It’s Not a Spooky Coincidence … It’s a State of Mind: How We Stay Ahead of the Trends at iFocus

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Industry Focus for Friday, October 28, 2022

After a thorough read of this week’s most significant articles in the world of digital marketing, it occurs to our team at iFocus that our efforts have paid off in 2022. Our Industry Focus for this week features positive news from Google, YouTube, and the now-ubiquitous social platform TikTok. It seems that the latest info coming from these companies happens to be directly in line with our strategic marketing efforts this year. It’s almost as if these articles are reporting on our vibe. Feels like a coincidence…but it’s not. Staying ahead of trends – and predicting what will make headlines before it becomes news – is our thing at iFocus Marketing. So, today, in a sense, we’re looking at how our industry is catching up with us.

“TikTok Replaces Netflix as the Second Most-Popular App for Those Under 35” by Aaron Baar in Marketing Dive

For this writer – who is not under 35 – I assume that anyone I pass on the street who looks younger than me is thinking about TikTok. Believe it or not, this is probably a safe bet. The short-content platform is celebrating its rise to the top of the charts as the second most-popular app for the younger set, beating out Netflix; it’s also the most popular social app in general for viewing video content. We have to say: we saw this coming, and our Social Ads and Management team’s strength has only increased with the adoption of TikTok as a marketing platform. Earlier this year, we theorized about how likely it is that more and more advertising will flood the TikTok marketplace – so we’ve worked tirelessly at honing our skills to ensure we’re providing strategic methods to keep our clients top-of-mind on this here-to-stay app.


-Submitted by Brady Herron, Account Operations Coordinator

“Google Adds Music Genres as Placement Option for Video Ads” by Matt G. Southern at Search Engine Journal

If your business would stand to earn engagement from potential customers when they’re in a good mood, Google has a fascinating new way to target them. Available now in 20 countries, Google Ads allows its users to target specific types of music that folks might be listening to on the platform. The “Mood Music Lineups” include pairing ads with the following genres-slash-”moods”: romantic, happy & uplifting, chill, downbeat, and funky. At iFocus, we’re continually honing and perfecting our work with Google Ads – and our aptitude for YouTube ad placement in particular makes this rollout a seamless new fit for us.


-Submitted by Zack Faulkner, Paid Media Coordinator

“Google FY22 Q3 Earnings” by Nicole Farley atSearch Engine Land

Google is reporting slightly lower earnings than expected for Q3, but modest growth is evident in the place where it matters for advertisers. Search Ads grew by 4%. Although this wasn’t landmark growth, it’s hard to compare with last years’ Q3 earnings, given the strength of that period of time when the business world’s pandemic-related tension began to ease. From our perspective, the continued growth of this key marketing service is very promising, especially as Google announces new Search Ads features we’re already excitedly researching at iFocus.


-Submitted by Alex Mead, Paid Media Coordinator

“Introducing Elementor 3.8 Free and Pro Beta” by Ariel Klikstein at Elementor Developers

Just as Elementor has done with all its tools and updates, Elementor 3.8 offers some generous new options that will make web development and design an even more efficient experience, leading to important – and beautifully designed – outcomes for our clients. We’re always looking for ways to get ahead of the competition by building websites that offer a signature, memorable look and feel, which we know generates the business metrics that matter. There’s no doubt that Elementor’s new add-on will support this mission.


-Submitted by Stephen Rau, Web Developer/Designer

“Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update on October 22, A Day After the Spam Update Finished” by Barry Schwartz inSearch Engine Roundtable

Google’s automated tracking tools, such as Semrush and Mozcast, were picking up quite a bit of activity as Google completed its recent spam update, as well as what some believe is a second important update. The chatter from SEO folks in response to these events gives us a lot to feel proud of. Those who aren’t keeping up with Google’s content updates or are willfully partaking in Google’s list of no-nos, are being affected by this activity. On the other hand, websites with highly informed SEO teams and the right tools stand to benefit. This is why we’ve built a robust SEO team at iFocus Marketing. We want to ensure our clients continue to get the wide exposure they deserve.


-Submitted by Zach Kinser, Director of SEO

Be Early to the Future with iFocus Marketing

Because of our continual growth and refinement as a leading agency specializing in the digital tools that make a difference for clients, and because of our willingness to adopt new technologies and techniques just before they trend, we’re able to bring businesses into the future before the rest of the pack. Why does this matter? In a competitive online marketplace that is only getting more crowded, distinguishing our clients from the rest has never been more essential.

That’s why we funnel our efforts into research, analysis, strategy, and professional growth at iFocus Marketing. When you’re ready for the future, we’ll be there right beside you. Get a head start by scheduling a discovery call with us today.

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