Spend Your Three-Day Weekend Reviewing These Marketing Tips

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Industry Focus for September 2, 2022

Twice a week, the iFocus Marketing team discusses the latest industry news and trends so that we stay vigilantly up-to-date and can help our clients knock their business goals out of the park.

And because it’s Labor Day weekend, our conversations focused on helpful tips small business owners can use to improve their digital marketing strategies and tactics, so we can take a break for a while. Just kidding – we’re always here for you.

But really – if you’re trying to figure out marketing on your own, these five articles will definitely help you out, until you call us for help.

“4 Reasons Click Volume Decreases and What To Do” by Brooke Osmundson in Search Engine Journal

When our paid media team notices a drop in the expected click volume for a Google Ads campaign, they know it’s time to take action. The team looks at the Quality Score metric, which measures your expected click-through rate, ad relevance, and landing page relevance; considers the seasonality of the demand in products or services; thoughtfully analyzes our bidding strategy; implements meaningful negative keywords; and finally, writes new ad copy. This article offers great tips for each of these actions – and our paid media services are available to business owners like you who are looking for the expert touch.


-Submitted by William White, Account Operations Coordinator

“13 Local Marketing Strategies That Work” by Alex Macura in Search Engine Journal

Small and medium businesses enjoy greater success when they use local marketing strategies to reach their target audience and gain qualified leads. These efforts should include optimizing your web content for local search, creating hyper-localized content, improving your website’s design and user experience, utilizing a free Google Business Profile, employing an effective Google Ads strategy, and more. The great thing about each of these digital marketing methods – and digital marketing as a whole – is that there’s always a chance to optimize everything you’re doing to promote your business and services.


-Submitted by Jaron Thompson, Senior Operations Manager

“How to Optimize PPC Reporting for Ad Creatives” by Callie O’Leary in Search Engine Land

Pay-per-click ads can be fairly automated today, with Google’s machine learning offering advice for optimization. However, the human touch is still necessary, especially when it comes to producing ad creatives. Although marketers spend a lot of time debating ad type to get the best results, they also should consider how display ads look and feel (including color choices), the tone and voice of the messaging, and online ad placement. Savvy digital marketers analyze all available metrics to determine which area of the ad creative needs tweaking or development. (And professional graphic designers and copywriters help, too.)


-Submitted by Meagan Sanchez, Account Operations Coordinator

“43 Handy Excel Shortcuts You Can’t Live Without” by Kristina Volovich in the HubSpot blog

Although not strictly for digital marketers, this blog post resonated with our account operations and strategy teams because of just how much time they spend aggregating and reviewing data in spreadsheets to support our clients’ campaigns. Did they all bookmark this article for constant reference? You bet.


-Submitted by Michaelah Larson, Account Operations Coordinator

“118 Creative Blog Post Ideas for Businesses (With Examples and Templates!)” by Kristen McCormick in Wordstream

Businesses that blog regularly and include relevant keywords in engaging topics see an increase in web traffic and time spent on their sites. It also helps when you rely on actual human beings – never artificial intelligence – to produce your content. Our award-winning copywriting squad found many of these blog post ideas to be valuable for brainstorming content for our search engine optimization clients, as we continue to explore and implement new ways to help our writing stand out. If your team doesn’t have time to write effective blogs for your biz, ours does!


-Submitted by Peter Mishler, Senior Digital Copywriter

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