Your Copywriter Makes or Breaks Your Search Engine Optimization. Here’s How.

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SEO Services Are a Key Digital Marketing Strategy, and How You Approach It Matters If You Expect Big Results

If you aren’t actively blogging or updating content on your business website, your digital marketing strategy is lackluster and working against you.

Sounds harsh, but it’s true! To achieve even local search engine optimization, you need web pages full of the words your audience is searching for, and the only way to achieve that is by producing content.

Not just any ol’ content will do. It must be intentionally and strategically created and paired with effective technical SEO services. And that means you need a scrappy, thoughtful copywriter on your marketing team – or at least employed by the marketing agency you partner with.

Skeptical? Don’t be. The proof is in the metaphorical pudding. (And who doesn’t love pudding?)

The Infamous Google Algorithm Punishes AI-Produced Content

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Although it is probably cheaper and faster to use artificial intelligence to produce SEO marketing content like blog posts, you get what you pay for. And our friends at Google discount the credibility of AI-written content so much that it isn’t worth your valuable money.

Content generated using AI tools is considered spam, according to Google’s webmaster guidelines as addressed during a Google Search Central search engine optimization hangout held in April 2022. Auto-generated content can lead to a manual penalty, according to John Mueller, Google’s Search Advocate.

If that’s not enough to convince you, Google also has instituted Human Quality Checkers to help determine who should top the SERPs (search engine results pages). It isn’t just the algorithm and its web crawlers you have to consider anymore.

A Good Search Engine Optimization Copywriter Preserves Your Brand’s Voice

You’ve spent countless hours developing and perfecting your brand so that your target audience instantly recognizes it. So why would you abandon that voice altogether in favor of saving a few dollars by using AI or by hiring a subpar writer?

Highly skilled copywriters understand your brand voice and implement it into every piece they write for you. And when your blog content matches your website copy, your social media ads, and other digital marketing strategies, you’re creating a cohesive and trustworthy experience for your target audience.

Strong Copy Is As Important As Technical Search Engine Optimization

Don’t misunderstand us! Technical updates to your website to support national and local search engine optimization is absolutely vital. You cannot skip this tactic!

But engaging copy that is full of relevant keywords on interesting topics that position your brand as an expert is just as important. You can perform all the technical SEO services possible, like building a backlink profile and updating meta tags, but if your copy isn’t quality, you’ll miss out – and watch your SERPs rankings stagnate.

An SEO Copywriter Strategizes Content Topics That Site Visitors Want to Know About

Building a strong content strategy is a necessary component of SEO marketing. A copywriter who specializes in search engine optimization combs through your competitors’ websites and identifies content gaps that you need to fill, using conversational language that matches long-tail keywords searchers are using to find information – particularly in the age of the virtual assistant (like Siri or Alexa).

They’ll also make sure their content strategy aligns with the keywords you need to target to rise in the SERPs. Paired with the vigorous keyword research from their SEO analyst counterparts, an SEO copywriter incorporates these specific words and phrases in the ideal frequency that tells the search engine algorithm that your website is rich in information on these topics. Skilled copywriters avoid dreaded keyword stuffing, which most search engines penalize.

In short, with a digital marketing strategy-focused copywriter, you get content with naturally incorporated keywords that draws the reader in – and keeps them on your website.

Find a Skilled SEO Copywriter in Kansas City to Polish Your Digital Marketing Strategy

To develop engaging and effective content, partner with a digital marketing agency with an award-winning SEO copywriting team. Remember, it’s not enough to simply write engaging content; you need to see proof that strategy, keyword research, and SEO services as a whole are effective.

At iFocus Marketing, we’re able to prove the value of our content strategy with detailed metrics and data straight from the source: Google. And as a Google Premier Partner, we know what we’re talking about when it comes to the search algorithm and associated marketing tactics.

To get your free SEO audit and competitive analysis, send us a message online. One of our business development specialists will get back to you quickly to talk about your marketing goals and how iFocus can help you be seen online. In the meantime, check out what you can expect from this process.

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