A Holiday Stocking Full of Digital Marketing Tips – Right Here!

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Industry Focus for Friday, December 9, 2022

It’s our second-to-last Industry Focus of 2022, and that means our team was hyper-interested in the latest and greatest from Google, design trends for the coming new year, and content optimization. In fact, if we found these things in our holiday stockings that we hung on our mantle with care, we’d be pleased.

Keep reading to learn how these digital marketing solutions are changing – and why your business should keep up.

“Google Brings Continuous Scroll to Desktop Search Results,” by Barry Schwartz in Search Engine Land

After launching continuous scroll for mobile search results back in October 2021, Google is releasing the desktop version for U.S., English-speaking audiences. Continuous scroll shows more than one page of search results at a time – but it will stop after a few pages. It’s not infinite – but it will show quite a few more search results for keywords before a user ever needs to click to see the next page of search results. This could be a major boon for businesses who aren’t quite on the first page of results, but are inching closer; they’re more likely to be seen as users scroll through. If you’re not quite there yet, it’s best that you start your search engine optimization efforts now.


-Submitted by Michaelah Larson, Account Operations Coordinator, and Jonny Uhlenhake, SEO Associate

“How to Optimize Underperforming Content,” by Julia McCoy in Search Engine Land

If your blogs aren’t performing as well as you anticipated, then it’s time to optimize it. Start by considering a keyword refresh by researching relevant keywords. Ensure they’re included strategically in your content, placed prominently in headings, for example. Strengthen your meta titles and meta descriptions, and ensure your site is healthy. Finally, consider whether you need to hire a professional writer to get your quality up to snuff. Google’s algorithm is still penalizing AI-composed content or poorly written content, so it’s wise to partner with a digital ad agency who composes their SEO blog posts in-house with real writers.


-Submitted by Meagan Sanchez, Account Operations Coordinator

“12 Graphic Design Trends for 2023,” by Andrew Hutchinson in Social Media Today

It’s nearly the new year, which means it’s time to refresh your website’s look and feel (especially if you haven’t done so in the last three years) and update your ads. Why not follow some of the latest graphic design trends as you go? In 2023, we expect to see mysticism in design, retro risographs, punk revival, botanical art, and more. We loved scrolling through this infographic to learn more about the styles – and brainstorming which of our clients would work well with each.


-Submitted by Morgan Kuhrt, Account Operations Coordinator

“2023 Digital Marketing Trends to Take Advantage of Now,” by Krista Neher in Forbes

Smart businesses – including small ones like yours – should maximize their impact in the digital marketing world – and iFocus is here to help. Taking inspiration from this Forbes article and our own expertise, small businesses should look into taking part in digital marketing trends, like the metaverse, customer experience, artificial intelligence (done the right way, of course), employee advocacy, and LinkedIn – especially if you’re a B2B company looking to grow.


-Submitted by Kandi Gerdes, Account Operations Manager

“2022 YouTube and Video SERP Result Changes,” by Dr. Peter J. Meyers in Moz Blog

No, thine eyes are not deceiving you. Late this year, Google opted to split video search results into three distinct types: simple and complex video “three-packs,” branded video carousels, and thumbnail video results. As a result, your videos may not be getting the results you’re expecting. Look at your SERPs on desktop and mobile to see what kind of formats your keywords are showing. This will give you an idea of how you can optimize your content for the new search result formatting.


-Submitted by Leon Edwards, Digital Copywriter

Need Last-Minute Holiday Marketing Ideas?

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