How to Rebrand a Business with a Branding Agency

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Comprehensive Creative Marketing Services Are the Difference for Successful Rebrands

Rebrands are nothing to take lightly. They go beyond doodling on a napkin and jotting down whiteboard ideas. Careful planning and thoughtfully implemented tactics are essential to a successful pivot.

A good rebrand can help you stay at the forefront of customers’ minds or reach an untapped audience. However, a poorly executed rebrand can negatively impact a business, dealing a blow to your finances and leaving you to pick up the pieces of your reputation.

Even big brands aren’t immune to the challenges of rebranding. When 2,000 U.S. and U.K. consumers were surveyed about Uber’s redesign in 2016, 44% of respondents said they didn’t know what company the new logo represented.

When planning a rebrand, it’s crucial to establish a clear direction. The good news is you don’t have to navigate the world of rebranding alone. A branding agency can serve as the GPS for your rebranding strategy and help you come up with an inspiring, attention-grabbing, and profitable course of action.

Why Rebrand?

You shouldn’t rebrand your business just because. If you find sales are slow or your brand awareness efforts are falling flat, you should first examine your digital marketing campaign strategy. By diving into the data and doing some market research, you may discover that the underlying issue has nothing to do with branding.

However, rebranding is warranted in many other cases. Here are a few reasons giving your brand a makeover may be in your best interest:

  • You’re expanding into international markets, where consumers won’t understand or relate to your current branding.
  • You’re repositioning your business to target a new customer base.
  • You’re redefining your business’s vision, mission, and values.
  • You’re merging with or acquiring another company and need to establish new branding to reflect the change.

If any of these scenarios apply to your business, keep reading to learn why partnering with a branding agency is a good idea.

Ways a Branding Agency Can Help You Rebrand

You may be asking, “Can’t I conduct my rebrand in-house?” And although that may sound OK in theory, hiring a branding agency has some unique advantages. Because branding is their specialty, they can completely dedicate themselves to your project and ensure its success. It’s likely your in-house marketing team’s plates are already full, and they won’t have the time or resources to focus on a rebrand without their other work suffering.

What’s more, branding agencies offer an outside perspective. They see the big picture and can provide objective recommendations based on raw consumer data.

Check out some of the things your rebrand may include when you collaborate with a branding agency.

  • Refresh your visual identity: When most people think of rebranding, they imagine an updated logo. And rightfully so! Your logo, color palette, typography, and imagery play a huge role in your brand’s identity. These are the first elements consumers see and must showcase the who, what, and why of your business in a way that’s meaningful and memorable.

    Rebranding isn’t something you want to have to do regularly, so it’s critical to really consider your business philosophy and how exactly you want to bring it to life. Through a branding agency’s creative marketing services, you can work with an enthusiastic and detail-oriented team passionate about designing a look both you and your customers will love.

  • Build a new website: Your website is where most prospective customers and employees go to learn more about your brand. It’s a powerful tool for telling your story and growing your business and allows you to communicate with each of your audiences all in one place.

    Research has found that 75% of consumers judge a company’s credibility based on their website design alone. With this in mind, you need to work with a branding agency you can be confident will develop a site that’s aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate, ultimately creating more positive associations with your new brand.

  • Create new marketing collateral: As part of your brand transformation, you’ll need fresh marketing materials to match your identity and convey your message. These can be in the form of fliers, business cards, trade show banners, presentation decks, and much more.

    The right branding agency will be able to use the brand guidelines they established early on as the framework for your marketing collateral and craft assets that are consistent, engaging, and align with your brand image.

  • Build brand awareness with targeted digital marketing campaigns: The last element of any rebranding strategy is to begin spreading the word and promoting your new brand. But shouting it from the rooftops can only take you so far.

    You need powerful digital marketing campaigns in place to reach your target audience and build brand awareness. Paid search and display advertising, social media management, and search engine optimization (SEO) are just a few of the digital marketing campaign avenues you can take.

    It’s not one-size-fits-all, though. A reputable branding agency will use metrics and insights to devise a custom marketing plan that makes the most of every dollar you spend and generates more leads that turn into actual sales. Best of all, a digital marketing attribution model shows you where every dollar was put to work.

Ready, Set, Rebrand: Partner with a Branding Agency in Kansas City

At its core, a rebrand offers a kind of clean slate, giving businesses the flexibility and freedom to reshape themselves and come back stronger, smarter, and better than ever. But doing this well is an art, and to create a masterpiece, you have to look to an expert.

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in – manufacturing, automotive, home services, healthcare, or something else entirely – partnering with a strategic and experienced branding agency is necessary to ensure your rebrand pays off and remains impactful for years to come.

To get the ball rolling, find a results-driven branding agency near you with a portfolio of work to back them up. Start by scheduling a discovery call to discuss what you’re currently doing and where you want your business to go. From there, they’ll be able to offer up data-supported ideas and advice for reaching your goals.

Ready to learn more? Reach out to a top branding agency in Kansas City.

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