4 Servings of Marketing Insights to Whet Your Appetite

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Industry Focus for Friday, January 20, 2023

Maybe because it’s Restaurant Week here in KC or maybe because we just watched The Menu on HBO Max, but we’re really feeling the food theme vibe right now so we’re just gonna roll with it.

As our regular patrons know, we’re constantly scouring that all-you-can-eat buffet known as the Internet looking for those few rare crab claws of insight worth cracking open and plating on our perfectly chilled platform.

This weeks’ worth of marketing dishes consists of four courses. No need to slip the maître d’ a twenty because you didn’t call ahead. Your table is ready. Let’s dig in.

“Twitter’s Ad Volume Dropped by Nearly 50% In November” by Brad Adgate in Forbes

Since he took over the venue in October of last year, chef Elon Musk has been cooking up a lot of trouble for himself as head of Twitter. First, he cleaned out half the proverbial kitchen with massive staff firings. Then, he served up an undercooked verified badge concept that turned out to be a recipe for disaster. And, of course, his tweets are about as friendly to the palate as orange juice mixed with toothpaste. No need to take the word of a few unsatisfied diners. The numbers speak for themselves. Twitter’s November 2022 ad spend – their bread and butter – has dropped by 46% compared to last year.


-Submitted by Mya Richardson, Social Media Coordinator

“The Best Days and Times to Post on Social Media in 2023 [Infographic]” by Mark Walker-Ford in Social Media Today

Some say social media is a dish best served cold (or is that revenge?). Whatever the case may be, the resident sous-chefs of social know that culinary offerings of Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and TikTok are drastically different and can’t be cooked up and served the same way. The vibrant, picturesque morsels of IG won’t hit right in the formal dining area that is LinkedIn. Furthermore, each venue has their own peak hours, which means social managers need to know just the right time to plate their posts. Fortunately, Social Media Today has a breakdown of the best days and times to feed your respective followings.


-Submitted by Sydney Weeks, Social Media Coordinator

“8 Dangers of Copying Another Brand’s SEO” by Corey Morris in Search Engine Land

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Unless, of course, you’re ripping off another company’s recipe. Search engine optimization strategy is like the fried chicken of marketing. Every company worth their salt has it on the menu, but there’s this unspoken agreement that we’ll all use our own 11 herbs and spices when crafting our respective recipes. So, what happens when a company’s SEO du jour is cloned off a competing brand? You won’t be winning any marketing Michelin Stars – that’s for sure. Search Engine Land breaks down the top eight dangers of SEO chef theft.


-Submitted by Jenifer Calandra, Senior Digital Copywriter and Team Lead

“Website Indexing for Search Engines: How Does It Work?” by Dave Davies inSearch Engine Journal

More complex than consommé, the concept of website indexing continuously baffles the marketing masses with its mysterious process and vague ingredients for success. To become a master chef of technical SEO, you need to understand how Google crawls and indexes websites. Fortunately, Search Engine Journal has dropped some savory nuggets of knowledge on how to navigate the process. Page indexing won’t be as fast as nuking your favorite TV dinner, but anything worth doing rarely is.


-Submitted by Tyler Shiney, Senior Digital Marketing Strategist

Hungry for More? We’ve Got a Full Menu of Marketing Fare

Digital marketing is a constantly changing menu of strategies and services that aim to allure a diverse crowd of potential customers. When working with clients, we avoid the combo meal approach and opt for something a little more bespoke. Our clients have a unique customer base they’re targeting. iFocus Marketing continues to have success in this field because we’re willing to craft original recipes that perfectly balance every ingredient in our strategies.

Ready for a marketing strategy that cuts through your competition like a Wusthof knife? Getting in touch with us is easy. Simply reach out to schedule a free discovery call and audit. Once we know a little bit more about your business and your marketing goals, we can use that info to cook up a plan that hits all the right notes.

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