Apps – But Not Appetizers – and Marketing Trends Are on the Menu This Week

industry focus october 21

Industry Focus for Friday, October 21, 2022

Digital marketing is a little like food: you want to create an appetizing dish that tastes good, satisfies, and makes you want more. The same goes for online ads, especially if you’re trying to garner clicks.

Hungry for more? Dig into our bite-size synopses of the latest marketing news that our team discussed this week.

“Seven Marketing Trends Small Business Owners Need for 2023,” by Shaan Rais in Forbes

Now’s the time to start thinking about next year’s marketing strategy – and small business owners can glean some great ideas from this valuable article from Forbes. Although some are more involved than others – like the virtual reality immersive experience in the metaverse – everything on this list can help drive your success in 2023. The best part? Kansas City’s favorite digital marketing agency can help you achieve your business goals, no matter where you’re located.


-Submitted by Kandice Gerdes, Account Operations Manager

“Instagram Launches Live test of Native Post Scheduling in the App,” by Andrew Hutchinson in Social Media Today

Instagram launched a test of its new native scheduling feature with a limited user group, offering a post-scheduling option that will let you choose the date and time it goes live. The feature lets you schedule regular posts and Reels – but no information is currently available for Stories. This addition will help social media managers better plan Instagram posts, while still using all of the app’s creation tools.


-Submitted by Katie Severino, Social Media Analyst

“Walmart Launches Beta Version of Content Creator Platform,” by Dani James in Marketing Dive

Here’s a phrase we never thought we’d hear: Walmart influencer. The big box discount chain announced the beta release of the Walmart Creator Platform, a portal that lets content creators earn unlimited commission on Walmart product links that they share on any social media platform. Applications are accepted through the holiday season, with plans to fully launch in 2023. Expect to see influencers promoting products online as a result.


-Submitted by Zack Faulkner, Paid Media Coordinator

“TikTok Announces New Age Limits for Live-Streaming, ‘Adults-Only’ Category for Streams,” by Andrew Hutchinson in Social Media Today

In an effort to increase safety on the app, TikTok instated new age limits for life-streaming, increasing the minimum age from 16 to 18, and adding a new “adults-only” category, and keyword filtering options for live comments. Although these updates were made from a child safety perspective, upping the age limit on live-streaming may also help retail marketers reach their target audiences more directly than before, with product demonstrations, live Q&As, and more.


-Submitted by Sydney Weeks, Social Media Coordinator

“Uber Plans to Advertise to You At Every Stage of Your Ride, Using Your Own Data,” by Kyle Barr inGizmodo

New “Journey Ads” will begin appearing to Uber riders in the app throughout the process of hailing a ride – starting from the moment the ride request is made, while waiting, and even while in transit – using “first party data.” Throughout the process, ads are restricted to a single advertiser, meaning the user will see the same product over and over – hopefully delivering enough impressions to generate a lead or make a sale. Expect a similar experience in the UberEats app. Company leadership mentioned the ads could eventually make rides and delivery fees cheaper – but offered no additional details.


-Submitted by Michaelah Larson, Account Operations Coordinator

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