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Industry Focus for Friday, September 16, 2022

We can only imagine how exhausting it is, as a business owner, to run daily operations, scale your services, and stay abreast of the latest digital marketing news.

That’s why iFocus Marketing has stepped in to take over that part of your workweek in our Industry Focus feature. These are our five highlights from our weekly discussion about what’s up in our industry.

“Streaming Viewership Surpassed Cable for the First Time Ever in July,” by Daniel Konstantinovic in Insider Intelligence

According to Nielsen, Americans spent more time watching streaming services, like Netflix or Hulu, for example, than they did broadcast TV or cable earlier this summer. And while it wasn’t a lot more time – streaming made up 34.8 percent; cable made up 34.4 percent; and broadcast made up 21.6 percent – it’s enough that marketers should take notice, especially when considering placement for OTT video ads. During the study, viewers spent 190.9 billion minutes streaming content every week, so you have plenty of time to get in front of your audience over and over again.


-Submitted by Josh Selig-Votaw, COO

“Instagram Is Cutting Back on Its Shopping Features,” by Nicole Farley inSearch Engine Land

When will Instagram make up its mind? The photo-sharing app once put great focus on ecommerce, but is now moving to prioritize video content after scaling back shopping features. You can expect Instagram Shopping to disappear entirely, according to an internal memo at Meta. These changes are amid petitions asking Instagram to be less like TikTok. Can’t keep up with all these updates to social media? Our digital marketing agency can help.


-Submitted by Kylie Ledford, Account Operations Coordinator

“Newsom Signs Controversial Social Media Bill into California Law,” by Olafimihan Oshin in The Hill

California Governor Gavin Newsom signed A.B. 587 into law, in an effort to protect state residents from hate and disinformation posts that are prolific on social media. The new law requires social media companies to “publicly post their policies on hate speech, disinformation, harassment and extremism on their platforms and report data on their enforcement of the policies.” The legislation also requires platforms to send scheduled reports to the California attorney general, among other things. It’s not necessarily an unexpected law; just last week, the state’s legislature passed the California Age-Appropriate Design Code Act, which requires social media platforms to “consider the physical and mental health of minors who use their platforms.” We’re staying tuned to see how this plays out, and how it may affect marketers.


-Submitted by Brandon Tietz, Senior Digital Copywriter

“We’re Thrilled to Announce Adobe’s Intent to Acquire Figma,” by David Wadhwani in the Adobe blog

Adobe, the parent company for industry-standard design software, is working to acquire Figma. While this further lessens their investment in the XD platform, the move solidifies the industry-standard for user interface and user experience – both key players in web and application design and development, especially as we move forward in an era of mobile media consumption.


-Submitted by Joaquin Miles, Associate Graphic Designer

“COLLINS Rebrands Girl Scouts,” inGraphic Design USA

We love a good rebrand, and the Girl Scouts’ new look hits the mark, positioning the group as “a vital and hopeful cultural force.” Inspired by merit badges, COLLINS used bold, geometric forms to tell the story of the organization. The new branding also includes a completely custom typeface and bright colors, while modernizing the trefoil logo. Feeling inspired and need a website redesign to reflect your business’s history and impact? Request a discovery call from iFocus to get started on your rebrand.


-Submitted by Jessie Smith, Creative Director of Design

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