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Get Into the Q4 Holiday Spirit with the Best Digital Marketing Agency that Kansas City Has To Offer

When it comes to holiday spending predictions, we have some key insights for you that shouldn’t be overlooked. If the 2022 Amazon Prime Days are any predictor of the good ol’ holiday shopping spirit, consumer spending on those two recent days rose 8.5 percent from last year’s deals bonanza. Customers were springing for desirable gift-worthy items like tech must-haves for the home, and this is all good news, as it tells us consumer spending is healthy.

Great. I Like Healthy. Tell Me More.

Sure! We’re thinking that with this increased spending on Amazon Prime days, more customers than ever are developing a relationship with e-commerce, and that means they’ll be spending more time online, hunting for exactly what they want – and that adds up to more time in front of potential digital marketing promotions from your business’s products and services.

Also, because we’ve been analyzing the kinds of items purchased during July’s Amazon Prime Days – you know, the tech stuff we see people camping out for on Black Friday, like talking speakers that tell you the weather – consumers are already thinking about getting their holiday shopping in sooner than later. That means more time in front of your potential digital marketing promotions today.

Got it. Hit Us with an Even Deeper Insight.

Here you go. As a premier ad agency in Kansas City, noticing trends is one of our specialties. Right now, we’re seeing lifestyle products and services ramping up their digital marketing strategies because lifestyle-related industries are on the rise. In particular, there’s been an explosion in CBD and hemp sales for those looking to complement healthier, organic choices as well as a rise in gym memberships at fitness centers.

We can also expect folks who are looking for an experience outside of the constraints of their home during the last two years to visit more restaurants when they gather for holiday parties, laughter, and good food in a public setting.

In the age of social media influencers, there’s plenty of competition in these areas, and these industries are working on their digital fitness to distinguish themselves from the rest, especially when there’s spending to be done during the holidays in Q4.

But That Doesn’t Apply to Me. Do All Services Need a Holiday Digital Marketing Strategy?

We think it’s a great bet. But we understand what you’re thinking: if you’re a business that offers services such as healthcare, veterinary services, or manufacturing, we know you’re wondering if this holiday spending sentiment makes sense for you.

Think about it like this: holiday spending isn’t just about getting the latest tech for a steal. Consumers also have to consider the services they put off buying until the end of the year, or know they are going to need, now that they can envision that holiday bonus. So think of your business’ services as integrated into a consumer’s budget for holiday spending.

Your digital marketing strategy can most certainly include holiday deals, offers, and promotions that insert your business into the “holiday shopping” conversation, making your business as desirable as the latest gadget, even if you aren’t in the ecommerce biz.

Let the experts in digital marketing for Kansas City and beyond get your marketing ready for the holidays, regardless of your industry. You don’t want to miss the gains to be had this Q4.

Why Can’t I Wait to Start a Campaign Until After I’ve Eaten My Halloween Candy?

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Because you’ll be sleepy. Also, because good things take time. A Q4 marketing campaign, especially when it’s run by a seasoned ad agency in Kansas City, is going to include thorough strategic elements, including A/B testing on paid ads, optimization of your landing page and social media, collection of key analytics, and much more.

A good plan isn’t hatched overnight, and neither is a creative, strategic, expertise-driven marketing campaign that will get your customers in the door, digital or otherwise.

When you’re thinking of working with a marketing agency near you, make sure this agency stresses the importance of looking at Q4 now, not when October’s slipping away like your very last [insert your favorite Halloween candy here].

Cool. So, Point Me to the Best Digital Marketing in Kansas City.

Hello there. The award-winning team at iFocus has been specializing in Q4 promotions for quite a while, and we have the results to prove it. We’d love to connect with you on a free discovery call to show you how we can get you ready for holiday promotions and beyond.

Let’s suppose you’re a well-established e-commerce business, but you’ve been having some trouble optimizing for the holidays, and you want to learn more about how to maximize your visibility and sales – and you want it from the experts.

Or, on the services side, you’re a specialty health service like orthotics or dentistry. You get the idea behind a digital marketing strategy, but you want to hear from the best that a digital campaign will be useful in your industry for Q4.

Here’s what that free discovery call with our Kansas City ad agency will look like:

  1. You’ll talk with one of our business development experts, who will be there to learn about your business, answer any of your questions – big or small – and understand your short- and long-term goals.
  2. We provide a free, thorough audit of your online presence, and present key strategies to help optimize your visibility and performance on the web and social media.
  3. We’ll also provide you with key insights about your competitors – who they are and how they are performing in the digital space – to see where they, and you, stand.
  4. Last but not least, we’ll proudly present our omnichannel, customized digital marketing strategy for Q4 – and the long-haul.

Work with the Best This Holiday Season, and Make Q4 Work For You

As you start your search for marketing agencies near you, you might notice that it all looks the same: same old, typical business model and lots of digital buzzwords.

Not here. We pride ourselves in custom, collaborative, supportive relationships with our clients, and we want to be sure you have a good understanding of digital marketing while we’re strategizing to maximize your exposure and, importantly, your conversions.

This is why we were named the “Best Ad Agency in Kansas City” by The Pitch in 2021. We hope the holidays ahead are good ones for you, and we know this starts with preparing your business for what we know you’ll need to stand out.

Get ahead of Q4 today. Send us a message online or call us at (913) 708-8567 to get started.

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