Can Anyone Use Google Ads?

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Breaking Down One of the Most Commonly Used Digital Marketing Solutions

Whether you’re on day one of crafting your digital marketing strategy or a seasoned pro with years of experience under your belt, the topic of Google Ads is bound to come up. It is a mainstay in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising as part of a paid media strategy and one of the leading digital marketing solutions that advertisers and businesses use.

What Are Google Ads, and How Do They Work?

Google Ads is one of the many digital marketing solutions that companies use to promote their products, services, and brand. Ads are typically a mixture of graphics and text that are designed to entice users to click on it and visit your brand’s website. In addition to appearing on Google search sites, ads will also appear on Google search partner sites and non-Google related sites that your customers visit.

Because most businesses have a particular action in mind that they want their site visitors to take, Google Ads allows you to set specific goals, such as driving phone calls or web traffic. Additionally, because many businesses are only interested in marketing to a local audience, Google Ads allows you to select a specific geographic area to show ads to.

Once you have a finalized ad and have set your monthly budget, you’re in the clear to take your Google Ads campaign live. What’s great about this digital marketing solution is that it provides several data points about how users are interacting with your ad. Access to this data allows you to finetune your digital marketing strategy.

Is Google Ads Really the Best Option for PPC Campaigns?

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In short, yes. Google Ads are highly effective for PPC campaigns.

  • Website visitors are four times more likely to click on a Google ad when compared to non-Google ads.
  • Google ads that are in first position have nearly an 8 percent click-through rate (CTR).
  • Four out of five global businesses trust Google Ads as part of their PPC digital marketing strategy.

And if you ever wondered exactly how Google is making their money, 97 percent of their revenue is generated from Google Ads campaigns. They’ve come a long way since their humble beginnings as nothing more than a Google search function. Today, Google and digital marketing solutions are now synonymous with each other.

As a company that specializes in digital marketing in Kansas City, iFocus Marketing knows that Google has to play into our overall strategy, regardless of what type of client we’re working with. Google currently has 91.43 percent of the global search engine market. Bing is a very distant second at 3.3 percent.

So, to address the question, “Is Google Ads the best option for PPC campaigns?” The answer is a resounding “yes.”

Who Can Use Google Ads? Anyone? Or Just Marketing Agencies?

The cool thing about Google and their digital marketing solutions is they’ve finally made digital marketing available and approachable for folks that don’t have a ton of experience. This begs the question: “Can anyone use Google Ads?”

Not quite. The one big prerequisite is that you must have an active website. When somebody clicks on an ad, they must be routed to the domain that you own. The only way to get around that is by running call ads, which is a very niche campaign type.

How Should I Run My Google Ads Campaign?

So, you’ve officially decided to make Google Ads an official part of your digital marketing strategy. Now comes the question: “How should you run it?”

Google Ads is relatively low touch in the grand scheme of things. Google recommends that businesses running a Google Ads campaign spend at least 30 minutes per week reviewing ad results and making adjustments as needed. You can also run the campaign on autopilot using Google’s Smart campaign. However, you’ll get better results if you’re actively involved with your campaign and paying attention to what the data tells you.

As an agency that specializes in digital marketing in Kansas City, we can tell you firsthand that you get back what you put into a marketing campaign. Google Ads isn’t a rotisserie oven where you can just “set it and forget it.” To make the most out of digital marketing solutions, you should really dig deep into the data for the sake of making better campaign optimizations.

Additionally, ads that are run on Google should be continually refreshed so that your audience doesn’t get what we refer to as “ad fatigue.” If your audience sees the same thing over and over, they eventually will learn to ignore it, and your CTR will begin to tank. Ads that are fresh and new command attention because the brain doesn’t recognize them, which gives pause to the average web browser.

To run a proper Google ads campaign, you need to put in the time to continually analyze, optimize, and develop new and engaging ads. If that sounds like a lot of work (it is) or you aren’t confident you have the technical know-how to run a Google Ads campaign, the good news is that you have options.

Contact iFocus Marketing Today to Kick Off Your Google Ads Campaign

Maybe the responsibility of running a Google Ads campaign seems to be a bit too much. Or you think it’s going to cut into running your business. Whatever the case may be, iFocus is here to help. As an award-winning agency that specializes in digital marketing in Kansas City, we can get your Google Ads campaign up and running – plus, give it all the care and attention it needs to ensure your ad dollars aren’t going to waste.

When you team up with iFocus on a Google Ads campaign, we will:

  • Develop the most cost-effective bidding strategy.
  • Create engaging digital ads that drive high click-through rates.
  • Continually monitor and optimize your campaign using data-driven decision making.
  • Perform ad refreshes to ensure your audience doesn’t suffer from “ad fatigue.”
  • Send you – and explain – monthly reporting that illustrates how your campaign is performing.

iFocus Marketing can take other marketing duties off your plate to give you more time to focus on your business and your customers. For instance, we can run your paid search campaign, beef up your organic traffic using SEO, and manage all of your social media channels.

Once we learn a little bit more about you, your business, and what your goals are during a free discovery call, our team can develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that’s specifically tailored to you and your target market – and compares you to how your competitors are advertising.

To get started with your Google Ads campaign or other digital marketing solution, reach out to the iFocus team today by calling (913) 708-8567/, or messaging us on the contact form on our website.

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