How to Find the Perfect Marketing Partner for Your Business

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Don’t Forget to Consider Digital Marketing Companies Near You, Not Just Traditional Ones

It doesn’t matter your industry: if you want to grow your business and make conversions, you need a digital marketing strategy to propel you.

The best way to get a strategy for yourself – even if you don’t know much about digital marketing services – is to partner with an agency who can get you in front of your target audience and optimize omni-channel campaigns on your behalf.

Consider these tips to help you find the perfect digital marketing partner for your business.

Figure Out Where the Gap Is In Your Marketing Efforts

Because there are big differences between traditional ad agencies and digital marketing companies, you need to understand the type of marketing your business needs before you make your final selection of partners.

If you have a limited budget and are looking to reach your audience where they spend the majority of their time – online – then you’ll need to work with a digital marketing agency. As an added bonus, this agency can provide you with data that explains exactly where your marketing dollars go and can tie every cent back to every conversion you make.

But if your audience is more traditional, then you might want to find an agency that can get you seen in print or on cable TV, or heard on AM/FM radio. Keep in mind that it can be difficult to extract specific data about the success of a traditional marketing campaign.

Not sure where your gap is? Request a free audit and competitive analysis from iFocus Marketing, a Kansas City digital marketing agency serving clients across the country.

Look for Digital Marketing Companies That Others Have Recommended

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A personal recommendation from someone you trust – or from a collective group of strangers on the Internet – is a testament to the quality you can expect from digital marketing services.

Ask your network about the marketing agencies they’ve partnered with in the past and who they’d recommend that you speak to.

You also can head online to read reviews of various ad agencies from current or past clients. Just be sure to watch for numerous reviews written with similar verbiage and phrasing, and overly negative diatribes or overly positive praises. Don’t skip reading how the agency responds to their clients’ reviews. Thoughtfully crafted responses and offers to start meaningful dialogues are strong indicators that they care about their clients.

Consider Agencies Who Have Developed Proven Digital Marketing Strategies for Your Industry

If you want a big pay-off on your marketing dollars right away, look for a marketing agency that can prove they know how to work for your industry.

Don’t limit your considerations only to industry-specific agencies, however. But look to those who can provide evidence of effective digital marketing strategies for businesses run similarly to yours.

For example, if you need B2B marketing, you would not want to partner with an agency who only manages B2C marketing tactics. Yes, it can be that broad when narrowing down your list of possibilities.

Ask potential marketing partners for copies of case studies of previous and current clients. Each study should discuss the business’s goal, the digital marketing strategy employed, and whether that strategy helped the business meet their goal.

Never Pursue Anything Other Than an Omni-Channel Marketing Campaign

It takes several impressions on a potential client before they’ll take action – whether that’s simply clicking on your display ad, visiting your website, interacting with you on social media, or placing an order on your ecommerce site.

This is the perfect illustrative example for why your strategy should include multiple digital marketing services. By creating a strategy that relies upon an array of tactics, you’re more likely to reach your target audience multiple times before and while they’re making a purchasing decision.

Considering digital marketing services as standalone solutions will hamper your efforts. The right marketing partner for you understands this and will craft an omni-channel campaign that gets results.

Expect the Same Great Service You’d Provide Your Customers

When you partner with a digital marketing company, you should expect boutique service, a dedicated account manager, and monthly reporting that not only lists your key performance indicators, but explains them.

An agency that provides such reports has nothing to hide – and you can use these transparent metrics to make informed decisions about your marketing budget.

iFocus, a Digital Marketing Agency in Kansas City, Could Be Your Ideal Partner

Now that you know how to go about finding the right agency for your business, you should know that iFocus Marketing checks all these boxes and comes to you with an illustrious portfolio from a wide range of industries.

Our digital marketing strategies are never cookie-cutter and always informed by your business goals and our expertise and experience. We never rely solely on automated campaigns and are continuously manually adjusting them until we see the results we expect – and the results that you need.

Best of all, we’ll outline for you exactly how we can help you with no obligation from you to sign a contract right away.

See why iFocus Marketing is different. Send us a message to get started.

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