Greetings from Our Digital Marketing Agency’s First Summer Friday of the Year

industry focus june 3 2022

Industry Focus for June 3, 2022

While we’re out enjoying some sunshine (and staying close to our computers so we can jump online to help our clients) on this year’s first Summer Friday, utilize your time today to browse through our top five most-talked-about industry trends this week.

As a team, we share these insights with each other because digital marketing is for lifelong learners. Join us in expanding our knowledge.

“The 80s Are Back – At Least in Ad Design,” by Katie Hicks in Marketing Brew

Feeling nostalgic? The latest graphic design trend has us yearning for the good ol’ days of the 80s. Simple backgrounds, serif fonts – we’re here for them. These new visuals are so refreshing after spending quite a long time inundated with blocky sans-serif fonts (looking at you, Helvetica) and the pale, Pepto-y shade of millennial pink. Is your business ready to embrace this retro aesthetic? Our graphic design team has ideas.


-Submitted by Meagan Sanchez, Account Coordinator

“Social Media Managers Can Now Post to TikTok from Their Favorite Social Media Management Tools,” by Andrew Hutchinson in Social Media Today

We love the memes about social media managers stepping away from important events to post content – mostly because they point out a glaring truth. But TikTok is changing lives by making it more convenient to share content when you want to. The app has added platforms to its Marketing Partners Program so you can organize, schedule, and publish content. These partners include Later, Khoros, Emplifi, SproutSocial, Dash Hudson, Sprinklr, Brandwatch, and Hootsuite. Thanks, TikTok, from all of us!


-Submitted by Mya Richardson, Social Media Coordinator

“TikTok Announces New WooCommerce Plugin to Power More Shopping Options,” by Andrew Hutchinson in Social Media Today

TikTok has been busy. This week, they announced an integration with WooCommerce that lets merchants sync their store catalog, install the latest TikTok pixel for performance tracking, and create an ad in mere minutes, all from the WooCommerce dashboard. TikTok is already integrated with Shopify, so we expect more ecommerce platforms to pursue this type of partnership.


-Submitted by Marilee Rodgers, Social Media Manager

“Reminder: Google Ending Expanded Text Ads This Month,” by Brian Frederick in Search Engine Journal

At the end of June, say farewell to expanded text ads. Marketers will only be able to create or edit responsive search ads in standard search campaigns. But it’s not a bad thing: Google says the switch will increase conversions by an average of 7 percent, at a similar cost. We love to see it – and love to get our clients better-than-average KPIs in paid search ads.


-Submitted by Brandon Davis, Paid Media & Analytics Manager

“Fix Outdated Content to Boost Your SEO Results,” by Lee Li Feng in the Content Marketing Institute blog

It’s time to update the content on your website! No, we don’t mean simply rewriting your webpages. We mean auditing your published content and choosing pieces to refurbish to improve their SEO value. And while you can delete content altogether, it’s important to be very careful about it and choose wisely; it can negatively affect your site’s search engine rankings. Our search engine optimization team at iFocus Marketing can help you with next steps, so let’s chat!


-Submitted by Jenifer Calandra, Senior Digital Copywriter and Team Lead

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