In-Depth Monthly Reporting Positions iFocus Marketing as One of the Best Ad Agencies in Kansas City

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Our Clients Receive Above-and-Beyond Strategic Digital Marketing Services, Including Vital Metrics that Tell the Story Behind the Strategy

As the digital marketing landscape continues to grow, nearly every business – even the smallest mom-and-pop store – has some type of presence online, allowing them to connect with their customers, offer products and services, and introduce themselves to new clientele seeking to do business digitally.

But wrapping your head around digital marketing is no small feat. Because of the growth of digital marketing possibilities, maybe you’re missing out on an opportunity to bring your business into the digital age.

However, there’s no reason to worry. There’s still time to take advantage of digital marketing solutions for your business. In fact, as an award-winning provider of digital marketing in Kansas City, time – devoted exclusively to you – and data are two of the most important assets iFocus Marketing offers.

When you decide to work with us because you’re ready for strategic digital marketing services, you’ll find you have our attention and thoughtful consideration. You’ll also notice our team’s depth of experience and knowledge, as well as our limitless enthusiasm – and that means we’ll always be there to help your business to achieve success in the digital and the real world. And although there are many reasons why you should choose iFocus for all your digital marketing needs, there’s one that sets us apart from all the rest: our in-depth monthly reporting.

Our approach to analyzing key metrics and strategizing how to earn you the exposure you want in a competitive field differentiates us from other digital marketing agencies in Kansas City and elsewhere. Let’s explore how.

Learn About Our Kansas City Ad Agency’s Approach to Reporting on Your Campaign

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At our ad agency, devoting ourselves to our clients is what we’re about. Second only to researching, analyzing, testing, and implementing a digital marketing strategy tailored directly to your target audience, we pride ourselves on a culture of excellence when it comes to guiding you through your business’ past, present, and future marketing performance.

Our job is to tell you the story of your growth through the metrics that matter for your business’ conversions, and when we connect, you’ll feel like you’re our only client. When you partner with our Kansas City ad agency, here’s what you can expect from our in-depth monthly reporting:

First, We Provide A Performance Overview for the Month

Each month, we provide a performance overview of your campaigns. In particular, we highlight the most significant metrics for that month. Did your site visitors or social media following change significantly? Year over year, did your revenue from digital channels change? Are there new users finding you through organic search? What’s working to your advantage? What are we seeking to improve?

Our award-winning Kansas City digital marketing agency celebrates all your successes and big leaps, so we begin our calls by pointing out every win, providing authentic transparency on areas for growth, and summarizing our key observations about where to head next, based on data that informs our innovative digital marketing strategies.

Next in Our Report, We Move Into In-Depth Overviews of Each Service We Provide

As an omnichannel marketing agency, we offer multiple digital marketing services that work in tandem to successfully position your business for maximum growth.

When we provide reporting on how well these services performed, we are painstakingly thorough about the data, as well as how that data will shape our next phase of recommendations on your behalf – and the continuous modifications we make to ensure your campaigns are working in your favor.

Some of the digital marketing services we offer are listed below, including the key metrics we provide for each. Then, we describe what makes our digital marketing strategies – and the data we’ve based them on – largely different from what other Kansas City digital marketing agencies offer.

Our Kansas City Ad Agency Provides a Thorough Analysis of Your Google Analytics Data

Google Analytics is one of the most important tools that a digital marketing agency can leverage for your business, and we do this exceptionally well. As with all of our services, we provide an uncharacteristic amount of data from Google Analytics, or GA4.

Key Google Analytics metrics include:

  • The number of users coming to your site
  • Page views
  • Page views per session
  • Goal completion
  • Session duration

Then, we continue our reporting by providing another layer of data about how users are coming to your website, whether they are visiting through ads or organic search, and how many goal completions have occurred as a result. Additionally, we’ll show you what pages your potential customers are spending time on.

For all these data points, we include highly-specific percentage changes, as well as written analysis of the most significant growth and areas where you are experiencing decreases. We always summarize what we’re seeing in the data and provide a perspective that will dictate potential next steps. Offering both the hard numbers and our analysis allows us to talk both quantitatively and strategically at once.

