Your Social Media Arsenal is About To Improve, By, Like, A Lot

industry focus june 17

Industry Focus for Friday, June 17, 2022

By now you know the drill: every week, the iFocus team,a band of lifelong learners with a common goal, chat about the latest in the digital marketing industry, and then we share it here on our devastatingly interesting blog.

This week, we’re pumped for the phenomenal changes coming from Meta’s Facebook and Instagram brands, and all the awesome things LinkedIn is doing to help small businesses engage with potential clients and other professionals.

And did we mention Adobe had a big announcement that has us very excited about the future of graphic design?

Keep reading, and be a part of the social media evolution (and revolution!).

“Meta Reportedly Developing Privacy-Friendly Ad Options,” by Brian Frederick in Search Engine Journal

Rumor has it that Meta, Facebook’s parent company, is developing a new ad type that relies less on user data for targeting. Instead, ads will be measured using metrics like engagement and video views, a boon for advertisers looking to build brand awareness. We’re still waiting for confirmation from Meta, but we’re excited to see how new paid social ads like these can help our clients.


-Submitted by Jaron Thompson, Account Manager

“Meta Adds More Reals Creation Options in Instagram and Facebook,” by Andrew Hutchinson in Social Media Today

Remix content into Reels on Instagram based on your feed post content – making it easier to re-use your stuff however you want. You’ll also be able to remix any other video in the app, as Instagram leans into TikTok’s territory to add options for engagement. Brands can create awesome content to share, and enjoy the free publicity when fans share a response or remix the clip.


-Submitted by Katie Severino, Social Media Analyst

“LinkedIn Announces Boosting for Event Posts,” by Nicole Farley in Search Engine Land

Advertisers can now use the Boost button on their LinkedIn Events pages to promote their webinars, seminars, and other happenings. Choose your target audience, set the schedule, and enter your budget, and your ad will appear in the feed. We think this sounds like an incredible opportunity to build your business’s authority and brand awareness.


-Submitted by Ryann Rinker, Agency Account Manager Team Lead

“LinkedIn Launching Free Tool for B2B Professionals,” by Matt G. Southern in Search Engine Journal

Look out for LinkedIn’s upcoming launch of a free tool called Business Manager, which pulls Campaign Manager and LinkedIn pages into one dashboard. It adds two additional features, allowing you to change settings across accounts with a single adjustment, and sharing and updating Matched Audiences across your ad accounts. For paid ads on LinkedIn, expect these new features to be total time-savers.


-Submitted by Marilee Rodgers, Social Media Manager

“Adobe Plans to Make Photoshop on the Web Free to Everyone,” by Jacob Kastrenakes in The Verge

Adobe has launched a free-to-use version of its landmark software, Photoshop, in Canada, with plans to open up access to everyone. The final version will likely have features exclusive for paying customers, but enough core functionality should be available on the free one. Adobe’s goal, of course, is to hook people who will eventually want to pay for the full version, or capture some folks who are dissatisfied with Canva. But it’s also a fabulous opportunity for educators to use the software in schools – and for small businesses to edit photos for gorgeous social media posts.


-Submitted by Stephen Rau, Senior Web Developer

Put These New Social Media Features to Good Use with Kansas City’s Best Ad Agency

Our social media team is giddy to use the new social media features announced this week – and your business could be the first to implement them through a customized social media strategy.

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