Ace Your Back-to-School Campaigns with Our Kansas City Digital Marketing Study Guide

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We’re Here to Help You Get Straight “A”s on Your Digital Marketing Strategy This Year

The days are long, and the sun is high in the sky; it’s summertime in Kansas City! And although we love the season of sunbeams and lemonade here at iFocus Marketing, we also like to keep our eyes on the horizon.

So, what’s on the horizon? Ask any kid living in the freedom of summer break to get the answer: school! And to the marketing-minded pros at iFocus, school means back-to-school campaigns.

On first impression, back-to-school may seem like a niche promotional season for school supplies and new shoes. Don’t let that fool you though; it can actually be a crucial part of your digital marketing strategy with the right preparation.

Unsure of what to do, or when to start? Check out iFocus Marketing’s back-to-school study guide! With our help, your campaign’s report card will score a pristine spot on the fridge.

Who Should Incorporate Back-to-School into Their Digital Marketing Strategy?

The answer to this may come as a surprise, because it’s far more than just clothing stores and office supply outlets: almost any business can benefit from back-to-school marketing!

Of course, if you can show how your offering makes the lives of parents, students, or teachers easier or better, go for it. Showcasing how your products or services add unique value to the familiar back-to-school experience creates powerful messaging. And don’t forget to offer a discount or promotion to bring in your back-to-school crowd. A majority of shoppers will wait for special offers to make a purchase during this season.

Back-to-school campaigns and promos, however, aren’t limited to areas that can relate directly to school. This season offers opportunities far beyond what first may come to mind.

Because going back to school correlates with autumn here in North America, this marketing season brings with it themes of change, transitions, and new starts. For school-goers across the country, these themes are tied to new classes and campuses. For everyone else, though, these themes still resonate as fall arrives.

So, if “back-to-school” doesn’t naturally seem like a fit for your offering, consider if a “season of change” sparks any ideas. For example, if you provide home improvement services, the premise of school starting up might not get your marketing juices flowing. However, by leveraging the momentum of the season, you could inspire clients to usher change into their homes. If you’re still coming up dry for campaign ideas, our ad agency in Kansas City can help.

What’s the Best Timing for Your Back-to-School Campaigns?

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We’ve covered who should hop in, but what about when? First, let’s consider school starting dates; schools in North America often have their first day in the timeframe of late July to mid-September, with most landing in the middle of that range.

Next, let’s discuss consumer spending habits. The earliest of the back-to-school shoppers (about one-quarter of school shoppers overall) start two months before classes begin. That number is predicted to increase in response to the host of supply chain issues worldwide, so aim to have your campaigns running (especially your brand awareness ones) by the two-month-out mark.

Doing the math, that would mean campaigns will often be launched in July, and planned in June, or earlier! Additionally, back-to-school marketing campaigns and promotions can be kept in place around a month into school to account for late shoppers and staggered school start dates.

And if you’re not focusing on literal back-to-school themes? No problem! When kids go back to school, families are spending more time in their homes. It’s the perfect time to get in front of them using a variety of paid ads on their streaming services, social media, and search engines.

Why Digital Marketing in Kansas City for Back-To-School?

Our culture is undergoing a migration to the digital space, and it’s happening fast. Education has been forced especially quickly into the digital age, and spending predictions support that. Forty percent of parents in 2022 expect to spend less on traditional school supplies this year, while back-to-school spending overall is on an upward trend. To summarize, an increasingly online market is ramping up, which means it’s paramount to have your digital marketing strategy in tip-top shape.

Another thing to consider is the generation that students and young educators belong to: Gen Z. This generation, currently aged 9 to 24, is more willing to interact with tech than any of their predecessors, and social media, especially TikTok, is massive among its members. For a successful back-to-school campaign aimed at school-goers, you’ll need to utilize the marketing channels that will reach them.

Call On a Marketing Agency Near You for Answers

Wondering how to land yourself on this year’s marketing honor roll? Confounded on how to get students and teachers to see your social media ads on TikTok? Worried your digital marketing in Kansas City is lagging behind?

Don’t fret! Check “marketing” off your back-to-school list this year with the help of iFocus, the best marketing agency in Kansas City, according to The Pitch. Get started now by calling us at (913) 708-8567 or messaging us online.

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