Keep in mind, too – in relation to Google Analytics – that our Kansas City ad agency is already well-prepared for the sunsetting of the previous version of this tool in July of 2023 (Universal Analytics), in favor of Google Analytics 4, Google’s new web analytics service that realigns some older metrics with more relevant data. Our entire team is certified and well-versed in harnessing the power of this new utility, so that there is no lapse in your ability as a business to turn data into an actionable digital marketing strategy.

We Present Comprehensive Metrics on Your Pay-Per-Click Advertising

When your business elects iFocus Marketing’s robust PPC services, you will gain access to an in-depth reporting process and digital marketing service that – in the right hands – can be employed to great advantage.

If your business elects our robust pay-per-click services, our reporting will focus on the following metrics:

  • As you may know, PPC gives you the power to place ads and pay only when your audience clicks on them. These ads redirect visitors to your website. When you work with our Kansas City digital marketing agency, we help determine a highly effective, intelligent use of your budget for pay-per-click advertising, based on the search terms you want to target, what services you want to emphasize, and even the demographics you want to home in on, including location, as well as biometrics such as age range.
  • PPC allows us to focus on specific data by “ad group” – your advertisements that share similar targets. For example, we may have created two separate ads for two different services you provide. For each of these groups, we track impressions, clicks, and CTR (click-through-rate, or the ratio of users who access the web page by clicking the ad) to understand how they’ve performed.
  • Importantly, we’re also able to look at your PPC campaign in the context of your competitors, and articulate what share of impressions other relevant companies are taking. This allows us to modify our strategy to differentiate you from your competitors, and potentially supercede their digital presence with carefully considered adjustments to our digital marketing strategy.

OTT/CTV and Display Ads: A Demonstration of Reporting and Collaboration

OTT/CTV ads (over-the-top/connected TV ads), as well as display ads, are forms of advertising that appear on streaming platforms like Hulu, on smart TVs, and on the web pages you visit (including Amazon and other high-profile sites with significant reach). These digital marketing services all include customized creative assets we design for you.

For all our digital marketing services where we’ve developed an original, high-quality advertisement for you, we always feature an image of the ad in our reporting presentation. This gesture is another differentiating factor in our in-depth reporting, and an example of the kind of collaborative partnership we provide.

We want the creative assets we design for you to be on-brand, and exactly what you’re looking for. We’re always open to feedback. Our creativity only works best when we’re in collaboration with you, and we welcome every opportunity to discuss our creative approach.

Our in-depth reporting on OTT/CTV advertising includes:

  • Impressions
  • Total performance clicks
  • Click-through-rate (CTR)

Going further, iFocus Marketing spends significant time reporting on how your OTT campaign affects brand awareness. We provide detailed information on the number of users heading to your website, the amount of time they’re spending on your page, and the number of conversions you make. We also present a diligently-compiled list of search queries users are making to get to your site.

Providing this level of information teaches us a great deal about your audience’s buying behaviors, and allows us to make adjustments, ramp up efforts, or stay the course, as needed. When your digital marketing services are paired with such detailed information, you’re giving your business a set of tools that your competitors have likely not accessed.

Extensive Reporting on Social Media Advertising from Your Ad Agency in Kansas City

When you advertise on social media, you have access to one of the most frequented parts of the digital world. Experts in harnessing the power of social media to advertise effectively, our social media team has developed effective processes by which this digital marketing service can maximize your exposure on some of the most powerful digital platforms in the world.

During our in-depth reporting on social media advertising, we’ll go over:

  • Overall impressions
  • Audience reach
  • Number of link clicks
  • Number of users
  • Lead actions
  • Individual metrics per social media post

Importantly, we also cover how your ad spending is strategically utilized on various campaigns to target particular actions you want your audiences to take. For instance, if, during a particular month, you’re hiring or running a special, we’ll put more emphasis on that campaign – and provide you with the data that lets us know how this digital marketing strategy is helping you reach your business goals.

