2022 Year in Review: The iFocus Marketing Digital Scrapbook

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Our Team and Expertise Took Our Clients to New Heights

While everyone else was experiencing 2020-Round-3 as the years blurred together, iFocus Marketing tackled some serious feats of digital marketing in 2022 and stayed on top of the latest trends.

In fact, our dedication to constant improvement is deeply rooted in the need for continuous monitoring and adjusting of digital marketing services, like paid media ads. And because we’re always tinkering and tweaking, we were able to put up some massive metrics this year as our own business grew!

Stay tuned to see if we top ‘em in 2023. (We’re sure we will.)

We Competed with the Best Kansas City Digital Marketing Agencies at the 2022 KCDMA AMBIT Awards – and Won!

Kansas City’s Data-Driven Marketers hosted the annual AMBIT Awards at the Vox Theatre in Kansas City, Kansas, where iFocus Marketing collected five trophies for our efforts in social media, paid media, organic search, and business-to-consumer integrated marketing.

We earned AMBIT Gold Awards for a paid search campaign that increased conversion rates from 1.4 percent to 4 percent in e-commerce purchases for our pet health insurance client and for organic search marketing that earned our aircraft conglomerate client an average increase of more than 4,000 page views per month and 404 page-one keyword rankings on Google.

Our Silver Awards came from our digital marketing efforts in helping a private real estate investment fund produce more than $6 million in earnings and make the Inc. 5,000 list; using Google and Amazon to generate more than $300,000 in annual revenue for a custom bathtub retailer; and listening and managing social media to help a local mayoral candidate win his race.

And although we did not earn Best Ad Agency for 2022 from The Pitch KC like we did in 2021, we were a close runner-up. Think of it as a gap year; we’ll be back for it.

The Social Media Management Squad Reeled in the Clicks

Not only was our social media team busy growing – we added two new coordinators this year – but they also were occupied with engaging with social media users on behalf of our clients! Let’s break down their successes by platform.

On Facebook, the most popular platform for most of our clients’ target audiences:

  • More than 500,000 link clicks, a 45 percent increase year over year
  • 1.2 million engagements, a 40 percent increase year over year

On LinkedIn:

  • More than 6,200 link clicks
  • More than 13,000 engagements, a 92 percent increase year over year.

Pinterest posts garnered 11,000 link clicks, while Instagram saw more than 38,000 engagements, a 40 percent increase year over year. The team also added TikTok and Reels to their offerings in 2022.

Our Copywriters and SEO Team Racked Up Big Numbers

Last year, the copywriting squad added three new full-time writers to the roster, focused on writing keyword-rich blog content for search engine optimization clients. This growth brought the team up to five writers who composed 2,040 pieces for a total word count of nearly 1.7 million words!

Of the 2,040 pieces, 289 of them were high-quality backlinks or native content, secured especially for our clients.

copywriters and seo

Speaking of impressively high numbers, our SEO team as a whole also achieved:

  • An exponential increase in web traffic for a buy-here-pay-here car dealership client.
  • More than a quarter-of-a-million impressions on a single blog post about orthopedic surgery.
  • A 44 percent growth in organic keywords year over year for the same orthopedic surgery client (that’s 2,491 keywords in 2021 to 3,574 keywords in 2022).
  • An additional 28 keywords ranking in top three spots in the Google search engine results for a custom home furnishings client.
  • A backlink profile with 680 percent growth year over year for an HVAC client.
  • An additional 381 non-branded keywords on the first page of search results for a luxury apartment complex from December 2021 to November 2022.

Our SEO team also added an associate to the team, allowing them to divide client accounts for improved insight and reporting.

The Creative Team Grew and Made Website Magic

In 2022, iFocus Marketing created new website packages for clients to maximize the impact of their omnichannel digital marketing efforts.

Our web developer and designers used their skills to build and bring to life 23 total websites, complete with hosting and keyword-optimized copy – complete with client brand colors, logos, and images!

The team also hired a new full-time designer, which allowed them to produce even more gorgeous graphics for ads, social media posts, websites, and more, with a high level of creativity.

In Paid Media, Our Clients Dominated!

Efficiently overseeing 84 client accounts, our paid media team managed more than $2 million in Google Ads spend in 2022. Collectively, our clients’ ads garnered:

  • nearly 85 million impressions
  • 1.4 million clicks
  • almost 160,000 conversions

These incredible numbers racked up while the team changed over their records and systems to GA4, Google’s latest analytics platform. In 2022, the team also gained 21 more clients with an 86 percent increase in monthly ad spend.

For paid social media ads, our team reached more than 8.5 million users, a 39 percent increase compared to last year, with 74 million impressions, an 80 percent increase over last year!

Of course, the paid media team’s work was made possible by significant team growth and expert leadership; two new paid media coordinators joined the team this summer and received impeccably thorough training from our Director of Paid Media.

We Established a Specialized Digital Marketing Strategy Department

Two of our most experienced leaders joined forces in our newly-formed strategy department in 2022, to help guide the creation of custom digital marketing strategies for our clients.

Together, this dynamic duo completed more than 400 omnichannel digital marketing campaign proposals for clients and potential clients, with input from our highly skilled account teams and our business development team. Each proposal is completely customized to the client’s business goals, and no two are ever identical.

Want to Be a 2023 Digital Marketing Success Story?

Partner with a marketing agency whose proven tactics and boutique service garner big results. All you have to do is send us a message on our website, and our team will show you how our digital marketing services can help you achieve your business goals in the new year. Learn more about our discovery process.

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