It’s Time to Think About Q4 Digital Marketing Strategy

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Our Ad Agency in Kansas City Will Help You Prepare for the Holiday Season

October, November, and December are approaching quickly, which means it’s time to think about how you’ll coordinate your Q4 tactics as you collaborate with an agency specializing in digital marketing in Kansas City – and wherever you are.

Planning ahead means you can launch your ads and digital content with plenty of time to get in front of your audience. This presents your brand first – ahead of your competition – during this busy season.

When you partner with iFocus Marketing, your account manager will collaborate with our service experts to develop a strategy to support your business for Q4, including these recommendations:

  • Optimize your holiday landing pages
  • Align your go-to market strategy with your goals
  • Set up conversion tracking
  • Start A/B testing for paid ads

Optimize Your Holiday Landing Pages Now

When your potential customers click on your paid ad online, it takes them to the landing page of choice on your website. If your ad is promoting a special holiday sale or event, you’ll need a special landing page linked to your ad.

Landing pages are ideal for paid search, social media, and display ads, all of which you can use to target a specific audience – those already in the market for your product or service, or perhaps those who are simply walking near your store. (It’s up to you!)

Although building a landing page on your website isn’t a terribly complex task, it is one that can be time-consuming and requires knowledge of web development, graphic design, and copywriting. Starting now means you can promptly begin your campaign, and that you have time to perfect and polish your landing page.

Align Your Go-to Market Strategy With Your Goals

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Your go-to market (GTM) strategy is your plan for sharing your story with potential customers to position yourself ahead of your competitors. Ask yourself how you can improve your customer experience, product, or pricing.

Your fourth quarter GTM digital marketing strategy should have a clear message to motivate your audience to action. Ensure this message is consistent across all channels, including paid media, social media posts, content marketing, and more.

But it also must be aligned to your business goals. For example, if your goal is to generate leads, you may want to implement a sales-led GTM strategy. But if you want to sell specific products to generate profits, your GTM will be product-led.

Depending on the type of GTM strategy you’re using, you’ll need to carefully consider various digital marketing channels and choose the right ones.

Set Up Conversion Tracking

On most paid ad platforms – think Google or Facebook – you can set up conversion tracking, which collects data on the actions people take via your ad. You decide what a successful action is – and it should align with your GTM strategy.

Conversion tracking lets you know if your omnichannel digital marketing strategy is working and allows you to easily measure your return on investment.

Start A/B Testing Paid Ads

Certain ad types and goals have a better return on ad spend, depending on your business goals. A/B testing allows you to see which ad works better for your business and provides the biggest return.

Don’t wait until Q4 to find out what’s working for you. Start A/B testing during the third quarter of the year so that the ads you choose to run during the holiday season are the strongest option.

Let the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Kansas City Lead Your Efforts in Q4

Businesses ready to make waves in their industry partner with marketing agencies near them to connect with their audience, build brand awareness, and gain conversions. And with today’s tech taking over traditional forms of advertising, you’ll need to go digital with your efforts.

Let iFocus Marketing give you a sneak peek of our “special sauce” – that thing we do that helps you reach your business objectives. All you have to do is request a discovery call with us.

Our business development experts will talk to you about what you’re currently doing in your marketing efforts and get to know your goals. Then, our team will conduct a digital audit of your web presence, social media, and more. Afterward, we’ll meet with you to discuss our findings.

We’ll also conduct a competitive analysis, in which we compare your efforts to what your competitors are doing. And finally, we’ll recommend a totally customized digital marketing strategy for your business.

Fourth quarter is on the way – time is running out. Send us a message online to get started.

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