Our SEO Agency Recommends These Small Wins to Drive Big Results

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These Are the Search Engine Optimization Services to Use When You Want Tomorrow’s Business Growth Today

Ask any search engine optimization (SEO) company, and they’ll tell you that SEO is a long game. It takes time to rank highly on search engine results pages. In the meantime, your job is to produce expert-level, authoritative, trustworthy content, so that search users find you and get the answer they’re looking for. Developing quality content takes time and expertise. You’ll also want to ensure that your website has been optimized technically, with metadata, coding, and other strategies to improve your search rankings.

SEO is also an ever-evolving strategy. Users may change how they’re searching, and you need to be there to meet their needs. To appropriately carry out a SEO strategy requires regular, consistent, diligent analysis of what’s happening in your industry online.

Businesses we work with at our local search engine optimization agency see big gains when using SEO as part of an overall strategy to win customers. We represent clients whose names pop up first when you search for the services and products they sell. We hate to repeat the cliche, but these businesses played the long game.

But How Do You Win Now? Our SEO Agency Recommends These 3 Tips

We get it. You want to grow your business today. You understand that effective digital marketing takes time, but you still have a company to run. You want to see gains now. But don’t worry just yet – that growth can still include SEO.

Experienced search engine optimization agencies know how to put SEO to work for you now. Our local SEO company will give you the bump you’re looking for while you wait for the boom that comes from a long-term investment in SEO.

Here are three ways to win with SEO in the short term:

  1. Increase authority where you already have it.
  2. Enhance your Google Business Profile.
  3. Share your content smartly on social media.

Become Authoritative on Relevant Subjects

Google’s algorithm is ultimately in charge of who sees what when you use their search engine. The best part about this? They reward excellent content.

Creating quality content is within your control. You likely already have content on your page that Google considers valuable in your industry.

Take a look at the SEO data for the pages on your website using a search engine tool like SEMrush. Or you can ask a local search engine optimization agency to run this kind of analysis for you. See which pages on your website currently rank the highest or get the most traffic. You may not be in the top 5 or 10 yet, but you have to start improving your rankings from where you are.

Make a note of these pages with higher rankings. This is the content you can refresh to maximize their potential on search engine ranking pages (the results that show up when you search).

Your refresh can include:

  • Revising out-of-date content.
  • Updated headings and subheadings, complete with keywords that this page already ranks well for.
  • Expanded, more comprehensive content on the subject and relevant keywords, including images.

These pages will perform better with a refresh. This will increase your visibility for that particular keyword in the short-term, and you’ll see more traffic. At the same time, you can play the long game of adding fresh, optimized content to your site. For websites with an established history of content production, Search Engine Land recommends a 50/50 structure to strengthen your website’s content: 50% of your efforts should go to content refreshing and 50% go to new, fully optimized content.

Polish Your Digital Storefront by Optimizing Your GBP

Your Google Business Profile (GBP) is a free tool that allows you to display information about your business on Google’s search engine. At our local SEO agency, we like to think of your GBP as a digital storefront.

You can find out almost anything you need to know by walking past a brick-and-mortar storefront: hours, what they sell, what’s displayed up front, signs about specials, and even what kind of audience tends to visit the shop. You may even notice tiny details through the window that help you decide whether you want to go inside.

Your GBP operates just like this. When a user searches for the products and services in your industry, Google displays a box in the search results called Businesses. These results are a list of businesses, personalized for the user, based on their needs.

You want to show up in these results, so users click on your business. To earn this success, your Google Business profile must be optimized and as attractive and appealing as any real-life storefront.

Here are just a few of the optimizations you should make to your Google Business Profile, once you’ve set up your business on Google at google.com/business:

  • Link to your website
  • Link to your social accounts
  • Post your hours and location
  • Upload your logo
  • Begin soliciting reviews from past customers and respond to them politely
  • Post regular updates on sales, special deals, and promotions
  • Post regular content about your business, including keywords in your post content

Elevating your Google Business Profile is a powerful local search engine optimization service that results in conversions. Search Engine Journal reports a solid 5% average conversion rate on all visitors to your profile. This work doesn’t require any special analysis or software, and you can start reaping the benefits now.

If you need help optimizing your GBP, our local SEO services team will update and manage your GBP, so you can focus on running your business and connecting with the new customers that you’ve gained as a result of your hard work.

Share Your Content on Social Now! (Or Let Our SEO Agency Help)

If you’ve begun posting keyword-optimized blog content, you don’t want to wait for that content to be indexed (or “crawled,” by Google) to get results from it. But waiting is part of the deal to reach those longer-term goals of building authority with Google’s search engine.

However, you don’t have to stay stagnant while you wait. You can deliver that content to audiences on social media. Follow this quick guide:

  • Do this: Link to your fresh blog content on social and add a little context, quote from the article, or summarize it in the comments.
  • Here’s why: You can get the word out about your website and the content you’ve written for your blog without having to wait for Google to deliver to users through search results.
  • Do this: The writing you post along with your shared link should include relevant keywords that social audiences might be searching for.
  • Here’s why: It’s no secret that many people use social media as a search engine. People who aren’t currently following you on social can search using keywords, and your content will show up in the results after you’ve posted it.

Once again, if you need help keeping up with this search engine optimization service, our local SEO company is happy to help. We excel at optimizing for both search engines and social media platforms. That means expertise on top of expertise for you. That’s a much different experience than working with one-off search engine optimization companies that don’t have experience with a wide variety of ways to market your business online.

Enlist Our SEO Agency’s Help You Meet Your Short- and Long-Term Goals

You’re ready to make a difference for your business. You know you have to do this sustainably, not just chase some big burst that will fizzle out fast. This means waiting for the power of search engine optimization services to take hold while capitalizing on all the marketing opportunities that will work for you now.

Our local SEO services team at iFocus Marketing can lead you through the day-to-day work required for short-term and long-term success with digital marketing. That’s our business model: one-on-one, personalized services delivered by engaged, talented team members dedicated to your account.

Connect with us today to get the customized marketing service you deserve. That’s what we’re here for.

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