A Trickle – Not a Downpour – of the Latest Digital Marketing News

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Industry Focus for Friday, March 10, 2023

The caffeine-fueled innovative thinkers of iFocus Marketing return this week for our biweekly Industry Focus blog! In the last two weeks, our digital marketing dynamos have deeply discussed a deluge of the latest industry trends.

And while that took quite a bit of time out of our weeks, we’ve courteously and conveniently narrowed down our topics to these five favorites, which we felt are important for marketers in businesses of all sizes.

We thought you’d appreciate a sprinkle, rather than a storm, so you can begin planning updates to your marketing efforts based on the latest happenings in the industry. Grab an umbrella and read on.

“The Inherent Problem with the Meta Verified Subscription Product,” by Jon Loomer

After Meta released its Verified subscription model, marketers were concerned. The new model allows more users to earn verification and prove their profile’s authenticity, but many people wondered what would happen if you canceled your monthly payments. Would your followers be left wondering what happened and whether your business was as legit as it seemed? Jon Loomer has a solution for Meta – and we hope the social media giant is paying attention to this great idea. In the meantime, our social media management team will keep learning about the Verified subscription and weighing the pros and cons.


-Submitted by Corrie Guthmiller, Director of Digital Operations

“TikTok Adds New Audio Options for Brands via ‘Sounds for Business,’” by Andrew Hutchinson in Social Media Today

Social media marketers now have access to TikTok’s new collection of free audio elements that align with popular trends in the app. These “Sounds for Business” spice up videos in both organic and paid content. And with 68% of TikTok users being more likely to remember a brand if they utilize audio elements, it’s a smart move to take advantage of the sound library.


-Submitted by Mya Richardson, Content Coordinator

“2 New Google Ad Network Policy Updates,” by Nicole Farley in Search Engine Land

Check out these two important updates to Google Ads. First, the Google Ads malicious or unwanted software policy will be split into three separate ones that cover malicious software, compromised sites, and unwanted software, effective May 9, 2023. Second, an update to the Financial products and services policy clarifies the scope and requirements for advertising cryptocurrency and related businesses, effective April 28, 2023. Advertisers who violate these policies will receive a warning and could face account suspension.


-Submitted by Alex Mead, Paid Media Coordinator

“Video Content Guide: Why You Should Start Creating Videos Now (Plus Examples),” by Julia McCoy in Search Engine Land

People watch a whopping 19 hours of video content online per week, so your brand can’t afford to not produce it. Your videos can entertain or educate your audience – think explanations, exclusive interviews, and tutorials. Videos can help improve your search engine optimization, especially as Google serves relevant videos in search results. And if you’re looking to improve time spent on your webpages, video can definitely assist. You don’t have to be a professional videographer or film editor to make them, either.


-Submitted by Michaelah Larson and Kylie Ledford, Account Operations Coordinators

“All In One SEO WordPress Plugin Vulnerability Affects Up to 3+ Million,” by Roger Montti in Search Engine Journal

If your website relies on the All In One SEO (AIOSEO) WordPress plugin, it may be vulnerable to two Cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks – CVE-2023-0585 and CVE-2023-0586. XSS attacks occur when malicious scripts execute in your browser and give access to cookies and user sessions. A site takeover can even be imminent. So what should you do? Update your vulnerable plug-ins to AIOSEO 4.3.0. If you aren’t sure what this is all about, it’s a good sign that you should work with an SEO agency with a website development team to ensure your business’s site is safe and in good working order.


-Submitted by Zach Kinser, Director of SEO and Web Development

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