Do Digital Security Measures Affect Online Marketing? The Straight Answer is “Maybe.”

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Industry Focus for Friday, June 10, 2022

With social media platforms, tech companies, and operating systems introducing new measures to protect user data, crack down on bots, and enhance their security, the iFocus Marketing team anticipates that big changes are coming to the digital marketing world.

We’re staying on top of the latest security trends so we’re ready to pivot and optimize our clients’ digital marketing strategy at a moment’s notice. Here’s what we talked about this week.

“Apple Advances Its Privacy Leadership With iOS 15, iPadOS 15, macOS Monterey, and watchOS 8” from Apple Newsroom

Tech leader Apple revealed new privacy protections in their operating systems so that users are able to better control and manage access to their data. New features protect data from third parties, deliver an App Privacy Report, and process Siri audio on the device, among others.


-Submitted by Kandi Gerdes, Account Manager

“Tech Companies Are Taking Steps to Hide IP Addresses from Advertisers,” by Ryan Barwick in Marketing Brew

Google and Apple are taking steps to hide IP addresses – the series of numbers that identify a particular device on the Internet – from digital advertisers. IP addresses have played an important role in geofencing and retargeting. Although third-party cookie replacements are on their way, there isn’t anything yet to take the place of an IP address. But don’t fret – Google doesn’t plan to kick IPs to the curb until 2023 – and by then, it’s likely something else will take its place.


-Submitted by Ryann Rinker, Agency Account Team Lead

“Google Expands Verification Requirement for Finance Ads,” by Matt G. Southern in Search Engine Journal

Google is requiring verification for finance ads. The verification process requires advertisers to prove they’re authorized to promote financial services through a new, two-step process. This helps to protect Internet searchers from financial fraud. The program first launched in the UK in 2021, and will begin operating in Australia, Singapore, and Taiwan at the end of August. We think it’s only a matter of time before the requirement will extend to the United States.


-Submitted by Alex Mead, Paid Media Coordinator

“WordPress Proposal to Improve Security & Performance of Plugins,” by Roger Montti in Search Engine Journal

WordPress is doing more to protect against security vulnerabilities and website performance problems from third-party plugins. A proposed plugin checker will ensure they’re all following best practices. WordPress says a three-prong approach, including static analysis, server-side analysis, and client-side analysis, can help defend the platform against hacking.


-Submitted by Stephen Rau, Senior Web Developer

“Twitter to Provide Musk With Its ‘Full Firehose’ of Tweets As It Works to Finalize Takeover Deal,” by Andrew Hutchinson in Social Media Today

Frankly, most of us have been skeptical about whether it would actually happen, but it looks like Twitter is going to give Elon Musk what he wants in preparation for his big social media purchase. Earlier this week, Musk filed an official statement with the SEC, saying he wouldn’t continue his purchase of the social media platform if Twitter was unable to prove that fake accounts make up just 5 percent of its active user base. Now, Twitter’s board plans to comply with Musk’s request. Will the billionaire move forward with his purchase? And will he monetize Twitter as a digital advertising outlet? Time will tell.


-Submitted by Brandon Tietz, Senior Digital Copywriter

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