Kick Off Q1 with These Marketing Tactics to Build Your Client Base

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Key Moves We Recommend at Our Overland Park Marketing Agency

It’s a new year, and you’re ready to bring your company to the next level. You’re ready to create a larger client base that’s eager to do business with you.

Q1 is your opportunity to build momentum toward that goal. In these early months, you can implement fresh strategies that will help you bring in new customers.

At iFocus Marketing, our mission is simple: we want to see you win big by getting the attention you deserve now and in every new quarter that comes after. At the end of 2024, you’ll be celebrating the fact that this was the year you experienced significant growth.

Keep reading to find out how our expertise with key marketing tactics, including paid search, online display advertising, and research into key audiences, can steadily help you grow your business in Q1 and beyond.

Marketing Tactic #1 : Mindset Is Everything

You likely have an ideal consumer, or buyer persona, in mind. This is the type of person who, if they were to purchase from you, could sincerely benefit from your products or services. You imagine there are many, many people who are just like this ideal consumer.

As you consider that ideal consumer, it’s absolutely essential that you speak to their Q1 mindset. To accomplish this, you have to start with the research.

Historically, the Q1 consumer mindset is all about experience over product – think gym memberships or new classes aligned with New Year resolutions. It’s also a time when consumers seek financing or take on debt, in large part due to their holiday spending in Q4.

To get more specific about Q1 in 2024, business analysts at Statista suggest that consumer trends will include an emphasis on value over price, ethics and sustainability, wellness and mental health, and a willingness to share data in exchange for personalization.

Consider your marketing tactics in light of this information, by asking questions like these:

  • How can you market your product or service as a self-improving experience?
  • Do you offer financing?
  • Are your price points competitive? Do you offer additional value that your competitors can’t match?
  • What is your commitment to others? How do you give back? Is sustainability a part of your business model?

Our Overland Park marketing agency will be there to come up with creative ways to help frame your products and services in these ways.

No matter how niche your industry, you can market your product to consumers and even other businesses by aligning with the latest trends and buying behavior.

We’ll get right to work developing your strategy and producing ads, including paid search ads to target those who are searching for the products and services you provide, targeted online display advertising to get your ads directly onto their devices, and many other digital solutions.

Marketing Tactic #2: Target and Retarget

Conventional marketing wisdom says that the average consumer needs to experience about eight ads before they’ll take action. Although we’d all love to believe that studying consumer behavior and spending trends is enough to keep the customers running in your direction, you have to be more persistent.

In addition to creating ads that target consumer buying behavior and mindset, you can specifically use demographic information to reach specific audiences with paid search, display, social, and video advertising.

You can even choose a specific mile radius, age range, and many more characteristics to ensure the right customers are receiving your message.

Social media advertising and online display advertising are particularly effective at retargeting customers who may have expressed interest in your business based on their online actions. You can tailor your message to acknowledge a consumer’s interest and lead them even closer to making a purchase with retargeting ads.

Marketing Tactic #3: Mindset Still Matters in Q2 and Beyond

Once you’ve found success identifying ads and marketing strategies to gather a client base in Q1, the work isn’t over.

Q2, Q3, and Q4 have their own consumer trends that need to be addressed, and these provide opportunities to connect with new customers, as well as retain the old.

For example, you can make decisions about how you market your business during different times of year. Will your customers specifically need you during the fall? How will you promote your business during the holidays?

Read more about tactics that you can leverage in Q2 and beyond, here:

It’s equally important to consider national and even international political and economic factors that influence how consumers behave. Our Overland Park marketing agency has also developed tips for marketing during specific circumstances, like a recession or an election:

Our Marketing Tactics Deliver Valuable Short- and Long-Term Impacts

Every customer requires nurturing. You make them a customer, and a returning customer, by establishing trust (and ultimately proof) that you have a valuable solution for their needs.

What you put into place now to begin that nurturing will determine what the rest of 2024 will look like for your business, and iFocus will be there for you throughout the entire process.

Imagine us taking your customer by the hand and leading them to your doorstep. We create compelling strategies and tactics, including paid search and online display advertising, to bring customers right to your door.

At the same time, our team is also beside your business each step of the way, listening closely to your needs, addressing your concerns, and, most importantly, celebrating your wins and business growth.

We recommend the strategies above because we’ve seen them work. Schedule a discovery call with our marketing agency in Overland Park today to find out how we can put our tactics to work for you.

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