Announcing Our 2023 Google Premier Partnership

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Our Digital Marketing Agency Is in the Top 3 Percent of Marketers Using Google’s Ad Services

You’d be hard pressed to find a digital marketing agency that doesn’t manage their marketing campaigns through Google’s products – Google Ads for PPC marketing, Analytics, Display and YouTube Video.

But only a small handful of these agencies can take advantage of a partnership with Google by meeting specific performance requirements outlined by the tech giant.

Even fewer can meet Google’s benchmarks for an even higher distinction – becoming a Google Premier Partner – to reward outstanding marketing performance. This recognition is exclusively reserved for the top 3% of businesses who use Google’s marketing tools in their country.

This month, we’re proud to announce that iFocus Marketing has earned this Premier Partnership with Google for 2023 – a prominent status we’ve maintained since 2017. Positioned in the very top tier of marketing strategists that can claim this accolade, we’re one of only 600 firms in Google’s U.S. directory of Premier Partners that are certified in all Google’s services. In our hometown of Kansas City, agencies like ours are even more rare.

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What a Google Premier Partnership Means, and How Our Digital Marketing Agency Made It Happen

Over the course of our business’s history, our consistent excellence as a digital marketing agency has kept an energetic pace with Google’s data about what top marketers can achieve with their marketing tools.

Google began designating these high-achieving marketers with a Google Partnership, which is given to digital marketing firms based on the following metrics:

  • An optimization score of at least 70% for the agency’s Google Ads account (determined by how effectively you run your accounts).
  • At least 50% of an agency’s account strategy team is certified in Google Ads.
  • A $10,000 90-day spend across your managed accounts.

So, we did that. We were named Google Partners. We learned and leveraged Google’s tools to make the biggest impact for our clients in a wide range of industries, from niche manufacturing to home services and retail.

However, there were more distinctions to come. Google recognized that some marketers were far exceeding Google Partner benchmarks. It became important to further distinguish agencies that provide uncommonly strong returns for their new and existing clients – and so Google announced their Premier Partnership.

This status is only given to top digital marketing agencies that manage – and maximize – an immense ad spend that is used to build upon the agency’s relationships with existing clients and to make a critical marketing impact for new clients by providing a wide array of strategically chosen services that get results.

Google Premier Partners meet a more rigorous set of conditions that distinguish high-performing agencies from the rest:

  • Existing client growth
  • New client growth
  • Client retention
  • Diversification of services
  • Annual ads spend

So, we did that too. In fact, since 2017, we’ve been Google Premier Partners, and, year after year, we convert Google’s stringent criteria for campaign performance into significant returns on investment for our clients. Google keeps raising the bar for excellence, and we keep clearing it.

By the Numbers: The Performance Metrics Brought Us to the Top 3 Percent of Digital Marketing Agencies

A snapshot of our 2022 year-end data provides a more precise illustration of how we earned the elite distinction of Google Premier Partner for 2023.

From paid search ads, to display and video ads, and more, we’ve made it our business to invest in technical expertise and an ever-increasing depth of knowledge about Google’s tools, so that our clients can experience a true advantage over their competitors.

Three Big Metrics that Secured Our Premier Partnership – And Help Our Clients Win

  1. Campaign Performance: We delivered for our clients in 2022. Target audiences eagerly consumed our clients’ campaigns, and, ultimately, their products and services.
    • 131 million impressions across Google’s services.
    • 1.3 million clicks across all Google services.
    • 147,000 leads, sales, and phone calls across all Google Services.
  2. Client Optimizations: An optimization score lets our marketing strategy team know how effectively our clients’ campaigns will perform (Google requires an agency’s client accounts to have an overall optimization score of 70% for a Partnership designation).
    • At iFocus Marketing, 73% of our clients have an optimization score of 90% or more, allowing them to earn strong returns on their marketing investment.
  3. Investing in Talent: We provide rich opportunities for our team to enhance their expertise as they continue growing our clients’ businesses into 2023.
    • 100% of our paid media team and account management team is certified in all Google Ads tactics (paid search ads, display, video, shopping, and apps).
    • 90% of our team – including business development strategists, SEO specialists, copywriters and social media team – is certified in Google Ads.
    • 100% of our entire company is certified in Google Analytics 4.

A well-trained, well-led team of marketing strategists can position a business for success. This is why Google’s tools exist – and why Google awards a Premier distinction to those that use them wisely, namely by prioritizing clients’ growth through the right channels and services.

Sure, any marketing strategist can claim they deliver on digital marketing. And yet, at iFocus Marketing, we have the hard data, the client partnerships, and Google’s professional backing.

What Our Google Premier Partnership Means for Your Business’ Growth Goals

Google has placed us at the summit of digital marketing agencies because we use their services for maximum impact. When our clients begin working with us, and as we continue the relationship through comprehensive reporting and analysis and a high-touch approach, it quickly becomes apparent why we’ve met Google’s lofty benchmarks:

  • There’s certainty in what we do: We’re confident about what we can do for new clients – from small, mid-size, to large companies – who have clear business objectives and a deep investment in how their advertising budget is utilized.
  • We value enduring relationships: We treat our existing clients with the same energy and fresh perspective as the day we began a business relationship. Stagnation isn’t an option for our clients when iFocus is at the helm.
  • We’re results-driven and ready to adapt: When a campaign works, we make it better. When the data suggests revisions, we find a way to turn a pivot into greater gains. We don’t recommend marketing strategies that don’t add clear value, and we tailor our proposals and deliverables to your business’ sustainable growth.
  • We’ve built a dedicated team: A partner to a wide variety of businesses in a number of industries large and small, we handle a significant ad spend for our clients. An agency needs to fire on all cylinders to work with clients, and everyone on our team is engaged and attentive.

Experience the Benefits of Our Premier Partnership with Google

Premier Partners – those marketers in the top 3% of their country – have exclusive access to tools that create success. Our big wins with Google can be reinvested to see even more growth for our clients, and this is accomplished through Google’s special offerings which are only for those who hold the Premier distinction:

  • Access to beta products
    We get to try new tools before they go to market, so that we’re ready to use them, and use them well, before the other 97% of marketers in the U.S.
  • Dedicated account support
    When we need to check in with Google, get you answers on their services, or ensure our campaigns are running smoothly, we have Google’s expertise on the line and ready to assist.
  • Invitation-only events for agency executives, hosted by Google HQ
    Our leadership is invited to contribute, collaborate, and learn at exclusive events just for Premier Partners where the future of the industry is discussed and decided.

We have to say, we like the perks. And we like how they work for our clients. Most importantly, we like knowing that we’re part of the solution for businesses that require authentic, customized, success-driven marketing. We like knowing that when a client is poised for growth, but requires a marketing partnership to make the leap, our depth of knowledge is there to lend an experienced hand.

Whether you’re intrigued by PPC marketing, SEO, or any of our signature solutions, you can partner with iFocus Marketing for your digital marketing strategy – and get the benefits of our Google Premier Partnership.

Schedule a free discovery call with us today.

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