5 Clever Fall Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

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Grow Your Small Business with New Seasonal Digital Marketing Tactics

As we near the end of summer, there couldn’t be a better time to hone in on your fall marketing strategy! This time of year is one of the best times to focus on your end-of-year revenue goals and implement a strategy that aligns with the current market environment – all while considering the things your customers care most about right now.

Get the creative juices flowing by checking out the five small business marketing ideas below.

#1 – Create Fall-Inspired Blog Content

Content is unarguably one of the most essential parts of your small business’ digital marketing strategy, and producing fall-related content will make you stand out this season. Use original written content to connect with your audience and gain their trust.

This marketing idea can be tailored to your business’ brand identity. Brainstorm content topics by considering your products or services and how they might be useful for your consumer during the fall. You can also share helpful tips that are relevant to the time of year. Get creative, and you’ll benefit your audience in more ways than one.

#2 – Update Your Website

As your target audience searches for what they need this fall, you’ll want to be sure they can find your business. When they visit your website, it has to be eye-catching and easy to use – or you risk a high bounce rate.

Changing seasons are the perfect time to give your website a new look and feel. A few minor additions can go a long way, and keeping it updated will optimize your organic search rankings.

Ecommerce businesses or home services businesses, for example, can embrace fall with a new hero or product images, especially those with an orange-yellow color palette. It’s also a good idea to start the season with updated copy. Seasonal phrases and relevant keywords are welcome here, and don’t be afraid to occasionally use a clever turn of phrase to interest visitors.

Don’t have an eye for design? A digital marketing consultant for small businesses will ensure your website not only looks good, but is easy for your target audience to find and use.

#3 – Enhance Your Loyalty Program

When considering small business marketing ideas, many owners don’t think about utilizing their loyalty program. This can be a great way to grow your business and increase sales during the fall months.

Reward loyal customers and attract new ones by offering seasonal incentives. Whether it’s a limited-time discount or new ways to earn points, you can grow your business and connect with your customers.

Make sure to spread the word with small business digital marketing solutions, like display advertising.

#4 – Take It to Social Media

Social media is one of the easiest ways to reach your target audience and build brand awareness, so it’s important to have a strong presence on these platforms. By including engaging fall-related Instagram posts or TikTok videos in your social media strategy, you’ll drive more customers to your small business.

Small business social media marketing in Kansas City can be a competitive playing field, but using content and channels that are most relevant to your target audience will increase brand awareness and grow your following, resulting in a larger customer base overall.

#5 – Offer Irresistible Deals

Everyone is always after a good deal, and a sale is the perfect way to leave summer behind and transition smoothly into the fall season. Entice new and current customers with discounted products or services, buy-one-get-one-free deals, and exclusive offers relevant to the season.

Although you don’t need a reason for a sale, using a specific holiday or occasion to have one will catch your customers in the right mindset. Hold an end-of-summer sale to get rid of those last few summer items, participate in Black Friday and Cyber Monday to keep up with competitors, or offer a discount on future services when your customers book current-season services.

Some consumers might even use this as an opportunity to try out your business, turning them into a lifelong customer.

Reach This Quarter’s Goals With a Digital Marketing Consultant for Small Businesses

It isn’t too late to include these new marketing ideas into your business plan. But with the busiest season of the year rapidly approaching, you might not have the time to focus all of your efforts on marketing your business online. That’s what we’re here for.

At iFocus Marketing, we’ve been a trusted digital marketing consultant for small businesses on both a local and national level. We’re a knowledgeable team of marketers who are dedicated to delivering you with the results you’re looking for and helping you exceed your business goals.

Don’t wait to talk with our experts about how to use digital marketing for your small business. Request a free discovery call and digital audit today.

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