How Successful Brands Utilize Google Ads

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An Effective Digital Marketing Campaign Should Include Google Ads Management

You probably know how this works: when users head to a search engine to type something they’re looking for or want to know into that narrow white box, search results appear.

But how do some businesses get to the top of that list and stay there?

That’s the power of Google Ads.

But you don’t have to be a national company, have a million-dollar marketing budget, or hire a celebrity spokesperson to appear at the top of Google’s search results.

You just have to know Google Ads and the right digital marketing strategies to use it, including Google Local Services Ads and Google Ads management.

Is Google Ads Worth the Investment?

Google Ads is undoubtedly worth your time, attention, and ad spend. There’s no quicker digital strategy for getting in front of consumers who are actively invested in finding the best business for the products or services they want.

Consumers today aren’t sitting on the couch waiting to be told what to buy. While this may have been true in the past, consumers now see themselves as participants in the product or service research process (even if all they’re doing is typing a few words in a field).

Consumers find themselves going to Google, Bing, or their search engine of choice. Once there, they ask a question or search for a phrase that they hope will satisfy their needs: “what can roofers do” or “best roofer” or “roofer near me,” or even, simply, “roofer.”

When your business name and website appear at the top of the list for any of these searches, thanks to Google Ads, you’re now on the mind of that user. Even better, you’ve built a relationship with the consumer:

  • You’ve provided a service by answering their important question.
  • Your name is now associated with “the best” in a specific location.
  • Your name is now synonymous with the subject they are searching for.

Because you used Google Search Ads, the consumer is now interested in your message, your product, and your services. But this isn’t all that Google Ads has to offer.

While Google’s Search Ads service is a powerful way to get in front of customers, a business can also create ads across a vast network of websites, on YouTube, in Google’s apps, and more. Essentially, when you use Google Ads, you ensure your business name is everywhere your target audiences spend time online.

Not Convinced Yet? Review the Data on Google Ads Digital Marketing

While we could go on and on about the marketing science behind why fulfilling a customer’s needs ultimately leads to a positive association, brand awareness, and conversions, most business owners need a little more data to verify the usefulness of Google’s Search Ads and their other paid media tools.

Some astounding numbers to consider:

  • Google’s Economic Impact report explains that businesses benefit from Google Ads at an 8 to 1 ratio, meaning that for every dollar spent on Google Ads, they earn $8.
  • According to HubSpot’s comprehensive paid media analysis, users who are ready to make a purchase click on Google Ads 65% of the time.

Considering these stats, businesses simply can’t afford to dive into digital marketing without utilizing Google Ads as a primary tool. The trick, however, is how to leverage it successfully. Let’s look at how our digital marketing agency delivers results with Google Ads management and Google Local Services Ads.

Our Tested, Highly Effective Method for Delivering Business Success with Google Ads Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing agency can provide a significant return on investment for businesses that take advantage of our Google Ad management services. We love seeing our partners win. Here’s how they do it.

Client Success Story:

  • One of our clients recently saw a 390.05% increase in conversions from January to December of the same year by utilizing our Google Ads optimizations, including Google Local Services Ads.
  • Our client also saw a 7.96% conversion rate after a user clicked their ad – which is higher than the reported 3% to 6.1% average conversion rate for Google Ads, according to DataBox.

Enticing, right? But strategies drive these results, not just the service itself.

8 Ways to Leverage Google Ads and Get the Growth Results You’re Looking For

Every business is different from the next, even within the same industry. However, our marketing strategists and analysts, who continually study what works in digital marketing, recommend these eight key moves to get the most out of a Google Ads digital marketing campaign.

