Calling All Retailers: Why Amazon Advertising and Other Retail-Friendly Platforms Get Results

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Learn How Retailers Are Getting an Advantage from Amazon Paid Ads and More

Online marketing tools are getting smarter and more effective. What does this mean for you? It means that it’s easier than ever to begin a digital marketing campaign to capture online audiences who are looking for the products you’re selling.

However, this also means that your competitors are doing the same. In fact, these days, it would be hard to find a marketing tool your competitors aren’t already using.

And yet that doesn’t mean there isn’t still an advantage waiting for you! Much like opening a brick-and-mortar business, you may not be the first – but what you do with the opportunity in front of you makes all the difference.

For retailers in particular, professional digital marketers highly recommend Amazon paid search advertising, Etsy, and social media advertising. These platforms represent the best positions in the market to connect with those who are ready to shop.

The Advantages of Amazon Advertising

Think of your own experience shopping on Amazon. You search for a product. You’re not sure which one you want to buy yet – but, at the same time, you know you’re ready to buy. You want to see which products your search brings up, the prices, a summary of the reviews, and how quickly you can get your order.

While you’re searching, you notice that the first few search results are dedicated to sponsored products – and they’re great options. They usually have strong reviews, thorough product descriptions, and they genuinely match what you’re looking for.

The system works. Now, you can make it work for your business. Amazon’s paid search division boasts some particularly impressive results.

Here’s a snapshot of how Amazon’s “Sponsored Products” perform:

  • A 40% on-average boost in weekly sales in a campaign’s first year
  • A 54% increase in “glance views” – or visits to your product detail page
  • With additional descriptions added to your products page, up to 55 times more impressions
  • With optimized content on your seller’s page, up to 93 times more item sales

You can see outstanding results from Amazon’s paid search advertising. You’ll be positioned for a significant uptick in sales and get a direct return on your investment in their tools.

Importantly, though, we want to explain why Amazon paid search works. Consider this run-down of why marketing strategists recommend Amazon Advertising:

  1. It’s low-hanging fruit. Your consumer is already in the market and wants to buy – and Amazon makes sure your product is right in front of them.
  2. It’s easy to use and set up. Amazon makes it easy for you – and your digital marketing agency partner – to activate and strategically optimize an Amazon paid ad campaign.
  3. You’ve already done the legwork. If you’re already an Amazon seller in good standing, and your product has received reviews, you’re the perfect candidate. Amazon search advertising is favorable to sellers like you.
  4. Amazon works hard on your behalf. The barriers to purchase are all removed when a consumer opts for your product. The buyer doesn’t have to do much but click a few buttons and soon your product is at their door. In addition, Amazon understands how to put your product out in the world by taking advantage of impulse buying on their app and highly effective remarketing tactics.
  5. You get instant recognition and credibility. Telling consumers that your product is available on Amazon instantly provides you with brand leverage. People trust Amazon and recognize its power.
  6. You have a trusted digital marketing partner. If you’re reading this, you need not look further for assistance setting up, managing, targeting, optimizing, and analyzing your Amazon paid search campaigns to ensure you’re getting every last bit of foot traffic and conversions out of this tool.
  7. Amazon is a starting place for an even greater impact. If your product is highly visible on Amazon, you also have an opportunity to round-out your digital marketing campaign with a highly persuasive, eye-catching website and techniques including search engine optimization and Google paid search. Now, as the customer browses, researches, and buys, you’re there with them every step of the marketing relay race. They see you on Google. You make your appeal on your website. And then, there’s the convenience of finding you on Amazon, where they can click a button and become a loyal customer.

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Amazon Advertising Not a Good Fit? There’s Plenty More Out There for Retailers Looking to Win Their Share

Your business is unique and requires custom digital marketing strategies based on what will help you make the biggest impact on your bottom line.

Amazon paid ads aren’t effective for every retailer. You need to have your seller and product pages fully optimized; established – and strong – reviews; and the infrastructure to be able to ship to Amazon’s warehouse. Selling bigger-ticket items in smaller quantities provides a big return on investment right away.

For every great opportunity that doesn’t necessarily apply to your retail business, there’s one that’s equally strong.

Selling on Etsy

Etsy is a uniquely positioned offering for retailers who may not see Amazon as a good fit. To compete with Amazon, they’ve invested heavily in mobile app technology that pushes your product directly to the users who should be seeing it – and buying it.

Etsy allows you to manage an ad campaign through their Ads platform, which – like other paid media services – functions on a cost-per-click basis. The amount of clicks on your ad determines how much your ad costs, as does the value of where your ad is positioned on their site. Sellers can monitor their budget and campaign success, and set a daily budget for how much they want to spend per day to have their products advertised.

Why we like Etsy for retailers:

  • A user-friendly, completely viable competitor of Amazon’s
  • Retailers can ship right from their workshop, without having to worry about the hard costs of shipping to Amazon
  • Etsy has a strong, loyal customer base that continues to grow
  • Excellent customer service for both sellers and buyers

Social Media Ads for Retailers

Pinterest, Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram all offer paid ad services that are perfect for retailers who want the right exposure, but aren’t yet the perfect match for Amazon’s paid search.

Depending on your product, your story, and the social media strategy you develop, you can connect with just the right consumer demographics.

Why we like social media advertising for retailers:

  • The wide reach of social media
  • Positions your product as something users can “discover”
  • Allows your brand to leverage consumers’ favorable view of a trusted app
  • Seamless technology for ad creation, retargeting, and campaign analysis

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