What Is Performance Marketing?

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Find Out What a Kansas City Digital Marketing Agency Can Deliver for Your Business

Your business expects results from your digital marketing agency. However, you may have discovered that some inferior ad agencies get caught up with the wrong things.

These less-experienced agencies might be able to get you more followers on social media or push a bit more traffic to your new website. But what about getting qualified leads that turn into actual sales and generate significant revenue?

Profitability is what matters most. But not all agencies understand this. That’s why only truly strategic ad agencies offer a results-driven marketing strategy called performance marketing. This strategy offers precisely what you want: business growth based on analytics and experience – not digital bells and whistles.

Unleashing a strategic paid media advertising campaign can make all the difference for your business. Find out more about how a digital marketing strategy and consulting firm can increase your success in today’s highly competitive environment.

Performance Marketing Defined

Performance marketing means that you’re willing to invest in advertising that seeks to identify specific users, understand their online behavior, and drive them to take key actions, no matter where they are in the buying process.

Performance marketing also means investing in advertising techniques that help you analyze your competitors and how they’re maneuvering – and then making key moves to out-strategize them.

While this may sound like a great tactic for any type of paid media advertising strategy, we want to emphasize the “performance” aspect of this signature approach. How your campaign is performing is dependent on the ever-changing landscape of how your potential customers are searching online and how your competitors are pivoting. Neither of these two groups stay still.

What a strategic digital marketing agency provides is a depth of experience to supercharge your campaign right out of the gate, and then continue to fuel it based on years of experience with analytics, strategy, and the right tools. This is results-driven marketing at its finest. It’s about going after leads and conversions for your business – not earning followers and making flashy claims.

Platforms for Performance Marketing

The following major platforms, and several more, allow you to run ads for a paid media advertising strategy. Each of these platforms are useful, depending on the audiences you decide to target:

  • Google Search Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • Amazon
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

When you activate any paid media campaign, you bid on keywords that, when users search for them, will show your ads. When users click on these ads, they’ll be directed to your website. There, they’ll take key actions that bring you leads and conversions.

It sounds simple, but you need a digital marketing strategy and consulting firm to do it from a performance marketing perspective. When you activate a performance marketing campaign, you get real-time, boutique, responsive services that are dedicated to your campaign’s success, every day.

3 Need-to-Know Aspects of Performance Marketing

It’s crucial to understand three important aspects of performance marketing. These points will help your business find success with this strategy:

  1. Viewing Your Ad Spend as an Investment: Most of your competitors are already aware of how paid media advertising strategy works. Essentially, you’ll have to find ways to build a campaign in which your ad is shown more frequently than your competitors’. To do, so you’ll have to adopt a “pay to play” mindset. It’s essential that you invest in advertising strategically – or someone else will.
  2. Doing the Math: Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about paying for something that isn’t going to bring in results. Because these tactics are digital, there’s enough data on your particular industry, and among your relevant demographics and competitors, to calculate how much you’ll need to spend on advertising to get conversions.
  3. Optimizations: If results-driven marketing was only about figuring out the data on how much you have to spend on ads for a favorable conversion rate, there wouldn’t be any strategy involved besides knowing you have to get in the game to win. To run a successful campaign, you need expertise on your side. This expertise includes:
    • Depth of Experience: You need a performance marketing agency with experience running paid media campaigns for clients in many industries. Your agency isn’t there to impress with the latest tech, but cares about digging into the raw data that gets you the most leads and conversions.
    • Marketing Research: It is essential that you select a team that can perform keyword research for effective bidding on search queries at every part of the customer’s journey. You want to be in front of customers from the time they’re performing research and learning about brands, to the point where they’re ready to make a transaction.
    • Competitor Data: Your agency needs to have the ability to track data in real time to discover what competitors are doing and how to out-strategize them.
    • Demographics: It’s important that your agency can zero in on user behavior, so when your future customers go looking for your products and services – your ad is right in front of them. Demographics go beyond age, location, income, or education!

These performance marketing strategies work well when you have the experience and knowledge of time-tested paid media specialists. All you have to do is find the right Kansas City digital marketing agency to guide your campaign.

How to Partner with a Performance Marketing Agency

When you find a Kansas City digital marketing agency that can deliver a fully optimized, successful results-driven marketing campaign for your business, begin by scheduling a discovery call and ask if they include performance marketing as a key tactic. You can also review their paid media advertising strategy services to get a sense of their level of knowledge about this marketing solution.

Ultimately, however, real success comes down to your relationship with the agency. If they’re willing to take the time to truly understand your business goals, explain their approach to performance marketing, and describe in depth how all of their services can be integrated into a powerful omnichannel campaign, you’re likely in the presence of a superior agency that can deliver for you.

To learn more, read this case study from a client in the HVAC industry that experienced extraordinary success thanks to crucial optimizations, including a paid media advertising strategy.

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