  1. Don’t Fear the First C: The “cost” in “cost per click” scares off many business owners, and that’s fair. You want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your campaign, and you don’t want to spend extraneously, especially if you’re not sure what the return will look like. However, to find yourself at the top of the search results, you’re going to have to join your competitors who are already spending to connect with audiences there. That’s how they’re getting all that business – but you can, too.
  2. Focus on Success: Once you earn the conversions you’re looking for, that cost per click to get your business amplified with Google Ads will soon be a small fraction of your profit. It’s very easy to get caught up in cost, but remember that a strong conversion rate and return on investment is on the very next line in your monthly reporting. At our digital marketing agency, we guide our clients toward considering success metrics over all. For so many digital marketing services, the marginal cost provides access to what counts: tangible, enduring business relationships with your clients.
  3. Avoid the Keyword Crowds: Often, if there’s a fairly generic keyword related to your industry that you want to bid on, it’s likely that every other business in your industry is bidding on that word, too. The question becomes this: what keywords will you bid on that others have overlooked? This is where Google Ads management from a digital marketing agency can come in handy. You’ll be able to rely on full-time, dedicated digital strategists to help make smart decisions for your business.
  4. Creativity Counts: Google Ads digital marketing requires dynamic, concise, smart, clickable copywriting to make an impact on your target audience. You have about 90 characters across three headlines to get your voice heard. Need help? Our paid media team specializes in putting the best words in the best order to get you noticed.
  5. Retarget, Retarget, Retarget: Google Ads gives you the option to track users who have engaged with your ad, but haven’t yet made a conversion. You can even customize the retargeting ads these users see to communicate with them from a different perspective and bring them back to your business.
  6. Automated A/B Testing: Google Ads includes a responsive search function that allows you to test the effectiveness of your ads. Then, a well-trained algorithm selects the best performing ads to maximize your campaign’s power. However, keep in mind that you need significant experience to write and launch strong campaigns in the first place. We can help.
  7. Put Your Business on Display: You can cover a lot of ground with Google Ads to ensure your marketing gets in front of your audience wherever they are, not just only when they’re searching. Google Ads offers opportunities to place your ads on YouTube, its Shopping pages, when users open Google apps, and Google’s complete display network, which includes websites that reserve prime real estate for Google Ads. A successful Google Ads digital marketing strategy will likely experiment with the right balance of ad types and campaigns to optimize your business’s ad spend and return on investment.
  8. Take Full Advantage: While it’s important to launch a Google Ads campaign to connect with key audiences, Google’s algorithms also want to ensure that consumers are heading somewhere reputable and trustworthy. Therefore, a comprehensive digital marketing campaign likely also includes an optimized landing page where users can quickly find what they need. Google Search Ads might get you the clicks you desire, but if your website lacks credibility, authority, and ease of use, you’ll see interested audiences leaving before you get that coveted lead. Consider an omnichannel approach to your digital marketing strategy to bolster your overall presence online and gain Google’s – and your customers’ – favor.

Successful Brands Also Leverage Google Local Services Ads

More than 70 different industries can now use Google’s Local Services Ads – from beauty schools to tax lawyers, to carpenters and pet groomers. Google created this offering to provide visibility to smaller businesses with an awareness that local businesses can’t compete in the same spaces as national brands. When Google sees that users are searching for local businesses within your industry, Google displays a list of relevant businesses in their area, and that can include yours.
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Why we love Google Local Services Ads at our digital marketing agency:

  • When your business is featured as a local service offering, the sponsored ad includes information from your Google Business Profile, including a summary of your reviews, your hours, and more, so customers can quickly decide whether they want to learn more about you.
  • On the back end, the Local Services Ads dashboard allows you to play back phone calls from users who clicked on your ad. You can even view demographics on those callers to more fully understand your audience.
  • Google Local Services Ads also includes an option to run and analyze your campaign on a cost-per-lead basis, which can yield a significant return on investment. This is especially powerful when one lead can potentially bring in a major purchase that far outweighs the ad cost.

If your business is in an eligible industry, Google Local Services Ads is an exceptionally smart move. Our digital marketing agency sees this service as an indispensable way to target customers in your area who need what you’re offering.

Here’s How Google Local Services Ads Worked Last Year for One of Our Clients

By leveraging Google Local Services Ads with our digital marketing agency, one of our HVAC industry clients in St. Louis achieved the following in one calendar year:

  • 459 new customer leads
  • An $11 return on investment for every $1 spent

Join iFocus Marketing to Maximize Your Business Growth with Google Ads Management

The eight tactics listed above, as well as our key methods for leveraging Local Services Ads, are all available to you as part of a paid media package from our digital marketing agency.

Google Ads is a powerful tool, but you have to know how to use it in a way that’s best for your business, your industry, and the audiences you are trying to reach. iFocus Marketing takes all the guesswork out of the process. Instead of watching potentially misleading DIY YouTubers or cramming a stack of marketing textbooks, depend on our talented, dynamic team. Every day, we guide businesses large and small to a high level of success with Google Ads digital marketing.

Find out how we can help you meet your business’s growth goals with Google Ads management, Google Local Services Ads, or any of our digital marketing solutions. Request a discovery call from iFocus Marketing today.

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