Bridging the Content Gap: Establish Authority and Climb Google’s Search Engine Ranking Pages

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This Digital Marketing Strategy Fully Enhances Your Presence in the Online Marketplace

Customers and clients are on a mission when they go online: they’re looking to learn, weigh their options, or take action.

Your business website should help fulfill that mission by providing content that allows your audience to learn, decide, and take action while visiting your site. When you fail to do so, you are leaving what’s called a content gap – a failure to provide content that leads customers to a conversion or lacking content that positions your business as an expert in your industry.

When you fix gaps for your own business, you get rewarded. More customers at all parts of the marketing funnel come your way, including customers who are ready to buy.

How do they find you? The search engine results pages (SERPs). Google rewards businesses that provide the experience that users are looking for. When Google learns that your website can help complete a customer’s journey, whether they’re seeking information, weighing their options, or wanting to buy, you get a higher spot in the SERPs based on keywords included in your content. That means continued visibility as a thank you for the effective marketing you do online.

What we describe below are content gap strategies our Kansas City digital marketing firm relies on to ensure your business marketing pays off.

Identifying Content Gaps for Digital Marketing Success

There are two main digital marketing strategies for fixing your content, so you aren’t leaving gaps in places where customers are looking: a strategic analysis and keyword analysis.

Strategic Analysis:

  • Start a list with three columns: learn, decide, and act.
  • Fill in these columns based on your services or products. What do customers need to learn in your industry? What are they often trying to decide on in your industry? What do they want to act on?
  • Confirm that this list covers your customers’ present needs and, if you’d like, consider what their needs might be in the future, too.
  • Now, reflect: Is your website delivering what customers require? Are your competitors delivering this content well? How can you write more authoritative content to beat them out and meet customers’ needs?

Keyword Analysis:

  • Using an SEO tool, like Semrush, to determine what keywords your competitors are ranking for.
  • View how you rank in comparison to the competition.
  • Discover what keywords you’re missing completely and those you may rank for, just not as highly as your competitors. Add these to a keyword list.
  • You can also analyze keywords based on their volume and difficulty. Volume means how often they are searched, and difficulty means how challenging it will be to rank for them.
  • Keep a list of keywords that are challenging enough to keep you competitive, but aren’t so difficult that you won’t rank. Add these to your keyword list as well.
  • Ensure you’re using long-tail keywords (keywords that are three to five words long) as well as shorter keywords. Long-tail keywords tend to correspond to buyers who are closer to making a conversion. You want to rank for keywords at all phases of the customer’s journey.
  • You may decide to identify the keywords on your list by user intent and incorporate them all throughout your content. SEO tools like Semrush will indicate user intent for each keyword.
  • After you’ve used these keywords in your content, continually measure your results using Google Search Console to track how they’re performing. Consider regular keyword analysis to keep your strategy fresh.

Our Kansas City Digital Marketing Firm Finds and Fixes Content Gaps

If what we’ve shared above seems overwhelming, or if you don’t have the tools to conduct content gap research effectively, iFocus Marketing’s business marketing strategists and search engine optimization (SEO) specialists will conduct an analysis of the keywords customers are using to learn, decide, and act.

We identify content gaps and fix them using the following strategies:

  • Research: Conducting internal and technical research to discover your content gaps.
  • Fresh content: Creating new content that fulfills your business’s gaps.
  • Refreshed content: Improving your site’s old content with keywords your customers are using now and that your competitors are already ranking for.
  • Finding advantages: Strategizing keywords you want to capitalize on that competitors may have overlooked.
  • Conducting an audit: Analyzing your website’s visitors’ behavior to understand why they stayed or left and remedying site issues that affect SEO.
  • Omnichannel marketing: Using content gap analysis to improve campaigns outside of traditional SEO and website design, including social media, paid media ads, video advertising, and more.

iFocus Marketing will find out what’s missing to ensure that when your customers or clients are searching, your business is the name they rely on at every point in their journey.

Leverage Our Digital Marketing Strategies for Business Success

Every business has a gap to fill. There’s nothing unusual about this. For some businesses, a certain product isn’t selling. Others can’t seem to develop long term relationships with customers. Still others worry that the marketplace is just too crowded right now. Some may not even know yet what needs to be done to experience success.

No matter the gap, our Kansas City digital marketing firm is here to fill it. We begin our relationship with every client by getting to know you and your needs and conducting a thorough, sophisticated audit of your online presence. This audit will help us understand your strengths and where you may need to improve. Then, we get right to work, so you can see the tangible results of our efforts over time.

If you’re ready to collaborate on powerful solutions that make your business highly visible and gets them to take action, schedule a discovery call with our business marketing team today. We look forward to helping your business reach new heights.

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