, Project & Traffic Manager

“Why Keyword Research Is Useful For SEO & How to Rank,” by Roger Montti in Search Engine Journal

If you only read the headline, this article sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s trickier than that. Search engines are no longer simply matching keywords from queries to web pages, and instead look at a deeper context. Thus, keyword research is important for search engine optimization, but in a different way than it used to be. Intrigued? We were, too.

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-Submitted by Shirin Felfeli, SEO Specialist

“Google Blocked 3.4 Billion Ads, Suspended 5.6 Million Accounts in 2021,” by Danny Goodwin in Search Engine Land

In its latest Ads Safety Report, Google shared that it tripled the number of account-level suspensions for advertisers in the last year, for reasons including abusing the ad network, violating trademark, misinformation, and adult content. Suspensions were particularly challenging because bad actors created thousands of accounts and used cloaking and text manipulation to show Google reviewers different ad content than what users were served. It’s an increase over the 3.1 billion ads blocked in 2020. Don’t make mistakes with paid search ads; get help from the pros here at iFocus.

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-Submitted by Alex Mead, Paid Media Coordinator

“What Is Inclusive Web Design,” by Bianca Belman-Adams in Elementor Blog

Not every website user will interact with a site the same way. Inclusive design removes bias and assumptions so that users aren’t excluded based on their impairments, demographics, or other circumstances. To master inclusive web design, designers must consider what those impairments are; situational limitations that may prevent full engagement; technical constraints like hardware or computer literacy; language barriers; age, race, or gender; and even socioeconomic differences. It takes a pro to ensure your website is inclusive, so you might want to hire a digital marketing agency to design and develop yours.

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-Submitted by Jessie Smith, Creative Director

“Is Getting Your Google Business Profile ‘Google Guaranteed’ Worth It?” by Chelsea Alves in Search Engine Journal

Earn your potential clients’ trust by getting your business profile “Google Guaranteed.” The designation will show up when local consumers search for your services to help your service stand out and prove you care about your reputation. It also makes it easier for searchers to contact you – among other benefits.

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-Submitted by Jaron Thompson, Account Manager

A Smart Approach to Digital Marketing Strategy

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