Finding Your Brand Voice in an Increasingly Loud Digital World

finding your brand voice

How to Use Digital Marketing Solutions to Stand Out Amongst Your Competition

As the old saying goes, “It’s not what you say, but how you say it.”

Nothing rings truer when discussing the topic of brand voice and how delivery, tone, and content combine to shape a company’s overall personality. Each time a company makes a social media post, uploads a TikTok video, or deploys an email blast, they are establishing a persona in the eyes of potential customers.

But does brand voice really matter that much? And how do you know you’re crafting a voice that’s on brand?

As a Kansas City digital marketing agency who has worked with an array of clients, we can tell you that, for someone without training in it, nailing a brand voice that’s memorable, likable, and aligns with your business is harder than you’d think. As a result, many companies – including those with in-house marketers – don’t attempt it at all or are largely unsuccessful.

Let’s take a deep dive into the importance of brand voice and how you can use digital marketing solutions to craft and refine it.

Create a Brand Voice to Avoid Being Forgettable

Have you ever met somebody with the personality of a blank Scrabble tile? Think back and try to recall specific characteristics of a person who made no memorable effect on you. If you’re having trouble mentally curating Mr. or Ms. Nobody, you’re not alone.

People tend not to remember facts about people like this. The same can be said for companies. Not having a brand voice essentially means your company has no personality. If you don’t have a personality, your products, services, and brand will all promptly sail into the Bermuda Triangle in the minds of consumers.

Crafting a distinct brand voice as part of your digital marketing strategy is critical because it gives your audience something to connect with. It lets them know that there are human beings behind the veil of insurance rates, car audio products, or whatever your company specializes in.

The brands who take the time to create a distinct and engaging voice generally have an easier time converting casual consumers into loyal customers. In fact, according to recent data shared by Qualtrics, 33 percent of customers said a distinct personality is what makes a brand stand out on social media. Additionally, 40 percent reported that memorable content hooked them in.

As a Kansas City digital marketing agency that makes data-driven decisions, these stats are huge indicators that brand voice is just as important as any other element of a digital marketing strategy.

How to Craft and Implement Brand Voice into a Digital Marketing Strategy

brand voice in strategy

Now we’re to the fun part – creating a brand voice. But first, here are some ground rules to follow on what NOT to do.

  • Don’t sound like your CEO. This can potentially polarize an audience. The weight of a brand’s personality should not be on one person.
  • Don’t sound like your direct competitors. Your brand voice should be original and distinct. This isn’t karaoke.
  • Don’t be boring. Boring is forgettable, and forgettable brands wind up in the woodchipper of public consciousness.

Now that you know the major no-no’s of brand voice, let’s discuss what you SHOULD do when crafting one.

  • You should keep your target market in mind. The best way to do this is by creating brand personas. By knowing the demographic and personality type of your target, you can more effectively create an appealing brand voice they’ll want to connect with.
  • You should stick to your core values. When a company sticks to their main beliefs and mission statement, the brand voice is that much easier to craft.
  • You should be mindful of your channel. Different marketing channels have a different core set of users. This means you should adjust your approach when using different social media platforms or targeting subsets of your audience with other tactics, like OTT video or display ads. Keep this in mind when creating your digital marketing strategy.
  • You should be authentic and engaging. Companies with a memorable, likable, and approachable brand voice are like a dog whistle to a grumble of pugs. If you nail the voice, your customers will likely come running and want to stick around.
  • You should have a clearly defined style guide as it pertains to brand voice. Think of your style guide as the blueprint everyone works off of. This promotes brand voice consistency by ensuring every department is on the same page.

Looking for Digital Marketing Solutions That Incorporate Your Brand’s Voice? Contact iFocus Marketing Today!

Now that you know a little more about how to craft an original brand voice, the next step is to integrate it into your overall digital marketing strategy. As a Kansas City digital marketing agency that’s worked with clients in several different verticals, we have a unique talent for helping brands find their voice.

Kick things off by booking a discovery call with one of our business development professionals. Once we have a better understanding of your goals and how you want your brand voice to sound, we can then identify the best digital marketing solutions that will most effectively deliver your messaging – especially SEO copywriting, in which we produce keyword-rich blogs in your voice for your website each month.

Ready to find your brand voice and overcome the noise of your competitors? Reach out to the iFocus team today by calling (913) 708-8567, or by emailing us directly using the contact form on our website.

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