Conducting Successful Continuous Marketing Check-Ins

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Auditing the Results of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

The modern digital marketing strategy is always in flux, which should come to no surprise to anyone. Customers change, trends evolve, and search engines like Google are always adjusting their rules and changing their algorithm.

As the best digital marketing agency in Kansas City, we’re not afraid of change because it’s one of the constants of the business. The trick is to be ready for it. One way that we do that is by constantly studying up on what’s happening in the world of marketing. We remain consummate students of our craft so that our clients don’t have to be.

The other way that we handle the many fluctuations of a digital marketing strategy is by keeping a constant watch over it. We continually evaluate and reevaluate, which is easier to do with digital marketing compared to older methods because we have all the latest analytical tools at our disposal.

Our team is always auditing, optimizing, and adapting to the market on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis. The same way that running a business is a full-time endeavor, so too is marketing. Every department is checking and double-checking to make sure the campaign is performing as intended.

One of the several ways that we illustrate to our clients the value that iFocus Marketing brings to the table is by conducting regular check-ins. Some marketing tactics such as pay-per-click and paid search show their results immediately. Others, like search engine optimization, take more than six months to ramp up and begin showing results.

A comprehensive digital marketing strategy means having a lot of different irons in the fire, and we make a point to always keep our clients in the loop about how their campaigns are performing.

Here’s what clients can expect during their monthly, quarterly, and yearly check-ins with our account services team and analysts:

#1 – We’ll Review Your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

At the very beginning of working with our clients, they select one or many digital marketing services that have a specific intended effect based on our recommendations. Examples of an effect include a customer conversion, hitting the click-to-call button, or filling out a form on your company’s website.

How we gauge the success of these marketing efforts is through key performance indicators. Of course, the return on investment (ROI) is the big one. Business owners want to know the revenue they’re making from their marketing efforts is more than what they’re spending.

Additionally, there are many key metrics that further paint the picture of a client’s digital marketing strategy and its success. Cost per lead, cost per conversion, and cost per customer acquisition are all metrics we include on our reporting that we deliver to clients.

Your digital marketing strategy should be helping you meet or exceed your business goals. If it isn’t, then adjustments will be made based upon the data that we have and what we know about the market.

#2 – We’ll Conduct a Full Audit of the Digital Marketing Strategy and Its Content

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Our marketing agency cranks out a ton of content in a variety of different channels. We post on behalf of our clients on the internet’s most popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok. Our SEO copywriters publish 50,000+ words apiece per month for a wide variety of clients. We also revitalize old websites with fresh creative and new web design intended to keep visitors engaged.

iFocus Marketing has the resources to create tons of content, but how did it actually perform?

This is yet another big question we examine during check-ins with clients. We analyze what worked and what didn’t. We identify which social media posts are getting the most traction. We go through every blog and find the top-performers that are worthy of repurposing for another post.

Content can be hit and miss. The trick to developing more hits than misses is to follow the performance data. Fortunately, we have the best tools to determine which pieces of content are resonating most with your audience.

#3 – We’ll Ask the Right Questions to Ensure We’re on the Same Page

Unlike most ad agencies in Kansas City, iFocus Marketing collects a lot of campaign data and uses it to paint the picture of their digital marketing strategy and how it’s performing – far beyond the basic click-through-rate.

However, our clients are privy to things we aren’t, and a check-in is the perfect time to exchange information that can benefit the marketing campaign.

Some common questions we ask include:

  • Are our marketing efforts still in alignment with your sales team?
  • Do we need to adjust the ratio on the subject matter for our posts?
  • Has there been a shift in your target audience or buyer personas?
  • Are we still on-message with your brand or do we need to adjust?
  • What KPIs remain the most important to you?
  • Would you like to expand your digital marketing strategy to other services?

#4 – We’ll Review Your Plan One More Time Before Implementing Changes

Most of our clients experience seasonal peaks and valleys in their business that directly affect their digital marketing strategy. Additionally, knowing which marketing methods are performing well helps us holistically evolve the strategy to capture a larger section of their overall target market.

We don’t base our decisions to change a strategy on feel or instinct. We go by what the data tells us, and the data is usually right.

Once we have any adjustments to changes in marketing services documented, we’ll reconvene with our team internally to begin implementing them on the agreed-upon timeline.

Ready to Kick Things Off With a Marketing Agency Near You? Contact iFocus Marketing

Being a data-driven agency that makes informed decisions is one of the reasons we were voted the best digital marketing agency in Kansas City by The Pitch KC. We also have a full team of skilled professionals who can deliver on a whole host of digital marketing solutions.

Every company’s digital marketing needs are a little bit different – just like we are. The best way to develop a strategy that works for your company is by booking a free discovery call with one of our business development professionals. Call us at (913) 708-8567 and request to speak with someone from business development.

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