Our Approach to Social Media Management Reporting Digs Into the Essentials

For each of the social platforms you’ve selected for our digital marketing services – whether that’s Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or TikTok – iFocus Marketing will break down how the posts we’ve created for you performed.

We measure the following for your social media campaigns:

  • The number of impressions you acquired per month
  • The reach of these impressions on users
  • The increase in your number of followers
  • Specific engagement with your posts

We analyze each post individually to get the best information about how our digital marketing strategy is working. Not only is this a strategic tactic that helps us refine your voice on social media, but we also want to be sure our clients clearly see what our specialized team is seeing on our end, and what we’re doing to continue your growth. We encourage you to come behind the scenes to work alongside us – and that’s rare.

How We Report on Search Engine Optimization at Our Kansas City Ad Agency

Along with the digital marketing services we’ve covered so far, optimizing your website for search engines is an absolutely essential part of getting your business in front of the customers you want to connect with. SEO enables your website to rank higher in search engine ranking pages, putting it right in front of your audience when they’re looking to do business in your industry.

Our in-depth reporting on SEO will cover the following key metrics and more:

  • Your site health score
  • Work completed to improve your website
  • How many users are visiting your site, for how long, and whether leads are occurring as a result
  • Blogs we’re uploading to your site for search optimization
  • Top pages on your site for organic search users
  • How you rank for relevant search keywords
  • What search engines users are coming from
  • Your backlinking and native content strategy

We view SEO as a system with many digital marketing strategies involved, including the maintenance of your website’s performance; design and development decisions for your website’s pages; and the writing and publication of informative, keyword-rich blogs with a human touch. Through our constant study of the data we provide for you, we produce results for your business at our Kansas City digital marketing agency.

No matter what service we’re providing, we’re just a bit obsessed with data – and the strategy we build from it – to ensure your business meets its goals.

Why Our Kansas City Ad Agency’s Comprehensive Reporting Makes a Difference

When you come away from one of our reporting calls, we think you’ll be struck by our unique and highly-effective approach to our digital marketing strategies, especially if you’ve already worked with another ad agency in the past.

What differentiates us from other ad agencies in Kansas City is not only evident in the comprehensive data we provide – it’s what we do with these metrics that further increases the power behind your overall digital marketing campaign.

Our reporting calls are not just read-throughs of an extensive amount of information. We treat these calls like a conversation and a collaboration with you to make sure the next steps forward bring even more results.

Once you’ve experienced our work on your behalf, and you’ve gone through our reporting process, here’s what we know you’ll learn about iFocus Marketing’s award-winning, Kansas City-based digital marketing services:

1. We’re Working Daily On Your Behalf
When you partner with iFocus Marketing, you can rest assured that every day we’re hard at work helping your business meet or exceed its goals. Highly-effective digital marketing services require daily actionable steps, and our commitment to you is expressed through our dedication to your business. We walk the walk.

2. We’re an Action-Oriented Kansas City Ad Agency
You’ll notice that when we connect with you to discuss a monthly report about the performance of your marketing campaign, we’ll use a lot of words that denote action. Create. Design. Leverage. Target. Position. Convert. Win. Repeat. And we’ll always have a thoughtful approach prepared for the next step forward.

3. We Believe in Bread-and-Butter Marketing Techniques
Digital marketing services – no matter how involved or innovative they may seem – must include a few key fundamentals that we know lead to business success in this ever-expanding ecosystem. Search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, and social media ads and management are effective. It’s that simple.

These tools heighten exposure, which leads to website traffic, which leads to conversions, which leads to a lasting relationship with your business (that’s right, we believe in the pre-digital fundamentals of marketing, too). We’re obsessed with our commitment to the essentials because it keeps our digital marketing strategy grounded in what we know works, even as we research, analyze, and experiment with new techniques.

4. We’re Also Willing to Disrupt the Status Quo for Big Gains
While we’re known for our excellence with the fundamentals of digital marketing, we’re also not afraid to try something new. We’re not afraid to pivot. The field of marketing is dynamic and ever-shifting, and the right Kansas City digital marketing team should be willing to adapt. Sometimes, success is about moving beyond the status quo to seize upon a technique that hasn’t been utilized before.

