S-E-Oh Yeah! The Right Keywords and Digital Marketing Strategy Make The Difference

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Industry Focus for Friday, August 26, 2022

What does it mean to be on the cutting edge of digital marketing? It means keeping up with the latest Google updates, design trends, and analytics that make omnichannel campaigns successful.

Every week, the team at iFocus chats about the latest industry goings-on and how we can apply it to our clients’ marketing strategies. This week, our discussion largely focused on search engine optimization best practices and creating effective business websites.

“A Complete Guide to Site Taxonomy for SEO,” by Brian Harnish in Search Engine Journal

Site taxonomy is your website’s structure and its ease of navigation. And it’s an important thing for SEO pros to understand because it can affect how Google’s crawlers perceive your website and how long your site visitors stick around. A clear page hierarchy, relevant keywords, and simplicity will have a more positive effect than a flashy website will. In fact, the web development team at iFocus prides itself on crafting beautiful sites that reflect your business and that work well with search algorithms.


-Submitted by Jonny Uhlenhake, Junior Web Developer and SEO Specialist

“What Customer-First Web Design Looks Like,” by Eleanor Hecks in Web Designer Depot

Put most simply, customer-first websites address consumer needs before anything else. If only it were that simple! To create a customer-first approach online, you’ll need a deep understanding of who your customers are, make your site mobile-friendly, and keep the vital info “above the fold,” that is, on the page before your customer needs to start scrolling.


-Submitted by Joyce Wong, Project Manager

“Google’s Helpful Content Update: What Should We Expect?” by Marie Haynes in Search Engine Land

If your website was set up using black-hat SEO practices, you’ve been warned. Google’s latest content update includes ranking signals that positively affect websites that utilize people-first content. So if you haven’t been following best practices, it might be time to address how you’ve been going about search engine optimization. Remember that if you update your content, it will take a few months to see a change in the SERPs, so be patient!


-Submitted by Kandi Gerdes, Account Operations Manager

“Why Businesses Turn to SEO in All Economic Climates,” by Lemuel Park in Search Engine Journal

Regardless of the economic times, consumers will use search engines to find what they’re looking for. Even in an economic downturn, it behooves businesses to continue their marketing strategy, and in particular, their search engine optimization strategy, the long-game for getting to the top of the search engine results pages. Let us simplify SEO for you with helpful content written by our in-house copywriters in Kansas City.


-Submitted by William White, Account Operations Coordinator

“Google Ads Launches Tool for Upgrading to Performance Max,” by Matt G. Southern in Search Engine Journal

Google Ads is allowing advertisers to upgrade eligible Smart Shopping and Local Campaigns to Performance Max – but automatic upgrades are slated to occur by the end of September. You can upgrade in advance via the Recommendations or Campaigns page, or by clicking the link in a notification you’ll receive in your account. Historical data will carry over to Performance Max. Not sure how to handle these big changes to paid media? iFocus Marketing is a Google Premier Partner, and we can help you.


-Submitted by Brandon Davis, Director of Paid Media

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