5. Our Kansas City Ad Agency is a Google Premier Partner
iFocus Marketing boasts a team of highly knowledgeable marketing strategists, analysts, creatives, and developers who know the digital marketing landscape, and – by extension – know Google. iFocus is a Google Premier Partner based on expertise with Google’s suite of advertising tools that benefit our clients. Our high percentage of Google certification-holders across our team allows us to effectively utilize these tools as they evolve in real time. If you want success with a digital marketing strategy, all roads lead through Google, so you’ll want a Kansas City ad agency on your side who maintains a significant partnership with them. That’s us.

6. We’re Transparent
During our reporting calls, we also can promise you transparency about our digital marketing services. We highlight the good news, and we also let you know where a campaign can be improved. Most national and Kansas City-based digital marketing agencies won’t do this. We’re so committed to your business goals, we don’t have time to make up stories just to make us look good. We’re spending our time ensuring our digital marketing strategy is helping your business successfully navigate an ever-evolving, sometimes-challenging commercial landscape. We think that’s a good look.

7. We Have the Perspectives You Need to Thrive
Helping your business reach its goals requires more than just digital technology. Digital marketing services are nothing without the vision of a talented team. During our reporting calls, we’ll devise a strategy that considers various points of view, offering key perspectives that will help differentiate you in a crowded marketplace.

We take your competitors into consideration. We think about market fluctuations. We look at the larger economic landscape. Any business, no matter the size, needs to be viewed in several different contexts to position itself appropriately for maximum exposure. We’re not near-sighted, and we don’t have our head in the clouds. We’re constantly thinking on your behalf because we’ve found it’s a recipe for success.

Initial Recommendations Our Award-Winning Kansas City Ad Agency Makes When We Talk Strategy During a Reporting Call

We’re not just here to put data in front of you. During our reporting calls, we also offer digital marketing strategies based on performance data that can maximize your business’ success. To provide you with a taste of what these strategic recommendations might look like during our in-depth monthly reporting, here are some key insights we’ve been offering lately, courtesy of your award-winning Kansas City digital marketing agency:

Don’t be afraid to jump into display ads as a digital marketing service.
Display ads – the kinds of digital ads you see on your screen when you’re viewing a website – serve as a low barrier of entry to digital marketing for businesses who are just starting to dabble in a digital marketing strategy. We can develop a second-to-none ad campaign that will bring your brand and your story into the homes of the customers who need your products and services. Intimidated by the tech or lingo? Don’t worry – we’ll explain every step as plain as day.

Get in early; start advertising on streaming services.
Now that streaming services have officially surpassed broadcast television’s viewership, video-content platforms have opened their doors to far more advertising. Much like a television commercial – but far less costly – leveraging online video advertising is a very promising digital marketing service.

Consider how multiple digital marketing tactics work together.
Like the perfect dish, a blend of the right ingredients and a little chemistry creates an interaction that delivers a perfect, sought-after flavor. Digital marketing services work precisely the same way. When your digital marketing strategy combines optimizing your website, the creation of display and search advertising, a rich social media presence, and more, you’re targeting your customers at all levels of the marketing relay (our unique view of the traditional marketing funnel) – and on all channels – ensuring that your presence doesn’t go unnoticed.

Find Out Why Partnering with Our Kansas City Ad Agency is Your Next Power Move

Before you even begin an official partnership with us, we offer free services that will help you understand your position in the digital marketing space and what we can do to potentially benefit your business.

The process works like this:

  • You schedule a discovery call with our business development team, so we can devote ourselves to hearing your story, understanding your needs, and answering any initial questions you may have.
  • We conduct an audit of your online presence and the success of your digital marketing efforts thus far; further, we analyze your competitors.
  • We’ll share our competitive analysis with you and recommend digital marketing services based on that analysis.

If you like what you learned during this free process, we’re ready to talk to you about next steps.

Call us at (913) 708-8567, or send us a message online to request your discovery call today.

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